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Mother Calls 911 After Killing 2-YO

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TACOMA, WA—A Tacoma woman is under arrest after police said she called 911 and told the operator she had just killed her child. The child was 2 years old. Tacoma Police Department spokesperson Mark Fulgham said the woman, described only as being in her late 20s, called 911 about 7 a.m. Friday and admitted to the crime.  READ MORE HERE

Possible New Evidence in Search for Missing H.S. Cheerleader

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Sierra Lamar, 15

Sierra Lamar, 15-Years Old, Is Missing

MORGAN HILL, CA — Volunteers searching for missing 15-year old Sierra LaMar have found an empty handcuff box and two used condoms not far from where the teenager’s phone was recovered. The handcuff box and condoms were found on a dead end road by members of a volunteer search crew, the KlaasKids Foundation, on Thursday. Police say the area had been searched several times before and is a popular hangout for teens.  READ MORE HERE

2 Teens — Two More Victims of ‘Speed Freak’ Serial Killers Identified

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Wesley Shermantin

LINDEN, CA — Investigators have identified the bodies of 2 women found in an abandoned well believed to be victims of the so-called “Speed Freak Killers” serial murderers. They are Kimberly Billy, 19, and Joanna Hopson, 16. Billy disappeared in December of 1984. Hopson disappeared a year later. Authorities were led to the location by convicted killer, Wesley Shermantine.  READ MORE HERE

Study Shows 97 of Every 100 Rapists Receive No Punishment

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RAINN Analysis Shows Only 3 out of 100 Rapists are Convicted

Only three out of every 100 rapists will ever spend even a single day in prison, according to a new analysis by RAINN of Justice Department data. The other 97 will walk free, facing no consequences for the violent felony they have committed. Because rapists tend to be serial criminals, this leaves communities across the nation at risk of predators.  READ MORE HERE

Serial Killer Had Torture Chamber In Back of His Long-Haul Semi Truck

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Robert Ben Rhoades, 66

Believed to have been killing an average of three women a month by the early 1990s…Including CHILDREN

SUTTON COUNTY, Texas — A serial killer who set up a torture chamber in his long haul truck and kidnapped hitchhikers across the country has admitted to two more murders. Convicted killer, Robert Ben Rhoades, pleaded guilty this week to the murders of a newlywed couple from Seattle in 1990. Prosecutors say missionaries Patricia Candace Walsh and her husband Scott Zyskowski were hitchhiking to Georgia when they took a ride from Rhoades near El Paso, Texas.  READ MORE HERE

Two Children Killed As Human Sacrifice By Cult

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YouTube screenshot of La Santa Muerte, also known as Saint Death

MEXICO CITY — Authorities in the northern Mexican state of Sonora have arrested eight people accused of killing two boys and one woman as human sacrifices for Santa Muerte — the saint of death — officials said Friday. The victims, two of whom were 10 years old, were killed and their blood was offered at an alter to the saint, according to Jose Larrinaga, spokesman for state prosecutors.  READ MORE HERE

10-Teens Attacked Boy In Alleged “Hate Crime”

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PALMDALE, CA — Seven black teenagers are facing assault and hate crime charges after allegedly attacking a Latino youth as he walked home from school. It happened around 4 p.m. March 14 near Cactus Middle School in the 3200 block of East Avenue R-8. According to investigators, the 15-year old victim was approached by a group of up to 10 male black teenagers who challenged him to a fight. READ MORE HERE

10-YO Girl Outsmarts Her Molester and Helps Get Him Arrested

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john fisher pedophile nintendo ds picture girl robert sadd smart tricked trapped

10-Year-Old Girl Outsmarts Pedophile, 46, By Tricking Him Into Taking A Picture of Himself

One young girl used her wits to save future children from molestation. A brave 10-year-old girl was able to use her Nintendo DS game console to take a picture of predator John Fisher, 46, who had been inappropriately touching her for the second time. The girl told her mother that Fisher had done this before, but no action was taken; she needed to have convincing evidence, and this time she got it.  READ MORE HERE

Teacher Drugged, Molested 13-YO Student Over 300 Times

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Father Killed His 3-MO Infant

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baby riley christopher scott ryon it daughter girl beat crying father horrible sad

Father Beat 3-Month-Old Daughter He Called ‘It’ To Death To Silence Her Cries

A Winter Haven father was arrested for severe child abuse. Christopher Scott Ryon, 27, beat his 3-month-old daughter he called ‘It’ to death because the baby’s crying was preventing him for taking a nap. According to FOX News, Ryon kept punching the baby in the head because she kept crying.  READ MORE HERE

Man Beat His Girlfriend’s 14-MO Baby

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Dominick Calhoun’s Family Raising Child Abuse Awareness

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In February Corrine Baker and Brandon Hayes were sentenced to prison for their roles in the death of 4-year-old Dominick Calhoun. Dominick had been abused and tortured by Hayes. Investigators say Baker didn’t stop the abuse. Since his death in 2010, Dominick’s family has been fighting to keep Dominick’s memory alive, and raise awareness about child abuse and neglect. READ MORE HERE

Teen Slashed 11-YO’s Throat

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Two girls were stabbed Tuesday morning in Palmdale. Authorities took a possible suspect into custody.

Teen Pleads No Contest in Slashing 11-yo’s Throat

LITTLEROCK, CA — A teenager charged in the 2010 slashing death of his 11-year-old cousin and the knife attack on her 14-year-old sister pleaded no contest today. Lonnie Lee Liner pleaded no contest to one count each of second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder. The defendant, who was 16 at the time of the crime, was charged as an adult.  READ MORE HERE


Schizophrenic Sex Offender Missing

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Marco Antonio Gonzalez, 46

ALHAMBRA, CALIFORNIA– Police are asking for the public’s help in locating a registered sex offender who suffers from schizophrenia. Marco Antonio Gonzalez, 46, is a 5’9″, 155 pound Hispanic with black hair and brown eyes. He was last seen March 5 at 15 N. Valencia in Alhambra wearing blue jeans and a gray sweater.  READ MORE HERE

LAUSD Creates 72-Hr Policy for Reporting Sex Misconduct

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New LAUSD 72-Hour Policy for Reporting Sexual Misconduct

LOS ANGELES – Parents will be notified within 72 hours when a teacher at their child’s school has been accused of sexual misconduct, under a new policy adopted Thursday by Los Angeles Unified officials. The announcement came just hours after District officials confirmed that an unidentified teacher at Sutter Middle School in Winnetka had been removed from the classroom amid allegations of wrongdoing. READ MORE HERE

Female Teacher Kidnapped Student – Fled State To Rape Girl

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Mike Skinner To Sit Down with Patricia McKnight

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Mike Skinner sits down with Dtreamcatchers Talk Radio's Patricia McKnight

On Friday, March 30th, Mike Skinner will sit down with Dreamcatchers Talk Radio’s own Patricia “Tricia” McKnight. Dreamcatchers Talk Radio is the first and largest 24 hour “LIVE” streaming Child Abuse Education Network. This programming is a diverse and unique format by a small team of highly dedicated experts and advocates dedicated to educating the public on all aspects of abuse; child abuse education, awareness, prevention, domestic violence, teen issues; teen dating violence, bullying, cyber-bullying, low self esteem, suicide, Male Awareness, Survivors, Missing and Exploited Children.

Mike a singer, songwriter, guitarist, writer, public speaker on trauma, abuse and mental health. He is also the Executive Director of Surviving Spirit. An organization that uses creative arts to address the issues of trauma, abuse and mental health concerns.

Through Mike’s music, lyrics, songs, and performances, he feels blessed to be able to try to convey the thoughts, ideas, and feelings of not only himself, but of the countless hundreds he has met in his lifetime. These wonderful and unique individuals have suffered abuses that defy description. Their strength and perseverance help guide him. Equally important to Mike are the many great organizations dedicated to advocating for those who have felt the sting of discrimination and stigma pertaining to mental illness/health and the sheer horror and impact felt by those who have endured childhood sexual, physical, and emotional abuse.

Please visit their website at: http://dreamcatcherstalkradio.weebly.com for a complete list of upcoming shows, guests & programming! Also, feel free to call in, ask questions or share your comments and thoughts @ 917-932-1132.

Join Patricia and Mike’s “LIVE” discussion Friday night 9p.m. EST @


Child Sex Abuse Prevention

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It’s not uncommon to see news reports about adults being accused of sex crimes involving children, teenagers or even their students. The circumstances of recent cases vary – a Johnston County teacher facing dozens of charges that he molested six boys, a Wake County 4-H volunteer accused of targeting three boys and a Cary man portraying Santa Claus who allegedly solicited a girl on Facebook – but they all have one common factor. Each involves a person with authority or influence over his alleged child victims.   READ MORE HERE











Just Speak, Incorporated

JustTell | Empowering kids to speak up about sexual abuse

Prevent Child Sexual Abuse – Darkness to Light

Stop It Now | Together We Can Prevent the Sexual Abuse of Children

Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs – Child Welfare Information

Sanilac County, MI Man Charged With Child Abuse, Torture

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Joseph Lee Brockitt

WORTH TWP, MI. – A 34- year-old father has been charged in an abuse case involving two children. Joseph Lee Brockitt was arrested Saturday after sheriff’s deputies executed a search warrant at his residence in the 7000 block of Dian Street. The arrest came after a man who lived at the residence alleged that Brockitt had been abusing his 4-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son from a previous relationship for several months, according to Detective/Sgt. Jim Johnson of the Sanilac County Sheriff Department. Brockitt is alleged to have subjected the children to cruel and abusive punishments for not being potty-trained, said Johnson.  READ MORE HERE

Father Beat, Murders His Infant

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