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Man Sentenced for Incest

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C1473E0B6F51D05ACA12DDB91AE01C03_292_292A Pulaski County man who admitted to fathering a child with an underage family member was given 15 years for the crime. According to the Commonwealth Journal, Ronnie Logan had already pleaded guilty to one count of incest. According to the paper, authorities started investigating Logan around this time last year after receiving a tip about possible sexual abuse. READ MORE HERE

Child Rape-Watcher Also Charged With Incest

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download (1)The Blancheter man who was arrested on Friday for asking a stranger online to rape a 4-year-old family member while he watched has also engaged in incest activity. A Fayette Advocate investigation revealed that Stewart Matthew Kidwell, 36, arrested on Friday and charged with one count of coercion and enticement to engage in illegal sexual contact with a minor and one count of child pornography distribution, solicited online, including social networking sites such as Facebook, to engage with others in incest activity. READ MORE HERE

Blanchester Man Asked Stranger To Rape 4-year-old


Pastor Sentenced to 10-Years for Child Rape

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downloadNelspruit – A pastor in Mpumalanga was jailed for 10 years by the Nelspruit Regional Court on Friday for sodomizing an eight-year-old boy. The pastor, from Tonga near Komatipoort, was arrested in March 2010 after his neighbor’s child was assaulted, a Sapa correspondent reported. The married father of five had pleaded not guilty to a charge of rape. His wife testified in mitigation of sentence and claimed neighbors falsely accused him after he asked them to join his church. READ MORE HERE

Police Arrest Man Who Violently Raped 9-YO Child A Decade Ago

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131122_rape_bigTACOMA, Washington — A 9-year-old girl was viciously raped more than a decade ago in Parkland, and police believe they’ve finally solved the notorious cold case. The suspect, Antonio Nieves, was just 17-years old at the time of the rape. Nieves has spent his adult life in and out of jail and was part of the state’s criminal database, but it was only recently that investigators were able to match his DNA to the rape. READ MORE HERE

Child-On-Child Rape Epidemic

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Silhouette-of-woman-whos-sisters-are-sex-slaves-to-asian-gangs-2290522Teenagers have carried out thousands of rape and sex attacks on other youngsters in a hidden epidemic of abuse, a report reveals today. More than 2,400 children, some as young as 11, are known to be victims of child sexual exploitation by gangs barely older than them, the Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England warns. And a further 16,500 are at risk nationwide, says a study by Bedfordshire University. READ MORE HERE

16-YO Girl’s Father Starved Her, Mother Beat Her, Brother Raped Her

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Abuse occurred during six years she was imprisoned in the basement

article-2512599-199B1A6600000578-696_306x423A Wisconsin man who locked his daughter in the basement and starved her down to only 68 pounds is headed to prison. Chad Chritten, 42, kept his daughter locked in the basement for six years while her stepmother beat her and her stepbrother sexually assaulted her until she escaped in February 2012 and was rescued by a good Samaritan. Mr Chritten was found guilty Friday of three felonies – second-degree reckless endangerment, child abuse and causing mental harm to a child, according to reports. He was found not guilty of false imprisonment. READ MORE HERE

Man Had Over 640,000 Child Porn Images

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Police stopped counting at 640,000 … and was watching indecent video when they arrived to arrest him

article-2513353-19A3111000000578-740_306x483A pensioner who was caught with more than a million pornographic images of children was jailed for 19 years today after admitting abusing young girls. John Bidmead, 65, a lorry driver, was watching a video of child abuse when police knocked on his front door with a warrant to arrest him.  When police searched his property, huge amounts of indecent material was found on his computers. Officers, who said they stopped counting when they reached 640,000, believe he had more than a million indecent images in his possession. READ MORE HERE

Pedophile Teacher’s Victims Speak Out About Their Abuse

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Victims open up about sexual abuse at the hands of teacher pedophile

article-2513519-197187AC00000578-4_634x576Women who were sexually abused as schoolgirls decades ago have bravely come forward to talk about being molested by a respected and well-connected teacher at the prestigious Potomac School.  Laura Gill was just 14 when Christopher Kloman molested her at his home. She told her parents who reported the attack to the elite establishment in McLean, Virginia. However rather than being reported to the police and losing his job, the teenage girl was told that Kloman would undergo counseling and was allowed to return to Potomac – where she faced him in the school hallways. READ MORE HERE

Two Daycare Workers Arrested for Child Abuse

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compos-daycare1385402041Prince William County police charged two women who worked at a Woodbridge day-care center with assaulting and abusing at least three young children who had been in their care. Kierra N. Spriggs, 24, and Sarah A. Jordan, 29, both of Woodbridge, were charged with two counts each of assault and battery and cruelty or injury to a child. READ MORE HERE

Parents Claim Daughter Was ‘Kidnapped’ by Doctors

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15-year-old girl ‘kidnapped’ by doctors nine months ago who her parents claim are using her as a ‘guinea pig for medical experiments’

article-2513257-198DA81C00000578-483_306x423Like something out of a Kafka novel, Justina Pelletier has been ‘disappeared’. The 15-year-old was admitted to hospital nine months ago suffering from a bout of the flu and has been locked away in a stark psychiatric unit at Boston Children’s Hospital ever since with sex abuse victims and children who have self-harmed themselves. For her devastated parents and her three sisters, her plight is almost too heartbreaking to bear. Unable to contact her beloved family or friends, her every move is monitored. Everything sacred to a teenager: her phone, iPad, music and collection of pink fluffy toys – has been taken away from her. She can only see her family for one hour a week and calls home are listened in on. READ MORE HERE

Teacher Accused of Molestation

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Principal, two administrators arrested for failure to report abuse

528ff1377734b.preview-300HOUSTON – A Sharpstown high school Spanish teacher was arrested Friday evening and accused of inappropriate behavior with students. A couple of students at Sharpstown who disclosed that they had been alleged victims of Spanish teacher Ysidoro Rosales-Motola, 56, who committed indecency with a child or improper relationship with a student back on October 10, 2013. Motola has now been charged with indecency with a student under 17 years of age and two counts of improper relationship with a student over 16 years old.  Two administrators, and the school principal at Sharpstown High School, have been charged with failing to report child abuse. READ MORE HERE

Teen Charged With Killing His Girlfriend’s Toddler

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6,000 Suspected Arizona Child Abuse Calls Went Ignored

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BLUNDER: A shocking 6,000 potential child abuse cases have gone uninvestigated since 2009

imagesThousands of Arizona children may be suffering abuse despite bravely calling government help hotlines that then ignored their pleas for help. A shocking 6,000 potential child abuse cases have gone uninvestigated since 2009 because a blunder in the system meant the calls were mis-classified, the state’s director of child welfare revealed today. And the department also admitted it had no idea if those children are still at risk of abuse. Department of Economic Security Director Clarence Carter said all 6,000 cases will be reviewed after they were incorrectly logged as not requiring investigations by a staffer in the agency’s call center. READ MORE HERE

Keeping Your Teen Safe

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Parenting-Top-Tips-for-Taming-Your-Tweenager-Protecting-and-Connecting-with-your-Pre-Teen_articlelargeIn addition to the pressures of grades, dating, picking a career path and substance abuse, teenagers face the very real threat of violence on a day-to-day basis. The Center for Disease Control reports that the number of acts of violence amongst youth between the ages of 10 and 24 has been cut in half over the past 15 years, but still remains 50 percent higher than any other age demographic. Luckily, teens don’t have to face these dangers alone. Parents can take several proactive measures to minimize the risk of a physical attack or threat on their child.

Control Internet Use

The millennial generation, or those born between the mid-1980s and 2000, represent the first generation of Americans who have never known a time in their lives where they could not connect to the Internet for information, communication and games. The Internet offers teens a means of connecting with friends and relaxing after school, but also poses serious threats. The i-SAFE Foundation reports that two in five teens have been bullied online, one in three have been threatened, and half have done cyber bullying of their own.

Control your teen’s online time by shutting off your web router when you are not home and keeping their computer use confined to a living room where you can monitor them. Keep a close eye on their social media activity since, as a parent, you have the authority to watch over and even delete their profiles if cyber bullying gets out of hand.

Your Home as Your Castle

Many schools have begun to take drastic measures to make sure students remain safe and free from harm. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that between five and seven percent of high schools use metal detectors in order to prevent students from bringing weapons onto the premises, in addition to other safety measures. Parents cannot always make sure teens remain safe at school, but you can ensure that they never feel threatened in your own home from any external danger. Never leave your family’s safety to chance, especially if you believe that your teenager’s peers may take the threat of violence to your very doorstep.

Find Strong Mentor Models

Many teens turn to or suffer from violence when they seek to fit into a social situation. Teens look for mentors as they struggle to understand their own identity and their place within the community. If they cannot find positive mentors, they may look to peers who act like adults, such as gang leaders. Mentoring.org reports that providing teens with a positive role model makes them nearly 50 percent less likely to abuse drugs or engage in violent behavior, and 25 percent less likely to abuse alcohol. Mentors can be any member of the community or a volunteer from an organization, and can be a means for a teenager to communicate with an adult who is neither a teacher nor a parent.


AUTHOR: Marcus Beatty

Marcus is a retired social studies teacher and grandfather of 12 who blogs from his log cabin.

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Disgusting “Sandy Hook” Video Game Shocks Public

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Sandy Hook video game lets players shoot mom, collect ammo and fire into school
sandy21n-10-webAn Australian techie believed to be Ryan Jake Lambourn has deeply angered those who experienced the mass shooting — but he is insisting that the gruesome game has an important gun control message that needs to be heard.

An Australian techie has sparked outrage by creating a sick Sandy Hook video game where players can shoot their mom, collect ammo and go on a terrifying gun rampage in a school. The Sydney gaming geek, believed to be called Ryan Jake Lambourn, has reportedly caused “deep anger and fury” among families of the victims and survivors of the horrific massacre. His simulation — “The Slaying of Sandy Hook Elementary School” — sees players re-enacting the fateful day of Dec. 14, 2012. READ MORE HERE

10-YO Boy Jumps Off 30-Floor Building Over School Punishment

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boy-jumps-off-30-floor-building-after-school-killed-himself-01-600x812On the afternoon of October 30, Junjun of Grade 5 Class 1 of an elementary school in Chengdu jumped off the 30th floor of the apartment building he lived in, and died instantly at the scene. According to the residential community’s surveillance footage, at 5:53 pm of that afternoon, Junjun walked into the elevator with his head down, wearing a backpack. His home is on the 5th floor, but he didn’t go home and instead reached up and pressed the button of the 30th floor. A little more than 20 minutes later, at 6:15 pm, a Mr. Lin (pseudonym) who was watching his storefront in the residential community where the incident happened heard a loud “bang”. “It was like a car exploding, very loud.” The bang was from Junjun, when the foolish boy fell from the 30-floor building, and died instantly at the scene. READ MORE HERE

13-YO Boy Sexually Abused Young Girl for Years

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Schoolboy, 13, spent years raping little girl aged younger than 8 after watching internet pornography

article-2509889-1687EB47000005DC-182_306x447A ten-year-old boy repeatedly raped and sexually abused a seven-year-old girl over two years after becoming addicted to hardcore pornography, a court has heard. The schoolboy would sit at his home computer for hours scouring the internet for extreme porn, the court was told. After looking at the vile images he would play out his sexual fantasies on the young girl – which later developed into attempted rape and rape. The court heard how he committed sex acts on the girl between the age of ten and 12 when she was aged only seven and eight. Yesterday the boy, now 13, escaped a custodial sentence after a judge heard how he had been physically and emotionally abused as a young child. READ MORE HERE

Child Predator Raped Children As Young As 8-DAYS Old

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Offers to be castrated for a lighter sentence

article-2510762-198B10D100000578-47_306x423A convicted pedophile who allegedly sexually abused more than a dozen children, one just eight-days-old, at his wife’s Massachusetts child care center wants to be physically castrated for a reduced sentenced.  John Burbine faces life behind bars for raping and molesting 13 children at the unlicensed Waterfall Education Center between 2010 and 2012. However the 49-year-old’s lawyer today told the court he would seek a maximum sentence of 15 years if the sex offender underwent the pleasure-nullifying procedure. READ MORE HERE

Child Killer To Be Released From Prison

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Jeffrey Martinson will be freed from prison at noon on Nov. 26

article-2510851-198B5BAC00000578-544_634x730An Arizona judge has freed a man who was charged with the first degree murder of his son nine years ago. Judge Sally Duncan cited ‘a pattern and practice of misconduct’ by prosecutors during the controversial trial of Jeffrey Martinson, 43, who was being held on a charge killing his five-year-old son, Josh, in 2004 while in the midst of a custody battle. Duncan dropped all charges against Martinson and ordered he be released at noon on November 26, saying the prosecution team acted with a ruthless ‘win-by-any-means strategy’. READ MORE HERE

Infant’s Body Found In Desert

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Body of missing 5-mo baby found in desert

1121_NWS_EPT_L_FARRAY_RRRJeffrey Farrey, the father of 5-month-old Jackson Farrey whose body was presumably found in the New Mexico desert, was booked into El Paso County Jail today. Farrey, 22, is being held on a charge of injury to a child by omission and his bond is set at $1.5 million. READ MORE HERE

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