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Join Nickelodeon’s JEFF SUTPHEN on Dreamcatchers BlogTalk Radio

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Jeff Sutphen

Join him on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2nd (3pm EST) !!!

Dreamcatchers Talk Radio is pleased to announce Nickelodeon’s most-watched kids program on television in its time period, delivering an average of 2 million total viewers per episode, Brain Surge game show host Jeff Sutphen. On Sunday, October 2, 2011 at 3p.m. EST Jeff will sit down with Dreamcatchers Talk Radio hosts to discuss television, projects, family and his new child abuse campaign.

Dreamcatchers Talk Radio is Michigan’s largest online Radio Talk Show dedicated to educating the public and creating public awareness through global education. This method is a diverse and unique approach by a team of highly dedicated experts and organizations determined to make a difference and save lives. Dreamcatchers Talk Radio is a production of Dreamcatchers for Abused Children.


Jeff is no stranger to television. He has been seen on MTV, E!, VH1, CBS and other channels, as well as Nickelodeon’s flagship event The Kids’ Choice Awards where he has hosted the LIVE Pre-Show for the past 9 years, interviewing some of the hottest A-list celebrities, today.


Currently Jeff and his wife Stacy have a new outreach campaign, “The Stop Abusing Your Children.” It’s committed to raising child abuse awareness in communities by holding rallies, organizing fundraisers, placing ads and producing public service announcements. Their mission is to encourage people to stand up against child abuse by reporting child abuse and saving a child’s life. The organization is a operated by The Anna Forlenza Foundation , which is legally a non profit organization in the state of California, and are currently awaiting 501 (c) (3) status.


Join Dreamcatchers Talk Radio and the “LIVE” discussion at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dreamcatchers . Also, call in with your questions, concerns or comments at: 917-932-1132.

Click here to go directly to JEFF SUTPHEN’s upcoming radio show page

Click here for Dreamcatchers Talk Radio info, show times, hosts and/or special guests 



Child Abuse Statistics Video

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Child abuse statistics from NCANDS and Child Maltreatment Reports. A child is classified as a victim and included in this file if maltreatment is substantiated or indicated. In addition to basic information concerning the report and the child, this child victims file also contains information about the type of maltreatment, the support services provided to the family, and any special problems that were identified for the child, caretaker, or family.



Texas–Child Wins Protection From CPS State Child Welfare Agency

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A Texas court is sending an urgent message to child protective services agencies across the country: Stop harming children in the name of “protecting” them, according to a national child advocacy organization. The National Coalition for Child Protection Reform responded Thursday to a decision by a court in Texas ordering the Texas Child Protective Services agency to stay away from a 14-year-old girl. Such “orders of protection” are common in domestic violence cases.  “But we’ve never heard of such an order protecting a child from a child welfare agency – until now,” said NCCPR Executive Director Richard Wexler.


Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

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Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse-Family Dynamics of Molestation

When we see accounts of child molestation on the news, perhaps we feel vulnerable and frightened. Can anything be done to protect our children? We ask ourselves, “How can anyone use a child for sexual gratification?” Even though occurrences of child sexual abuse may disgust us, the practice is still rampant. It is estimated that 12-24 million women in the United States have a history of incest. We can protect our children by learning the dynamics of molest, learning the history of molest, and becoming informed of the reasons people tolerate the abuse of children.



5-MO Infant Brutally Abused

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Female Teacher/Cheer Coach Charged with Child Sexual Abuse

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Shawnee, Mission, Kansas– Michelle Preston, a 27-year-old World Geography teacher and cheer leading coach at Shawnee Mission West High School has been jailed after she allegedly had sex with three students. According to police, an investigation was launched earlier this year after nude photographs of the teacher allegedly began circulating around the school. Rumors that the teacher was having affairs with students also circulated around the school.



Couple Charged With Raping Toddler and 5-YO Girl

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William Gaskin MySpace

Portland, Oregon- William Gaskin, 40, and his girlfriend Desiree Chapman, 22, have been jailed following the alleged sexual abuse of a toddler and a 5-year-old girl. According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, an investigation was launched after the roommate of a 3-year-old girl’s parents came home to find Gaskin sexually abusing the toddler. The roommate called the little girl’s mother, who then contacted authorities.



5-YO Witnessed Double Murder-Suicide, 911 Call Released

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(Source: CBS4) Police gather at the site of a triple shooting in Sunrise


SUNRISE, FL — Police said a 5-year-old child witnessed a horrific act after a domestic dispute ended in a double murder and suicide. Sunrise Police said, Sunday night, the child heard the fatal shots from inside a downstairs bedroom that claimed the lives of her mother and grandmother, at the townhouse near Del Rio Way and University Drive. According to Sunrise Police, 25-year-old Marcus Nathaniel Trotman shot and killed his wife, 30-year-old Danielle Lorenzo and her mother, 56-year-old Linda Scudera, before turning the gun on himself.


Mother Phones 911 After Child Ingests Cocaine

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5 Wounded In School Stabbing

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Parents Arrested in Death of Adopted Ethiopian Child

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Are Our Children Looking at Facebook Pages Condoning Rape?

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Girls looking at a computer screen

How would you feel if your 13-year-old discovered a Facebook page called ‘you know she’s playing hard to get when you’re chasing her down an alley‘? Thousands of Facebook users have signed a petition against this page and others like it, horrified by the way they condone rape and violence against women. This particular page has attracted a lot of attention with over 190,000 likes and an ugly mass of derogatory comments and seeming confessions of rape such as ‘I have raped many women… no lie,’ and ‘It’s not rape, it’s surprise sex.’



Share Your Survival Story

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Welcome to ‘Share your survival story’. My name is Bron and my knowledge is simply based on my own experiences or are from my own resources which you can also obtain via my resources link. My aim is to give a perspective into the journey of survival. I hope that you visit this website and gain further insight into journey of survival. Whilst every journey is unique and individual, I hope that this website will provide some insight into what you can expect from your journey. You are a victim no more, you’ve now become an adult survivor.



Help Stop Child Sex Trafficking

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How tourists can help stop child sex trafficking

The global child sex trade is estimated to affect two million children. Here’s how we can help:

When U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Harry Thomas said last week that 40 percent of foreign men who visited the Philippines were sex tourists, local authorities were quick to play down the issue, arguing the statistic was unsubstantiated. While the veracity of the figure may be in question, there is no disputing that sex trafficking remains a pressing issue worldwide.


New Child Abuse Documentary, “Ask Us Who We Are”

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Michelle Rodriguez Helps to Punish Child Abusers

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After inappropriate images were found on Wesley Wayne Schaefer’s computer, it initially seemed that child pornography would be the only charge the 34-year-old San Marcos man would face in trial. But investigators probed further and asked six children who once lived with Schaefer to be interviewed at Roxanne’s House, a children’s advocacy program that is part of the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center.

READ MORE at the Hays Free Press:


100,000 Child Porn Images Found

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Police: Man had 100,000 child porn images on computer

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – St. Petersburg police say they have arrested man who was keeping more than 100,000 child pornography images on his computer. Detectives said they arrested 43-year-old Jeffrey Todd Lobdell on Tuesday morning after serving a search warrant at his apartment and seizing the computer.



Couple Indicted On Child Abuse Charges

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A Lexington couple arrested in July in an alleged child abuse case involving their six adopted children that dates back to January 2010 have been formally indicted in the case. Police say Cheryl Christopher, 51, locked a nine-year-old child in a dog cage at the family’s former home on Deauville Drive, and that she also allegedly tried to suffocate two children while trying to strangle them.



Public Plea To Lift Statute of Limitations on Child Rape

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Victims of childhood sexual abuse pleaded with lawmakers on Tuesday to allow a vote on a bill that would repeal the statute of limitations for sexual abuse crimes committed against children, suggesting that a majority of House members already support the bill. “All we’re asking for is that when children become adults and they want to confront their abuser they get a fair fight,” said Carmen Durso, an attorney and board member of Massachusetts Citizens for Children.



Arizona CPS Under Public Scrutiny

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PHOENIX — The state’s child protection program is getting new scrutiny, with Gov. Jan Brewer reviewing the program with her social services director and advocates expressing concern about backlogs in investigations of complaints of abuse and neglect. Brewer canceled a scheduled trip to Mexico for a conference of border state governors to instead meet Wednesday with Clarence Carter, director of the state Department of Economic Security.




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