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  • Baby, aged three months, found crying with hunger
  • Boy, one, found in cot with no blanket, soaked in urine
  • Girl, four, had tried to feed her younger siblings
'Britain's worst mother' pictured outside Preston Crown Court today‘Britain’s worst mother’ pictured outside Preston Crown Court today

A single mother was branded Britain’s worst parent today after she left her four children home alone – so she could go on a 24-hour drinking binge.

The 22-year-old woman knocked back a bottle of wine before leaving home for the drink-fuelled tour of town centre bars and house parties.

The alarm was only raised when her eldest daughter was spotted hanging out of the window sobbing: ‘Where’s mummy?’

A worried relative broke into the house and found inside a one-year-old boy soaked in urine in his cot in a bedroom on his own.

A three-year-old girl had managed to dress herself and the most upset was the oldest girl.

The four-year-old had attempted to mix a feed for the youngest child, aged just three months, who was crying with hunger.

The youngest baby was in a travel cot with no blanket and was wet through and wearing a soiled nappy.

There was dried milk and sick all over his clothing.

He was said to be grey, docile and his forehead ‘sunken’.

Police later arrived at the property in Blackburn, Lancashire, to find it littered with empty beer cans and bottles.

One sickened policewoman who examined the house said: ‘It was a scene of filth and disorder.’

Kitchen chairs had been pushed up to the units and there were children’s footprints in the milk powder where the youngsters had tried to climb up to the cupboards.

Today the mother, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the children, was warned by a judge she faced jail after she admitted four charges of child neglect.

Her case was adjourned at Preston Crown Court whilst a report by social services is prepared.

The children are now in care and the mother is only allowed supervised access.

She sat in the dock with her head bowed as Judge Norman Wright remanded her on bail on condition she doesn’t contact her children unless on the supervised visits.

But he told her: ‘This is not an indication of a non-custodial sentence. Full sentencing options will be open on the next occasion.

‘I would prefer that there was something either in writing from social services or preferably with the author here so I can ask questions. I want to hear from the authors about what they have to say.

‘I think it would be beneficial if they could attend on the next occasion.’

No facts were opened at the court but at an earlier hearing at Blackburn Magistrates Court Miss Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said the incident occurred in July after the mother put the children to bed and then drank a bottle of wine.

A group of strangers came to the house and they were all drinking and snorting cocaine.

She then left with them and went to another house for more drink and drugs before going drinking in a town centre.

The mother-of-four went drinking the following day and didn’t return to her home until 10.30pm.

‘The children had been trying to gain access to the cupboards because they were hungry,’ said Miss Allan.

‘Inside the house there were empty cans, bottles, broken furniture and the kitchen knives could have been accessed.

‘Any of the children could have been seriously injured or worse as a result of being left unattended. They were left on their own in appalling conditions and with dangers in the house.

‘They had no access to food or drink. The eldest, who was just four years old, was trying to look after her baby brother and the other siblings.’

All four children were subsequently taken to hospital.

Lawyers for the mum said she was a woman who had ‘fallen into bad company’ and needed help.

Today defence counsel Richard Bennett said his client was ‘extremely upset’ but the adjournment meant that she could attend a meeting with social services that afternoon.

He said the details of that meeting would be made available for the court on the next occasion.

The case was adjourned until November 16.

It comes after figures revealed child neglect was on the increase and in the past six months alone, serious-case reviews have been launched at the rate of two a week, with 49 since April.

The grim figures led one social workers’ leader to warn that there are ‘Baby Ps’ in every local authority in Britain.

The mother, dressed in black and smoking a cigarette, left court without comment.

A neighbour said: ‘We were all deeply shocked when we heard what happened. It must take the worst kind of mum in the country to do that to your kids and go on a giant bender leaving the children to fend them for themselves.’

Claude Knight, Director of Kidscape said: ‘It is just so fortuitous that no child was injured.

‘Obviously it is very disturbing and it is clear the mother doesn’t really understand parenting. This was an incident waiting to happen.’
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1222196/Britains-worst-mother-left-babies-toddlers-home-went-24-hour-drinking-binge.html#ixzz0UhLoy5Bz


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