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Facebook Sex Crimes Quadruple

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imagesFacebook sex crimes soar: Offences via social networks more than quadruple in last four years

Sex offences linked to Facebook or Twitter users have rocketed in the last four years, a Mirror investigation reveals. And in an another alarming trend, pedophiles are increasingly logging on to the social networking sites to target children. A total of 1,642 cases since 2009 have been reported to police where the sites played a part in the commission or aftermath of a crime. Statistics obtained under freedom of information laws show the number has more than quadrupled from 139 four years ago to 614 last year. READ MORE HERE

82-YO Star Arrested In Jimmy Savile Scandal Investigation

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Silhouette-1464645He is one of 11 people arrested as part of Operation Yewtree into child sex offenses

A household-name celebrity was arrested on suspicion of sexual offences by Jimmy Savile cops yesterday. The 82-year-old, who has not been named, was quizzed under caution by Met Police detectives and bailed until May pending further inquiries. He is one of 11 people arrested as part of Operation Yewtree into alleged offending by the former disc jockey and Jim’ll Fix It star and “others”. The spokesman said the man was interviewed under caution on November 29 last year, five days after a search warrant was executed at an address in Berkshire. READ MORE HERE

Police Bust Huge Child Sex Ring

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Young-girl-sitting-on-dark-stairsPolice smash ‘biggest child-sex ring’ in the UK

Six men have been arrested and almost 50 alleged victims of rape, abuse and sex slavery aged as young as 12.  Police believe they have smashed what could be Britain’s biggest child-sex ring. Six men have been arrested so far and officers have identified almost 50 alleged victims of rape, abuse and sex slavery aged as young as 12. Detectives fear those numbers could easily reach more than 100 in a case potentially bigger than the Rochdale grooming scandal. The men suspected of carrying out the abuse are of various nationalities, a source said. READ MORE HERE

Inside Look at “White House Building” at Dozier School for Boys

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article-2301946-19057310000005DC-596_634x358‘White House’ building at Florida reform school is where boys were taken to be ‘beaten and raped’
This is the first view inside the most gruesome building at a notorious boys reform school in Florida. The mausoleum-like building known as the ‘White House’ at the Dozier School housed nine barren cubicles where boys accused of rule breaking were held. Cameras were briefly given access before the whole site is declared a crime scene and they captured a series of chilling and eerie images. Former students spoke out several years ago with horror stories of sexual abuse and frequent beatings in the White House, at the school in the Florida Panhandle city of Marianna. MyFoxOrlando showed disturbing footage from inside the prison-like building. One room has a bloody handprint smeared on the painted walls and a number of other stains. READ MORE HERE



Father Pleads Guilty to Slitting His 3 Daughters’ Throats

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Aaron-Schaffhausen-murdered-three-children-to-spite-wifeA father pleads guilty to killing his three young daughters.  Aaron Schaffhausen, 35, changed his pleas Thursday to guilty but insane in the killings of his three young daughters last summer in Wisconsin. With the plea change, prosecutors won’t have to prove Schaffhausen killed his daughters and or that he tried to set fire to their River Falls home last July. READ MORE HERE

41-YO Man Who Arranged to Meet Teen for Sex Robbed, Beaten

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man-sex-date-robbed-by-girls-friendsNeither party seems completely innocent in this situation.  A 41-year-old man, who has remained unidentified, told police he was robbed at gunpoint – by the 16-year-old girl he had met on Facebook that he was trying to have sex with. According to The Indystar, the man had met the unidentified 16-year-old girl on Facebook and was supposed to meet up with her for sex. READ MORE HERE

Mother Shot, Killed Her Daughter Then Herself

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bildeShooting near golf course is deemed murder-suicide

The investigation into Tuesday evening’s murder-suicide at the Wispering Woods apartment complex that left a mother and daughter dead with gunshot wounds to the head should close within the next few days. Leon County Sheriff’s Office Spokesman Lt. James McQuaig said the investigation into the deaths of Jenna Porter, 22, and her 3-year-old daughter, Scarlett Porter, is mostly complete. Investigators are finishing up their reports and waiting on final autopsy results. READ MORE HERE

Mistrial in Killing of Boy in Spider-Man Costume

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spiderman-aaron-shannonSOUTH LOS ANGELES — A mistrial was declared Friday after jurors deadlocked in the trial of a gang member charged in the killing of a 5-year-old boy wearing a Spider-Man costume. Aaron Shannon Jr. was dressed in a red-and-blue Spider-Man costume, having his picture taken by his grandfather in the family yard, when shots rang out on Halloween 2010. He was hit in the head as he ran away. He later died. READ MORE HERE

Kidnapped Girl Found Alive, But Hurt

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Nicole-Ryan-girl-found-bleeding-six-miles-from-home-after-men-snatched-her-in-nightA family’s prayers were answered.  An unidentified 10-year old girl from Northridge, California has been found after being kidnapped from her home. Police are relieved but still searching for multiple suspects following the recovery of a 10-year old missing girl. The young victim, whose memory authorities say has been effected by trauma, recalls being taken by two men and held in several locations. READ MORE HERE

Kidnapped Northridge girl was sexually assaulted, police say

Two males sought in abduction of 10yearold girl 

Tipline Set Up in Northridge Kidnapping Case

Child Beat, Starved, Murdered

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Nathan-Sloop-break-his-ego-parents-tortured-and-murdered-kidA boy died at the hands of his merciless parents.  Nathan Sloop, 34, of was charged with the murder of his 4-year-old son, Ethan Stacy, after burying his body in a shallow grave among the mountains of Utah. According to Opposing Views, text messages shared between Sloop and his wife, 30-year-old Stephanie Sloop, showed evidence that the two routinely conspired to psychologically and physically torture Ethan. READ MORE HERE

Substitute Teacher Charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct

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Andrew_Howell_20130329113045_320_240MI — A Farmington Hills substitute teacher has been charged with criminal sexual conduct for an incident with a student under thirteen. Fifty-eight-year-old Andrew Howell was arrested Tuesday for an incident that happened during school hours at Hillside Elementary School in Farmington Hills school on March 19. Howell has been a substitute teacher for over 25 years. READ MORE HERE

Toddler Hospitalized With Life-Threatening Injuries

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21527266_BG1Police release details about alleged abuse of Lubbock toddler

LUBBOCK, TX — On Tuesday, police released Johnny Herrera’s arrest warrant, giving us a disturbing look into what allegedly sent his 16-month-old daughter to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Saturday night, the toddler was unresponsive when she was taken to the hospital and is still in critical condition. The child’s father, Johnny Herrera, 27, was arrested and charged with intentionally causing injury to a child on Sunday. The arrest warrant contains a long list of injuries police say the child sustained, including what looks like a bite mark on her cheek and severe head trauma with bleeding and swelling. Even more disturbing, the warrant says Herrera’s two other children witnessed their father abusing the little girl over and over. READ MORE HERE

Toddler Found Alone, Starving After Mother Died In Home

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imagesUNION, New Jersey — A naked, malnourished 4-year-old boy found inside an apartment with the body of his mother, dead for days, had resorted to eating from a bag of sugar and weighed only 26 pounds, well below normal, police said Wednesday as adoption offers poured in from around the world. One of the officers who helped save the boy, spoke out to Eyewitness News. “He said his mommy was sick and he tried to help her, and we said, ‘You did a great job buddy,'” said Police Officer Sylvia Dimenna, Union Township Police Department. READ MORE HERE




Victim of ‘Pied Piper’ Pedophile Speaks Out

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article-2298905-18EAD58E000005DC-154_634x602A brave woman who was sexually assaulted when she was a child by a predatory rapist known as the Pied Piper waived her anonymity to ensure he was jailed today for 25 years. Darren Purchase, who lived above a sweet shop in order to have access to young victims, dragged Helen Alexander into his home in Worcester when she was 10-years-old and sexually assaulted her on the sofa. Ms Alexander, now 38, stayed silent for decades before agreeing to be interviewed by police when they contacted her as a potential victim. READ MORE HERE

5-YO Boy Who Was Burned and Disfigured Is Improving

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Youssif-burned-baghdad-gasoline-menThis boy should be an inspiration to everyone.  Youssif was just 5 years old when masked men doused him in gasoline and set him on fire outside his home in Iraq, but now five years later, he is a beaming happy child living the American Dream in California.  In 2007, outside his home in Baghdad, a group of masked men covered Youssif with gasoline and set his face on fire while he was trying to play, reports CNN.  READ MORE  HERE

Another Murder-Suicide Claims Life of 2-YO Toddler

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Kenneth-Ayers-tragic-man-killed-himself-injured-wife-and-killed-sonFather Murders Son, Injures Ex-Wife Before Killing Himself 

A routine custody visit escalated into an “indescribable” tragedy. Kenneth Ayers, 52, of Petersburg, PA, took his own life Saturday morning after killing his two-year-old son and seriously wounding his estranged wife Holly Jo Ayers in her home about 20 miles southwest of State College.  READ MORE HERE

Father, Daughter Commit Suicide

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Missouri-Bridge Jump.JPEG-0c21fKANSAS CITY, Mo. — Why a father and daughter jumped to their deaths off a bridge Thursday morning is still a mystery — and probably will remain one. Witnesses reported seeing the two climb over the railing on the Christopher S. Bond Bridge and then hug before holding hands as they jumped 120 feet into the icy cold water of the Missouri River below. Adding to the drama: Some thought the woman was holding a baby, wrapped in a blanket. Rescue workers searched the muddy water of the Missouri with no luck. But the pickup truck left at the scene was registered to a 29-year-old woman from the small town of Peculiar, Mo. (population under 5,000) 30 miles south of Kansas City. Her father’s cell phone was in the truck. There was no suicide note. Not in the truck. Nor in the single-wide mobile home they shared in Peculiar. READ MORE HERE

New Law Prohibits Teens From Talking On Cell While Driving

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SOUTHFIELD, MI — A new law banning young drivers from talking on the phone while behind-the-wheel goes into effect on Thursday.  However, it is a good idea for drivers of all ages to follow the new rule. This month, Kelsey’s law will be enforced for young drivers. “Kelsey’s law, which takes effect, kind of affects graduated drivers, I think it’s Level 1 and 2, where they’re actually not allowed to talk on the cell phone, either,” Shaw said. READ MORE HERE


Kelsey’s Law – Pass SB 756 and save lives


21 Ways to Spot A Child Molester

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eye-magnifying-glass21 Ways To Spot A Child Molester

1. Before they turn 18, one in every four girls will have been sexually abused. Before they turn 18, one in every eight boys will have been sexually abused.

2. Most sexual abuse against children is committed by someone the child knows.

3. Child molesters are skillful. Children often like child molesters because they so often seem to enjoy the same things children do: games, movies, toys. Child molesters tell us, “It’s easy to slip into a child’s life. All you gotta do is show them any attention.”

4. Some children are more vulnerable to abuse than others, and child molesters know how to spot them.

5. You can protect your child by looking for the warning signs that they are having problems: e.g. refusing to partake in an activity they used to enjoy; a sudden change in their emotional well being.

6. You can protect your child by watching out for certain warning signs in adults.

7. Watch out for the adult who show too much or inappropriate physical contact with children (tickling, wrestling, hugging for too long, kissing).

8. Watch out for adults who prefer to spend time with children rather than other adults to the exclusion of healthy adult interactions.

9. Watch out for adults who break the rules or encourage children to break the family’s or the organization’s rules.

10. Watch out for adults who give children gifts without parents’ permission.

11. Watch out for adults who want to become too involved in your child’s life.

12. Although the protection of children is the responsibility of adults, you can help your children by teaching them self-protection skills.

13. For little kids, start by teaching them about their body parts, including their private parts; about the rules for their bodies (that only parents, doctors may touch their private parts); what to do if someone breaks the rules about their bodies.

14. For older kids, teach the concept of boundaries and what to do if someone tries to break their physical, emotional, or behavioral boundaries.

15. You can learn more about your child’s life, who his/her friends are and how they spend their time together. Children tell us that sometimes they didn’t tell about being abused because no one asked.

16. Sometimes children are sexually molested by other children, and the emotional damage can be severe. We have seen a 300 percent increase in peer to peer abuse over the last three years.

17. Before allowing your child to participate in an organization, do your homework. Find out what sort of policies and practices they have in place to protect your child from sexual abuse.

18. You can familiarize yourself with the computer, the Internet, and all other forms of electronic communication. You should know at least as much about these things as your children do.

19. More than one-third of youth Internet users have had an unwanted exposure to sexual material in the last year.

20. Ninety percent of youth who experienced unwanted solicitations were 13 and older.

21. If your child discloses abuse to you, remain calm, listen, reassure them that the abuse is not their fault and that you are glad they told you. Report the abuse to the police.


NFL Star Arrested for Abuse

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article-0-18D8CF4B000005DC-311_306x423Miami Dolphins legend arrested for felony child abuse

American football star Mark Duper has been released from jail on bond after allegedly beating up his 17-year-old son in a domestic row. The former Miami Dolphins player faces a felony child abuse charge after assaulting his teenage son and knocking him out during a series of fights at their Florida home. The wide receiver, who starred for the Dolphins from 1982 to 1992, spent a night in jail after his arrest on Wednesday following the assault the day before. Authorities say Duper attacked his son Marcus three times and knocked him out twice. Duper has reportedly admitted there was an altercation but said he was acting in self-defense. READ MORE  HERE

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