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BOOK: “Inside Scars: Incest Recovery As Told by a Survivor and Her Therapist”

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Inside Scars: Incest Recovery As Told by a Survivor and Her Therapist

It was my prayer in writing “Inside Scars” that this book might be like a hand reaching out to all those who dare to reclaim their life. I wanted to encourage others to heal. Recovery is possible. I want others to remember that in the midst of so much pain there is healing. To those supporting friends, family and clients going through this long scarry process, there is “light at the end of the tunnel”. “Inside Scars” shows that though the healing process can be difficult, it is also rewarding to those who dare to heal. I now live my life with a daily affirmations of, “I am not responsible for what has happened to me in the past but I take full control so that it doesn’t dictate my future”.



Sister Claims: Killer in Conn. Home Invasion Murder Sexually Abused Me

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Boy Scouts At Center of Scandal

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5,000 child molesters: The US scout movement’s guilty secret

They call them the “perversion files”, and more than 5,000 alleged child molesters aren’t the only ones hoping to prevent their hitherto-secret contents ever seeing the light of day. Boy Scouts of America is at the centre of a growing legal crisis as it attempts to block publication of documents that name and shame the extraordinary number of adults expelled from the organisation amid accusations of sexual misconduct.



Incest-Rapist Dad Gets 44-Years

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Thousands of Child Rape, Murder Reported by India In 2011

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NEW DELHI – India experienced thousands of cases of violence, including rape and murder, against children last year, as 5,484 children were sexually assaulted and 1,408 others killed in different parts of the country, reported local daily The Times of India Monday. The report quoted the latest National Crime Records Bureau data as saying that 10,670 children were also kidnapped or abducted during the year.



FBI: Man Had 19,100 Child Porn Images and 1,060 Videos

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Vicious Sex Offender With Gruesome History Imprisoned

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William Jameson (Pic: SWNS)
VICIOUS sex offender who raped a woman he knew after contacting her on Facebook has been jailed for life. William Jameson, 48, bound and gagged her and told her she was going to be his “sex slave” after luring her to a shed, a court heard. The 31-year-old victim, a civil servant, was unaware Jameson had a history of sexual violence including child rape, attempted murder and manslaughter.

Sex Offenders: Halloween’s Boogeymen

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sex offender halloween
As costumed kiddies take to the streets tonight, thousands of sex offenders across the country will be forced to turn off their lights and refuse to answer the door. Some will be required to also post “no candy” signs and refrain from decorating their yards. Some counties round them up for a mandatory movie night or an evening in jail. In some areas with prohibitively strict residency requirements, police will be rounding up several hundred transient sex offenders.

Supreme Court Reinstates Grandma’s Conviction In Shaken Baby Death

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Parents Lose Custody After Naming Son “Adolf Hitler”

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Hitler Campbell

HEATH and Deborah Campbell have three children: Adolf Hitler, 5, Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie, both 3. They insist they aren’t racist – they just like the names. Heath and Deborah Campbell have covered their house in swastikas and have swastika tattoos. But still, they insist they aren’t racist – they just like swastikas.


Drunkorexia: Latest Teen Trend

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DC Fundraiser: Handmade Native Dreamcatchers

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Welcome to nativedreamcatchersonline.com

Dream catchers capture your dreams today! Scroll down, click and find a full description of the dream catcher you are looking for. Then click to place your order. We offer a great selection of native dream catchers. They are all handmade in the USA.  During the month of NOVEMBER, www.nativedreamcatcheronline.com will donate $1.00 to Dreamcatchers for Abused Children for every $10.00 you spend on their website.





Preventing Child Molestation

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Child molestation is a disease. The child molester is a sick person with an illness that he is unable to control or stop on his own. He has a preoccupation and a sexual desire for young children. In order to stop, he needs help through treatment, supervision or incarceration. In our collective experience working with this population in the Jewish community, approximately one-third of pedophiles have a preference for boys, one-third prefer girls, and one-third have no preference. Some pedophiles also have distinct preferences within select age groups. And one predator may abuse dozens or hundreds of children. What can we — as parents, educators and a community — do to protect and respond to sexual abuse?



Predators In Plain Sight

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Priests accused of child abuse appear beyond the reach of law

Editor’s note: Gary Tuchman reports on allegedly abusive Catholic priests who are living, unsuspected, in communities across the country on CNN Presents, Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on CNN.

Los Angeles (CNN) – Former LAPD Detective Federico Sicard still remembers the Monday he arrived at a school to interview children who said a priest had molested them, even though the visit took place 23 years ago. Sicard found four children at the school, Our Lady of Guadalupe in East L.A., who said they’d been abused by Nicolas Aguilar Rivera, a priest who’d recently arrived from Mexico. But police never had a chance to interview Aguilar.




Parents Indicted In Abuse Death

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Grizzly 1967 Child Murder Solved, Killer Caught & Convicted

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Robert Bowman handcuffed after court

Man Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting And HOG-TYING Up 14-Year-Old Girl In Basement – Then Dumping Body In Field

A man accused of tying up a 14-year-old schoolgirl in his Ohio basement in 1967 before killing her and dumping her body was convicted Friday of murder and sentenced to life in prison. Robert Bowman, 75, took the witness stand before his sentencing to deny involvement in the killing after hearing the victim’s sister describe how Eileen Adams’ death tore her family apart.




Man Arrested After Calling Hotline To Say He Was Stalking Girl

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Student Aide Arrested for Child Molestation

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Johnny Lagunas, 20. (Alhambra Police Department)

ALHAMBRA– A man working as a student aide at an Alhambra elementary school has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a 13-year-old girl. Johnny Lagunas, 20, is accused of molesting the young girl earlier this year while working at Garfield Elementary School at 119 W. Mclean St. Lagunas, an El Monte resident, was arrested Friday after the girl told school staff, who then alerted police.



Swim Coach Sentenced in Sex Assault of Minor

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Todd Sousa, 36. (Orange County Sheriffs Department)

SANTA ANA — A well-known Orange County swim instructor was sentenced Friday for having sexual relations with a former teenage student. Irvine resident Todd Robert Sousa was sentenced to 16 month in state prison Friday. He was found guilty earlier this year on 13 felony counts of lewd acts with a child and three felony counts of unlawful sexual intercourse. Sousa also will be required to register as a sex offender.


Domestic Fight Sends Car Into Water, Father Dead, Child Saved by Diaper

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A car is pulled from a southwest Broward lake early Tuesday, Oct. 25. A man died, a woman and child were rescued after the vehicle went into the water.

PEMBROKE PARK —A toddler miraculously emerged from the depths after a violent quarrel sent her parents’ car plunging into a murky lake. Deputies attribute her survival to an unusual factor: a buoyant diaper. “All of a sudden this little thing popped up like a cork,” said Deputy Cazi Navarro, who plucked 3-year-old Sariyah Michel from the dark waters of an unnamed lake in an industrial park at about 12:30 a.m. Tuesday.



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