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Parents Abused 4-Month-Old His Entire Life

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ABBEVILLE, S.C. — The Abbeville police chief says a 4-month-old is lucky to be alive after being abused for his entire life.Police say they were called a home on Tuesday afternoon about a possible child abuse case.Officers say a Department of Social Services worker told them the child was taken to Abbeville Hospital for a swollen leg. READ MORE HERE

Man Arrested After Raping Boy In Church Stairwell

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GREENWOOD COUNTY, S.C. — A 50-year-old Greenwood man is accused of raping a 13-year-old boy in a stairwell at a church and forcing the boy to perform sex acts on him.Greenwood police said that the boy was in a parking lot near a playground when he was approached by Gregory Jerome Thomas. The boy said Thomas touched him on the face and said, “I like your type.” He said Thomas asked if he was gay, and when the boy answered no, Thomas said he was going to have sex with him. READ MORE HERE

Wanted by FBI: Molestation

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Subject HeadshotSubject Headshot


WANTED FOR: Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution – Child Molestation

Grant Lavelle Hudson, III, a convicted sex offender, is currently wanted in Santa Rosa, California, on a felony arrest warrant issued on October 28, 2003. Grant is charged with nine counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under fourteen years of age, two counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child who was 14/15 years old, and two counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under fourteen years of age by the use of force, violence, duress, menace, and threat of bodily harm. These charges stem from Hudson’s alleged sexual molestation of a young female family member which occurred over a period of approximately eight years. Hudson has also been charged with failure to register as a sex offender. A federal arrest warrant charging Hudson with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution was issued on March 31, 2006, in the United States District Court, Northern District of California, San Francisco, California. READ MORE HERE

If you have any information concerning this person, please contact your local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.


Field Office: San Francisco


Brain Consequences of Abuse

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Childhood abuse hurts the brain

Abuse during childhood can change the structure and function of a brain, and increase the risk of everything from anxiety to suicide. “These changes are not limited to physical and sexual abuse; there’s growing evidence that even verbal assault can alter the way a developing brain is wired,” says Martin Teicher, associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. The ominous effects are tied to reduction in the size of sensitive areas of the brain and to abnormal brain waves that mimic epilepsy. READ MORE HERE




Lecture on Child Maltreatment and Brain Consequences
by David McCollum, MD, delivered on April 6, 2007

Grandma Arrested for Murder

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COMMERCE CITY, CO– A 60-year-old Commerce City woman faces a charge of child abuse resulting in death for allegedly killing her four-year-old grandson. Doris Becky Trujillo was arrested Friday – the same day Gabriel Trujillo passed away from his injuries. According to Commerce City Police, emergency responders were called to the 6400 block of Siegal Court at about 2:00 p.m. Tuesday on a report that a child had fallen.  READ MORE HERE

Inside the Mind of a Child Killer

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Crime scene: Brunn described picking the girl out from her friends and once getting her alone, he molested her, beat her and slit her throat before dumping her body in a trash bin at the apartment complex
The chilling videotaped confession of murderer who molested and killed girl, 7, filmed just two days before he hanged himself

‘I didn’t have, like, the intention of killing a kid,’ Ryan Brunn told police after he pleaded guilty to molesting a girl, slashing her throat and dumping her body in a trash bin.  In a candid, three-hour interview, Brunn went into detail about how and why he lured the girl to an empty apartment — and when he made the decision to kill her. Convicted child killers don’t often agree to such frank interviews with police, and in this case, Brunn gave them a glimpse into the mind of a murderer.  READ MORE HERE

Girl Raped by Chamber of Commerce Chief While Wife Watched

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'Rape': David Chartres, 59, is alleged to have carried out the rape on the schoolgirl between 1982 and 1984

A senior Chamber of Commerce figure and former RAF police officer raped a schoolgirl while his wife lay on the bed watching, a court heard today. Derek Chartres, 59, allegedly watched pornography and engaged in sex acts in front of schoolgirls and is also accused of raping a girl under 16. The former Chamber of Commerce president is accused of a string of sex acts against two girls, while his wife Pearl, 51, denies aiding and abetting the rape after she allegedly lay on the bed and watched.  READ MORE HERE

Baby Survived After Mother Disembowled, Baby Ripped From Womb

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Guilty: Kathy Michelle Coy, seen here last April, pleaded guilty while mentally ill Friday to murdering Jamie Stice in a horrific plot to cut out her unborn baby from her body to claim as her own
  • Kathy Coy pleaded guilty for a life in prison deal that spared death penalty
  • Jamie Stice’s body was disembowelled, her throat and wrists were slashed
  • Stice’s family say baby Isaiah is now thriving after violent, premature birth
  • Coy, with the baby still attached to Stice’s placenta, tried to claim baby as her own

A Kentucky woman has pleaded guilty but mentally ill to killing an expectant mother and ripping her baby from her body’s womb last year. Kathy Coy of Morgantown entered the plea on murder, capital kidnapping and kidnapping on Friday morning while family and friends of the victim, 21-year-old Jamie Stice, looked on, wearing pink ribbons.  Ms Stice’s baby boy named Isaiah survived the attack although he was born prematurely in a violent attack on his mother. He’s now learning to walk, beginning to talk and bears a bittersweet resemblance to the slain woman.  READ MORE HERE

Isaiah, seen here visiting his mother's grave with his father James Reynolds lives with his dad most of the time, spending every other weekend with his maternal grandparents

Elementary Teacher Gets 40-Yr Sentence for Affair With 14-YO Boy

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Shannon Alicia Schmieder was 38 when she was arrested for having an affair with a boy of 14. She has been sentenced to 40 years

An elementary school teacher has been jailed for 40 years for having sex with a 14-year-old student. Shannon Alicia Schmieder, 39, was told she will have to serve 20 years – by far the toughest sentence ever handed out by a U.S. court to an educator accused of underage sex. Legal experts said the jail term was the same for manslaughter and other serious crimes. The 39-year-old knew the boy since he was born and was at one stage like a mother-figure to him, according to his family.  READ MORE HERE

Mom’s BF Beat Her 2-YO Child To Death

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LUCERNE VALLEY, CA– Sheriff’s deputies arrested a man Thursday night after he allegedly beat his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son to death in a remote area of Lucerne Valley. Dispatchers received a call about 10:05 p.m. of a child who had been assaulted and was not breathing at a home in the 9200 block of Anza Trail. Deputies arrived to find paramedics administering CPR to 2-year-old Damian Negrete, according to a news release issued by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.  READ MORE HERE

Parents Allowed 8-YO Son To Die of Curable Cancer

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Monica Hussing

Parents Allowed Their Son To Die While They Lay In Bed Taking Drugs

The parents of an eight-year-old boy let him die in agony from a treatable cancer because they were too busy lying in bed taking drugs, it emerged today. Monica Hussing, 37, and William Robinson Sr., 40, were jailed for eight years in Ohio yesterday after pleading guilty to denying their son Willie medical treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The appalling tale of neglect unfolded as the court heard that Willie had suffered for more than two years with pain and swollen neck glands which grew eventually to the size of a softball. But despite the boy pleading for help, his parents failed to do anything. Cuyahoga County Judge Michael Astrab compared the autopsy photo of Willie’s emaciated body to that of a concentration camp victim. READ MORE HERE

Justice for Lily Trial Has Begun

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Macomb Circuit Judge Diane M. Druzinski hears testimony in Lily Lynette Furneaux-Wolfenbarger’s death.

Mom testifies at murder trial of her toddler’s stepmother

Mount Clemens— The last time Lauren Furneaux saw her 2-year-old daughter, the tearful toddler was being handed off to her father in the parking lot of a gas station. Hours later, Lily Lynette Furneaux-Wolfenbarger was dead, and her stepmother, Renee Marie King, is on trial for felony murder, charged with fatally beating the girl. During testimony Thursday in Macomb County Circuit Court before Judge Diane M. Druzinski, Furneaux recounted her last moments with her daughter Nov. 20, 2010, and how she noticed injuries to the girl earlier that month. READ MORE HERE

UPDATE: Father arrested after altercation at wife’s trial in girl’s death


Our Broken Children

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Remarks of Michael Mierendorf, writer and producer of the HBO documentary, BROKEN CHILD, upon accepting an award at the ATTACh Conference, Minneapolis, October, 2000.

“In BROKEN CHILD, I tried to depict how the complex and cumulative effects of child abuse, neglect, and trauma can lead to mental illness and violent or anti-social behavior. The message of BROKEN CHILD, to me, is a stark reality; that when children become emotionally or psychologically damaged that the damage is very hard to undo. no matter what the therapy or how skilled the therapist. So the lesson of the BROKEN CHILD is prevention and early intervention.”  VIEW VIDEO HERE


Wanted by FBI: Molestation

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Subject Image


In 2003, Thomas Emil Sliwinski was charged with criminal endangerment for having sex without consent with his young stepdaughter. He pled guilty to this charge and the plea agreement required Sliwinski to attend sex offender treatment. He was also charged with tampering with physical evidence after it was learned that he had destroyed evidence and Sliwinski was convicted of this charge. Sliwinski was given a five-year suspended sentence for both of these convictions. READ MORE HERE

If you have any information concerning this person, please contact your local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.

Field Office: Salt Lake City

Father Killed His 15-MO Son

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UPDATE (2/17/12)–  Waite charged with murder in son’s death


Sex offender wasn’t on state registry

Jesse Smith, the 15-month-old who police said was assaulted by his father on Monday in Glens Falls, died late Wednesday and a grand jury will consider upgraded homicide charges against his father. The Glens Falls Police Department and Warren County District Attorney’s Office said Thursday that the toddler died at 6:09 p.m. Wednesday. He had been on life support at Albany Medical Center since late Monday, with family members saying he was given little chance of survival after suffering severe head injuries. Police said his skull was fractured in two places.  READ MORE HERE
Gary L. Waite

2-YO Child Abuse Victim Dies After Beaten By Mom’s BF

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Disturbing Case of Child Abuse Unraveled

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22-year-old Diana Ochoa was booked into the Fresno County Jail and is facing child abuse charges. The woman was wandering the streets near the intersection of Fresno and Herndon, with her two-year-old niece. Both were naked and covered in blood. Before the violence, Ochoa went into this insurance office apparently disturbed. “She came in and said that ‘I cannot take care of this child, I’m unfit to take care of this child,’ ” said Kiera Pippen. When she tried to get help, Ochoa left. According to Police, Ochoa then stripped off the little girls clothes and her own and started beating the child. READ MORE HERE   (and)  READ MORE HERE

Mom Accused of Killing Child Claims Insanity

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LAS CRUCES, N.M. —A mother accused of killing her daughter in 2010 is claiming she was insane, according to defense attorney Gary Mitchell.  Jessica Barron was 27 years old at the time she was charged with beating her 5-year-old daughter Angel Jemenez to death in June 2010.  Angel had broken bones and bruises all over her body when she was first brought to the hospital and died of internal bleeding because of her injuries.  READ MORE HERE

34-Day Old Newborn Dies After Failures by Social Workers

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A newborn died after he was left in the care of his homeless, alcoholic mother by social workers, a damning report has revealed. Social workers from Southend Council found the 34-day-old baby dead on a sofa next to his mother, who had ‘consumed a large amount of alcohol the night before his death’, the review said. The infant – known only as Baby Robert – was only discovered by social workers from Southend Council following a tip-off by a member of the public three days earlier. READ MORE HERE

Mother Arrested After Maggots Found In Baby’s Diaper

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 Michelle Shontel Butler (Source: WYFF)

ANDERSON COUNTY, SC  – Police say a mother is facing charges after her sick baby was taken to an emergency room where nurses found maggots in the infant’s diaper and the baby tested positive for drug exposure. According to a Honea Path Police Department report, Michelle Butler, 20, had taken her baby to someone else’s apartment, and that person told her to get medical attention for the baby, who appeared to have a fever and was pulling at his ears. The other person, whose name and relationship has not been released, gave the baby Tylenol, and told Butler to call a doctor several times.  READ MORE HERE

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