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6-MO Infant Savagely Beaten

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EMT father arrested ‘for punching his six-month-old son in the head until his skull cracked after drugging the boy’s mother’ 

article-2616140-1D740DAA00000578-475_634x601article-0-1D73FF2900000578-318_306x423A 23-year-old Michigan man is facing child abuse charges after police say he savagely beat his 6-month-old son, leaving the infant clinging to life. Nicholas Spiridione, an EMT from Detroit, is accused of sending baby Jesse to the hospital with severe head trauma last Saturday. The baby boy, who is suffering from brain swelling and hemorrhaging, has undergone emergency surgery and is listed in critical condition at Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit. READ MORE HERE


According to a Facebook group created to provide updates on Jesse’s condition, the 6-month-old was given 20 per cent chance for survival. 

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Video Reveals Teacher’s Aide Abusing Special Needs Student

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Shocking secret footage reveals teaching aides slapping and choking special needs student before knocking him off a chair

article-2616748-1D78EBFD00000578-127_306x423A teacher handed police shocking secret footage which allegedly shows two colleagues slapping and choking a special needs student before knocking him off a chair. The video was filmed at Harper-Archer Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia, over four days by an anonymous teacher who claimed the principal did not act on her complaints. Classroom aide Alger Coleman, 42, was arrested and charged with child cruelty and simple battery. READ MORE HERE


Department of Children and Families Commissioner Resigns

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3599191_GBOSTON — The secretary of Health and Human Services announced Tuesday that Olga Roche has resigned as commissioner of the Department of Children and Families. Secretary John Polanowicz announced he accepted Roche’s resignation during a press conference Tuesday. “I agree the commissioner should step aside,” said Gov. Deval Patrick at the press conference. “I do so with some sadness, but agree it’s time.” Gov. Patrick went on to say he thought the time for change is now and that he doesn’t think it is right, but he thinks it is necessary. READ MORE HERE

Man Punched, Killed Infant

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Ohio man charged with punching, killing 3-MO daughter

download (1)CINCINNATI – A southwest Ohio man is charged with aggravated murder in the death of his 3-month-old daughter. CBS affiliate WKRC reports that 24-year-old Shavale Johnson is accused of punching the baby, Asia Cathey, in the face with a closed fist on Monday night, according to police. The child later died at the hospital. READ MORE HERE


Teen Charged With Murdering Newborn Son

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chi-chicago-crime-mother-murder-20140426-001The 18-year-old woke up early last Saturday morning, gave birth to a full-term baby boy, placed him outside her house in a plastic Walmart bag and then went back to bed, prosecutors said today in bond court. By the time a construction worker called police a few hours later after spotting the infant in the Northwest Side gangway, the child was dead. READ MORE HERE



Prom Day Slaying

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Student to be arraigned in prom day slaying

_h353_w628_m6_otrue_lfalseHARTFORD, CN — A 16-year-old student faces arraignment on murder charges in the stabbing death of a classmate at their high school on the day of the junior prom. Police haven’t released the suspect’s name, but people who saw him taken into custody identified him as Chris Plaskon, a friend of the victim, 16-year-old Maren Sanchez. Plaskon’s attorney, Richard Meehan, says his client is being held in a hospital under psychiatric evaluation and will not appear at his arraignment, scheduled for Monday in New Haven. READ MORE HERE


Conn. High School Mourns Student Victim Of Prom Day

Autopsy: Student died of stab wounds to neck, body











VICTIM: Maren Sanchez


Mother Stabbed Her 7-MO Son to Death

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_h0_w295_m6_otrue_lfalseLIVERMORE, CA — A young mother has admitted to investigators that she stabbed her 7-month-old son to death in a popular Northern California park, police said Sunday. Ashley Newton, 23, of San Jose was arrested Saturday on suspicion of murder, the East Bay Regional Parks District Police Department said in a statement. Investigators continue to interview her family and friends in an attempt to make sense of the alleged crime. READ MORE HERE

School Swim Coach Charged With Child Sex Abuse

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imagesLANHAM, MD – A Prince George’s County swim coach has been charged with child abuse and several sex offenses after a former student said he engaged her in numerous sex acts, according to authorities. Christopher Thomas Huott, 52, of Fulton, Md., was arrested Thursday. Montgomery County Police say Huott is the founder and owner of the Maryland Suburban Swim Club in Laurel, Md. READ MORE HERE

3-YO Dies From Child Abuse

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download (1)MIAMI – An 18-year-old mother has been arrested for child abuse and neglect five days after the death of her three-year old son. Selena Perez-Perez faced a judge Wednesday after her son was brought into the hospital Friday bruised and bitten. “You’ve recently been arrested for one count of child neglect no great bodily harm and one count of child abuse,” said the Judge. READ MORE HERE

Timeline for Rape Recovery

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Rape is a devastating trauma-a crisis-in one’s life. Regardless of the circumstances of a rape, it can take a long time to truly feel “better” again and move forward. Some people never move forward as they are unwilling or simply unable to process what happened to them. And, sadly, after feeling that they have healed and recovered, certain triggers can easily bring victims right back to square one.

The Initial Aftermath

imagesThis stage of rape recovery immediately after the rape is more like “disaster clean-up” than healing-it is also known as the emergency phase. During this time, which can last days, weeks, or years, the victim is simply accepting the fact that this has happened to them. They are coming to grips with reality. During this time, a decision must be made to heal, to tell others about what happened, and to get help. It takes work and effort. Victims who were raped as children can often repress the memories of their abuse. For them, the initial aftermath phase can be delayed years, even decades. Victims who are raped as adults deal with other practical issues like being able to get to work, pay bills, take care of their children, and the effects of the rape on their marriage or sex life. READ MORE HERE

Children & Sexual Violence

1/3 of girls and 1/6 of boys, before the age of 18

RESOURCE GUIDE for parents, guardians and survivors of sexual abuse.
According to the 1978 Russell survey, one-quarter of females experienced sexual assault or abuse before age 14, and well over one-third have had a sexually abusive experience by the time they reached age 18. One in six boys will have experienced sexual assault or abuse during childhood or adolescence. Some experts believe that, allowing for the underreporting of abuse against boys, the percentage of boys abused is the same as among girls.  READ MORE HERE


Professional staff and certified volunteers provide 24-hour crisis intervention, advocacy, emotional support and referrals to sexual assault victims, their families, and their friends in 150 languages via a 3-way tele-interpreter service. Although the 24-hour crisis line is confidential, it is governed by mandatory reporting laws. Please call our crisis line if you have questions about community services, or are in crisis and need immediate assistance.


Video Shows Father Allowing Toddler Son to Smoke A Cigarette

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Shocking footage emerges of Russian dad giving his toddler a CIGARETTE 

article-2612113-1D50319000000578-658_634x466A shocking video has emerged of a father allowing a young boy to smoke his cigarette. As the topless man repeatedly passes the cigarette back and forth to the toddler, a woman can be heard laughing from behind the camera. The footage is just over two minutes long and is said to have been filmed in Russia. READ MORE HERE

Man Used Fake Profiles to Coax Children Into Stripping

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  • Craig Nelson used bogus identities to coax children into stripping
  • He was caught when he tried to groom a 12-year-old girl
  • Former teacher was already subject to Sexual Offences Prevention Order
  • He is jailed for two years and must sign sex offenders’ register for 10

article-0-1D517FFA00000578-640_306x545A former footballer who lured underage girls into sending him pornographic pictures of themselves by posing as a 15-year-old girl has been jailed. Craig Nelson, 32, who once played for Middlesborough, set up a fake profile claiming to be ‘Laura’ in an effort to coax children into stripping off for the camera. The married pedophile was caught when he tried groom a 12-year-old girl by asking her to take indecent pictures of herself and send them to him. READ MORE HERE

Female Teacher Who Aborted Student’s Baby Faces New Charges of Sex Abuse

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article-2612296-1D38DF9D00000578-64_634x410A 29-year-old Florida teacher accused of sleeping with a 17-year-old student was hit with yet more charges Wednesday after a second pupil came forward with new allegations. The second student, now 20, was also 17 in September 2011 when English teacher Jennifer Fichter started inviting him over to her apartment where they would cuddle on the couch and watch TV. He says the relationship turned sexual the next month and they went on to have intercourse about 20 times for seven months – sometimes in the boy’s bedroom while his mother was away, according to the arrest report. READ MORE HERE

14-YO Raped 8-YO Girl

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Solomon-Pule_27473A 14-year-old southwest Baltimore boy is being charged as an adult for the rape of an eight-year-old girl. According to the statement of probable cause, the boy’s mother found her son, Solomon, on top of the girl with his pants down and her skirt up, in their living room on April 21. The mother told police there was a pair of scissors next to them and that the victim said; “He told me if I was to scream that he was going to cut me” and “He shoved his thing in me.” The victim had been visiting the southwest Baltimore home for the day. READ MORE HERE

Pedophiles Using BITCOIN to View Toddler Rape Live On Webcam

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Pedophiles pay for sick online ‘shows’ using UNTRACEABLE Bitcoin

imagesOne of Europe’s top police officers has warned of a sickening online trade in child torture porn. Rob Wainwright, the director of Europol, said offenders are using the untraceable online currency Bitcoin to pay for depraved ‘shows’, performed live on webcams, which see young children raped and burned. He said: ‘The level of depravity seems to be descending year on year, frankly, including what seems to be in vogue now, which is live webcam ‘shows’ of toddlers not just being raped but being burnt with cigarettes. READ MORE HERE

Pedophile Gordon Stuckless Pleads Guilty to 100+ MORE Counts

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Investigations documented 572 additional separate incidents involving Stuckless

Gordon Stuckless, one of the most notorious pedophiles in Canada, has pleaded guilty to 100 more charges of abusing young boys as part of the infamous Maple Leaf Gardens sex ring. Stuckless, now 65, was in a Toronto courtroom Tuesday to answer to 108 charges involving 18 victims over a span of 20 years between 1965 and 1985. He admitted to most of them, including indecent assault, sexual assault and gross indecency, but pleaded not guilty to several charges, including sexual assault with a weapon and the rare count of buggery, The Canadian Press reported. READ MORE HERE

MI Female Fugitive Sex Offender Wanted

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Flint police looking for fugitive sex offender who has removed tether

Wanted - Kandice CombsFLINT, MI — Flint police are looking for a woman who has removed her tether and has failed to check in as required. Kandice Combs, say police, has removed her tether, changed her address and has failed to check in as a sex offender. Combs is 32-years-old and 5′ 4″ tall, weighing 220 lbs. READ MORE HERE

2-MO Baby Dies After Being Thrown Into Bassinet

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25252325_BG2HARTFORD, CT – Police in Hartford said a 2-month-old who was in critical condition after an incident on April 15 has died. Adore Marie Daniels died Tuesday shortly after 4 a.m., according to Lt. Brian Foley of the Hartford Police Department. Police said it looked like the child had been shaken. Marcus Rooks, Adore’s father, was arrested. READ MORE HERE

FBI Seeking Victims of Pedophile Teacher

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622x350FBI agents from Houston are spearheading an international probe to determine how many students at elite private schools in nine countries fell victim to a teacher who authorities contend was a serial predator for more than four decades. The local agents went public with their investigation Tuesday, saying they may never know how many victims William James Vahey exploited during a global career that began in 1972 after he stopped registering for a molestation conviction in California. A thumb drive holds photos that show he had at least 90 victims since 2008 alone, according to the Houston FBI agents who are leading the ongoing global probe to find his victims as well as determine the extent of his crime. READ MORE HERE

Timeline of where accused child predator taught abroad

Sex Ed Needed In Schools

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New State Laws Require More Sex-Abuse Training in Schools

Erin MerrynAn Illinois woman has turned the lessons she learned in her recovery from her own childhood sexual abuse into a nationwide push to pass state laws that require student lessons and teacher training about the issue in public schools. Starting in her home state in 2011, Erin Merryn has successfully pushed for passage of a so-called “Erin’s Law” in 10 states, and she expects that number to grow as 26 have considered or are considering similar bills in their 2013 and 2014 legislative sessions. The bills, which vary state by state, generally require age-appropriate instruction for children as young as prekindergarten on preventing, recognizing, and reporting sexual abuse. They also either allow teachers to count training on sexual abuse toward continuing education requirements or mandate such training for all public school personnel. READ MORE HERE




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