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Child Serial Killer Out Of Prison

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‘The Phantom’ serial killer of children out of prison, living in Tucson

SIERRA VISTA, ARIZONA – The email arrived in the CBS 5 Investigates email inbox on April 7. The first line stood out to producer Edward Ayala.  “I have information regarding the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency (Parole) releasing a serial killer, William Huff, into the community,” it read. Six days later, we were driving out of state to interview the woman who sent the email, to listen to the story of how a serial killer, who referred to himself as “The Phantom,” murdered two young girls and targeted a third, and how this person would be let out of prison and allowed to live in an unsuspecting Tucson neighborhood. READ MORE HERE

Facebook Live Aired Baby’s Murder

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A Thai man filmed himself killing his 11-month-old daughter in two video clips posted on Facebook before committing suicide, police said on Tuesday. People could access the videos of the child’s murder on her father’s Facebook page for roughly 24 hours, until they were taken down around 5 p.m. in Bangkok on Tuesday, or about a day after being uploaded. The harrowing footage from Thailand showed Wuttisan Wongtalay tying a rope to his daughter Natalie’s neck before dropping the child, dressed in a bright pink dress, from the rooftop of a deserted building in the seaside town of Phuket. READ MORE HERE

Man Suspected of Killing 13-YO Son

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NEVADA – A father is suspected of murdering of his 13-year-old son after family members found a nearly skeletal body that had been left decomposing for months. Paul Darell Jones, 33, who was already in jail for an unrelated child abuse case in 2015, has been named as a suspect in the death of his son, Aaron Jones. Two cousins searching for Aaron, who was last seen on December 31, found human remains wrapped up and covered with large rocks in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Tuesday. READ MORE HERE


Man Solicited Children Over Xbox Chat for Nudes

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FREEHOLD, N.J. – A convicted pedophile who used the messaging service on his Xbox to solicit nude photos from four boys in three states is heading to prison. Prosecutors in Monmouth County, New Jersey, say Gary Wolchesky received a 46-year sentence Friday. The 28-year-old was convicted in November on charges of aggravated sexual assault and child endangerment by manufacturing child pornography. READ MORE HERE


Soccer Coach Raped, Murdered Child Teammate

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URUGUAY – The murder of Felipe Romero, age 10, at the hands of his soccer coach Fernando Sierra has shocked the country of Uruguay. The body of the child was found in a town near Montevideo. According to the local police chief, Sierra shot the boy in the head and then shot himself dead. “The adult had his back to the ground and the boy, face down, was partially holding the man with his head near his chest,” Sergio Mozzo, who was in charge of the autopsy. Mozzo also declared that the boy had been sexually abused on different occasions. “There was a violation. The marks that were found in the child showed erosion that possibly were from the same day or the previous day. He had signs of previously being abused repeatedly around the dimensions of the genital area.” READ MORE HERE

3-MO Baby Critical; Father Arrested

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ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico – Neighbors in a quiet Westside neighborhood say they were woken up to sirens and commotion. “When we looked outside to see what was going on, the place was surrounded by a bunch of cop cars,” said a neighbor. Officers were called to a home on Sheffield Place for an unresponsive 3-month-old baby. According to a criminal complaint, Anthony Serna is the father of the 3-month-old. He’s been charged with child abuse with great bodily harm. READ MORE HERE

7 States Force Rape Victims to Share Custody With Their Rapist

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Shauna Prewitt was a 21-year-old college senior in 2004 when she was raped and impregnated by her attacker. Her decision to keep her child — a baby girl — brought with it an unexpected twist: her rapist sought custody of their daughter when she was born.

Prewitt is not alone.

Women in seven U.S. states can be legally forced to share custody of their children with their rapist fathers — including in Maryland, where an all-male panel failed April 10 to pass legislation that would have allowed victims who have children from rape to block rapists’ parental rights. READ MORE HERE

Death of Baby Wyllow: Homicide

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ARIZONA – The death of a 6-month-old girl in southern Arizona has been ruled a homicide, according to her autopsy report. Baby Wyllow died in a hospital on Feb. 19, 2017. The report, which was released Friday, April 14, by the Pima County Medical Examiner’s Office, said Wyllow died from an infection brought on by blunt force injuries. She was also malnourished, which was listed as a serious contributing factor in her death. READ MORE HERE


State Closes Omaha Daycare

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OMAHA, Nebraska — State regulators say the Omaha day care of a woman suspected of abusing a child there has been ordered closed. Omaha police say 58-year-old Lynn Rowe has been charged with intentional child abuse, no injury. Police say she was being sought on an arrest warrant when she turned up Friday in Missouri Valley, Iowa. Her attorney declined to comment. She was arrested and transported to Omaha to face charges. READ MORE HERE

Daycare owner arrested after video shows her abusing 4-year-old girl

Omaha daycare owner arrested in connection with alleged abuse case

Day care owner suspected of abusing child arrested in Iowa

ICE Seeks Public’s Help In Child Exploitation Case

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ST. PETERSBURG, Florida – Special agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) are seeking the public’s help to identify possible additional victims in an ongoing child sexual exploitation investigation involving a man who volunteered with Little League Baseball for the St. Pete Breeze.

Michael Joseph Armano, 43, of St. Petersburg, was arrested April 27, 2016, by HSI special agents for child enticement, production of child pornography and possession of child pornography. Armano is originally from North Andover, Massachusetts, and later moved to St. Petersburg, where he worked at Landstar and was a volunteer Little League Baseball coach for the St. Pete Breeze. He also taught pre-school in Hartford, Connecticut, and coached Little League Baseball or instructed players in Hartford, Connecticut; Cheshire, Connecticut; Lawrence, Massachusetts; and North Andover, Massachusetts. READ MORE HERE

13 High School Athletes Arrested In Hazing Incident

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TEXAS – Thirteen male athletes have been arrested at a Texas high school for what is being characterized as a sadistic hazing ritual where they allegedly anally raped at least 10 underclassmen with various objects. The small town of La Vernia, Texas, has been rocked by a major sexual assault case where nearly a dozen student athletes are accused of raping other students as a sports initiation practice, according to police. Three members of the basketball team at La Vernia High School, Colton Weidner, 18; Christian Roberts, 18; and John Rutkowski, 18, were arrested on a charge of second-degree felony sexual assault on Tuesday. This brings the total number of men arrested to 13, as six adult and seven juvenile students have been accused of the sexual assault where they allegedly raped at least 10 other male students with Gatorade and Coke bottles, flashlights and the threaded end of a carbon dioxide tank, according to police. READ MORE HERE


Airmen Accused of Hiding, Sexually Abusing Teen On Base

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DELAWARE – Federal prosecutors have charged two airmen stationed at Dover Air Force Base with sexually abusing a teenage runaway they harbored on base. According to court records unsealed Thursday, Dalian Washington, 25, and Akeem Beazer, 21, waived their rights to preliminary hearings and are being detained pending trial. Both men are charged with sex abuse of a minor. Washington is also charged with sex trafficking of a child. READ MORE HERE


Home Secretary Warns About Vile Child Images On Social Media

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Facebook should not be a safe space for pedophiles and terrorists to share ‘hateful’ pictures and videos, the Home Secretary insisted last night. Amber Rudd spoke out after the social media site was accused of endangering the lives of youngsters by refusing to remove child abuse images. Child protection charities said sex abuse pictures on Facebook act like a gateway drug to would-be pedophiles, encouraging them to abuse youngsters in real life. Material including sexual images of children and gruesome terror videos were still rife on the social network yesterday. READ MORE HERE


Mother Leapt to Her Death At Hospital With Newborn Baby In Her Arms

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Healthcare staff ‘backed off’ a mother who jumped to her death while holding her newborn baby because she was ‘middle class and articulate’, a new report revealed today. Charlotte Bevan, 30, vanished from St Michael’s Hospital in Bristol with her four-day-old daughter Zaani Tiana Bevan Malbrouck in her arms. She walked off the maternity ward holding her four-day-old child and walked past at least four nurses without being stopped. The new mother – who had a long history of mental illness – threw herself into Avon Gorge in November 2014 still cuddling Zaani around 40 minutes after leaving hospital. READ MORE HERE


12 Child Sex Abuse Statistics All Parents Need To Know

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As a parent and an educator I find the statistics below both confronting and horrifying. However, they do highlight the reasons WHY we need to teach the children in our care Body Safety from the earliest of years. Such age-appropriate knowledge is empowering for children, and might well be the difference between a child becoming one of these statistics or not.

As an advocate for Body Safety Education in both homes and schools, I have heard many sad and crippling stories from adult survivors; but it’s this one shared comment that stays with me, “If only I had known from the first inappropriate touch it was wrong, my life could have been so different.”

I am not a survivor of childhood sexual abuse but I am a mother and teacher who believes we can do better by our kids. We need to put our adult fear of this topic aside, and take on the responsibility of educating our children so they know to tell, and keep on telling until they are believed. We also have a responsibility to educate ourselves so we know the signs of sexual abuse and grooming. Believing a child when they disclose sexual abuse is of the utmost importance, as is our reaction to the disclosure.

These statistics are a call to action for parents, carers and teachers everywhere — let’s educate ourselves and our kids in Body Safety, and like any good “ripple effect,” let’s educate others to do the same! I am asking you to play your part. Ironically, you may never know but your advocacy could positively change a child’s life forever. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE









Couple Charged with Capital Murder

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A mother and her girlfriend have been arrested and charged in connection with the death of a 2-year-old girl. Police say the child’s mother, Shari Newman and her live-in girlfriend, Letica Young, have both been charged with capital murder. The incident happened Saturday night at an apartment on Fairhaven near Datapoint on the Northwest Side. Officers were called to Methodist Children’s Hospital concerning the death of a 2-year-old Saturday. When they arrived, they noticed bruising on the child and called for homicide detectives. The detectives then examined the child and found bruising all over her body and believed it was obvious some sort of abuse had taken place. READ MORE HERE

4-MO Baby Fatally Beaten

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WARREN, Michigan – A new father is in jail accused of killing his own 4-month-old baby girl. Brandon Dunmire is charged with first-degree murder and first-degree child abuse. Naomi Reese was killed Tuesday inside her mother’s home in Warren near 11 Mile and Hoover roads. Warren police said Dunmire called 911 saying his daughter was not breathing. Paramedics found Naomi unresponsive. READ MORE HERE

After Admitting to Molestations, Officer Commits Suicide

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Tishomingo Police Officer Russ Robinson committed suicide March 24 after admitting to authorities he had molested minors. His admission came after the Alcorn County Sheriff’s Department, with assistance from the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, questioned the 53-year-old officer about allegations he molested a 17-year-old boy after flashing his headlights to get the teen to pull over. A day after that questioning, Robinson was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound inside his home in the Crossroads Community near Iuka. READ MORE HERE

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