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14-YO Girl Found Murdered

Posted by Sandra On July - 26 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

14-YO Armada, MI teen, April Millsap, killed while out walking her dog

downloadARMADA, Michigan -Police say the body of 14-year-old girl, April Millsap, has been found in a wooded area near a recreational trail in the Macomb County village of Armada.  Police say her death has been ruled a homicide. Armada Police Chief Howard Smith says April took the family dog for a walk on the Macomb Orchard Trail around dinner time on Thursday. Around 8:20 p.m., two people walking on the trail were led by April’s dog to her body. Police say the dog stayed over April, wandering back and forth to the path, seemingly looking for help. Her body was 15 to 20 feet off the trail. READ MORE HERE

April text to boyfriend: ‘I think I’m about to be abducted’

Murder investigation under way 

Teen’s murder shocks Michigan village – USA Today

Family dog protects body of slain 14-year-old girl 

April Millsap: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Death of Armada teen, April Millsap, ruled a homicide

Teen’s body found in wooded area of Armada

Donate to April’s family here

Boyfriend Killed Ex’s 11-YO

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Mom’s Ex-Boyfriend Arrested

article-2701375-1FE0BBFD00000578-85_154x115Believing his ex-girlfriend’s 11-year-old daughter caused their break up — a 42-year-old man snuck into the home and stabbed the 6th grader to death in gruesome fashion, authorities claim. Investigators say the wounds were extremely gruesome.  Miami police say 11-year-old Marta Guzman did not slash her own wrists, or commit suicide. The Little Havana girl was found unresponsive at her own home on June 22. According to an arrest affidavit, police responded to the Little Havana apartment where Marta lived with her mother, Amaury Alvarenga. Alvarenga called police after arriving home around 2:30 pm to find her daughter’s neck and wrists slashed. READ MORE HERE

Man Killed 8-MO Pregnant Woman

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Missing pregnant woman found dead, her boyfriend found dead, and gunman commits suicide after police chase



Pregnant teen strangled, boyfriend decapitated in Craigslist sex case

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – A missing pregnant woman has been found dead in the trunk of a vehicle that was driven by the suspect in her boyfriend’s homicide, and police say the accused killer committed suicide while in a car chase with authorities Thursday night. The deaths of 18-year-old Brooke Slocum and the suspect come after Wyoming police found her boyfriend, Charles Oppenneer, dead in Gezon Park on Wednesday, July 16. READ MORE HERE

UPDATE: Triple homicide: Complete coverage of Brady Oestrike’s victims, his suicide, crime details

Missing pregnant woman’s father’s concern: ‘There (was) nothing out of line whatsoever’

Brooke Slocum: Friends, family mourn on social media for missing woman found dead



Brady Oestrike, 31, identified as suspect who killed man, teen girlfriend, unborn baby and himself

1907332_1388729521392894_266034382_nWYOMING, MI — Police identified Brady Oestrike, 31, of Wyoming, as the suspect who committed suicide Thursday after what police are calling a triple homicide. Charlie Oppenneer, 25, was found dead near Gezon Park on Wednesday and police were looking for his missing girlfriend, 18-year Brooke Slocum, who was eight months pregnant. Police identified Oestrike as a possible suspect, through Internet contact he had with Slocum, and planned to execute a search warrant at his residence near Porter Street SW and Taft Avenue. READ MORE HERE


Craigslist connection in triple homicide: Brady Oestrike connected online with slain pregnant teen


450 Abused Children Rescued

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‘Abused children’ rescued in Mexico

_76291276_mexicomichoacan4640714Mexican police have rescued more than 450 children they believe were abused at a children’s home in Zamora in the western state of Michoacan. They were allegedly subject to sexual abuse and forced to beg on the streets. The owner, Rosa del Carmen Verduzco, and eight employees at the House of the Big Family have been arrested. Correspondents say it is one of Mexico’s worst incidents of alleged child abuse at a children’s institution in many years. READ MORE HERE

450 Children Rescued From Rat-Infested Refuge

Mexico rescues 458 children from squalid refuge

Entire Family Executed By Uncle

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Parents and five kids refused to tell gunman where his ex-wife was before he tied up and killed all but one of them in their home

capture-20140710-232341Four children and their parents who were allegedly murdered by a crazed uncle Wednesday night heroically refused to tell the gunman where his ex-wife was, prompting him to tie them up and shoot them in the back of the head, authorities said. The incredible bravery was revealed as it emerged Ronald Lee Haskell, 33, had taped his own mother to a chair a week ago, choked her and threatened to kill her for speaking to his ex-wife, according to police records obtained by ABC News. The lone survivor of the suburban Houston attack, the slain couple’s 15-year-old daughter, suffered a fractured skull when a bullet grazed her head. READ MORE HERE


Ronald Lee Haskell


Ronald Lee Haskell has been charged with capital murder in the deaths of six people during Houston rampage. 

Who is Ronald Lee Haskell?





Strangers donate more than $277,000 to heroine, 15, who saved her grandparents after uncle shot dead her family in Houston massacre

Mother Suffocated Her Toddler; Posted Pics On Facebook

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facebookmomA Queens mom made one of the sickest Facebook status updates ever, posting pictures of her dead baby’s corpse after smothering the helpless tot at bedtime, ­authorities said Tuesday. Nicole “Nikki” Kelly uploaded an image of 11-month-old Kiam Felix Jr. lying in a white suit and tie with the caption “RIP Tinkabutt,” alongside a picture of his body in a hospital bed. She also posted a rambling Facebook screed in which she admitted she failed to “protect” the boy. READ MORE HERE

SEE PIC SHE POSTED HERE (Warning: Graphic Image)

‘I didn’t want him anymore,’ says mother charged in baby boy’s death

Probe: 20 Prominent Pedophiles

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Child abuse investigation: Evidence of ’20 prominent figures’

article-2683917-1F74C5F100000578-738_634x393There is evidence at least 20 prominent pedophiles – including former MPs and government ministers – abused children for “decades”, a former child protection manager has claimed. Peter McKelvie, whose allegations led initially to a 2012 police inquiry, said a “powerful elite” of pedophiles carried out “the worst form” of abuse. He said the network extended into both the House of Lords and the Commons. The government has already announced two reviews into claims of abuse. Home Secretary Theresa May told the House of Commons the first review would be a wide-ranging inquiry – similar to the inquiry into the Hillsborough disaster – led by an independent panel of experts on law and child protection. READ MORE HERE


Britain Rocked by Politician Child Abuse

Westminster child abuse probe will leave no stone unturned

Prominent public figures including civil servants and MPs thought to be among names implicated in report of child sex abuse

Paedophile at the Home Office: He boasted of storing PIE files where police would never discover them

Home Office gave money to groups linked to paedophiles: As two abuse inquiries are launched, Whitehall investigation finds nearly £500,000 was granted to organisations

Westminster Sex Scandal Grows

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New fears of a cover-up over VIP abusers as calls for inquiry

CABINET MEETING TODAY THERESA MAY PICTURE JEREMY SELWYN 29/08/2013Extraordinary new claims pointing to an Establishment cover-up of child sex abuse by senior politicians emerged last night. Home Secretary Theresa May faces questions from MPs over accusations that politicians, the police and even her own officials have suppressed allegations against powerful individuals for decades. Some 114 files ‘potentially relevant’ to child abuse are now known to have been lost or destroyed by the Home Office. READ MORE HERE

New twist in Westminster scandal: 114 secret files on paedophile cases missing, admits Government

There may have been establishment cover-up of child abuse claims to ‘protect the system’, says Lord Tebbit

Kidnapped Teens Found Dead

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1700302-51-e1402748838431-635x357Israeli searchers on Monday discovered the bodies of three Israeli teenagers, who were abducted on June 12, north of Hebron in the West Bank. The bodies were found near Halhul on Monday afternoon. Israeli security forces, which had been conducting extensive searches in the area, sealed off the area and declared it a closed military zone. Hebron was also sealed off. A search team from the local Kfar Etzion field school, along with IDF soldiers from an elite unit, found the teens. The local volunteers had been asking for two weeks to join the search. READ MORE HERE

Woman Found Guilty of Murder

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Misty Stoddard, 37, has been convicted of the first-degree murder of her stepdaughter, Melissa Stoddard, 11

article-0-1F3AC88B00000578-403_306x423A southwest Florida woman will now spend the rest of her life in prison after being found guilty of killing her autistic stepdaughter by gagging her so tightly the little girl became brain dead. Misty Stoddard, 37, blinked away tears after a Sarasota jury took just two and a half hours to convict her of the first-degree murder of 11-year-old Melissa Stoddard on Friday. Melissa died of suffocation in December 2012 after being tied to a wooden plank with her mouth duct-taped shut. She had moved in with her father and his second wife – Misty – just five months earlier to escape her mothers abusive household in North Carolina. READ MORE HERE

8-YO Violently Beaten to Death

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777520_1gA Queensland girl who was repeatedly bashed with a metal pole by her mother asked the woman to pray for her hours before she died alone and in pain. The horrific abuse the eight-year-old was subjected to in the days leading up to her death in Cairns in 2011 was outlined by a Coroner on Friday. ”I flogged her with the vacuum pole in her room and kept hitting her and hitting her,” the girl’s mother told police after the death. The girl was beaten with the pole on three occasions between November 22 and 28, 2011. During the days in between she lay in bed in pain. READ MORE HERE

Baby Thrown From Moving Car

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Woman Arrested for Throwing Baby from Moving Car

StoryWINNSBORO, La. – A woman is being charged with attempted murder after deputies say she flung her baby out of a moving car. The Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Franklin Medical Center in Winnsboro around 1:30 a.m. Sunday, June 22, to investigate the incident. They were called to the ER when staff noticed a 20-month-old child suffered injuries that were reported as severe in nature. READ MORE HERE


Child Murderer Sentenced to Life

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3610184_GCHARLOTTE COUNTY, Florida -Todd Akers was slapped with a life prison sentence today for the 2006 murder of his former fiance’s 2-year-old daughter, Abby Boran. He was also sentenced to 30 years prison to run concurrently for a conviction of aggravated child abuse. In court on Friday, Akers maintained his innocence after a jury found him guilty last month of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse. READ MORE HERE

Boy Killed Bullying Classmate

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14-YO Boy Killed Classmate Who Demanded Cell Phone Back

062014crumpThe story that’s emerging about former friends Timothy Crump and his 14-year-old murderer, Noel Estevez, brings into focus the tragic intersection of two troubled lives. In the days before his murder, Crump had been staying in a homeless shelter, and ABC 7 reports that he had been expelled from school in December for punching another student, but was often seen hanging out near the building. READ MORE HERE

2-Year-Old Violently Killed

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poe3oqfqgoA two-year-old child is dead, after being kicked so hard her liver split in two. Her mom’s boyfriend was found guilty of the crime, which he apparently committed because the little girl soiled her diaper. Dean Harris, 19, reportedly kicked her six feet across the room because he couldn’t handle a blown-out diaper. READ MORE HERE

Father Fatally Stabbed His Kids

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Two Ohio children, ages 10 and 11, stabbed to death by their father just hours after landing in Israel to spend summer vacation with him

article-2656646-1EBEB92E00000578-293_634x356An Israeli father walked into a police station in the city of Ramla Wednesday night drenched in blood and confessed to stabbing to death his two children while they were visiting him from Ohio. The man, who has not been named, then led officers to his apartment, where they discovered the brother and sister knifed to death.The children, 10-year-old Sara Levy and her 11-year-old brother, Yishai, lived with their mother, Karen Levy, in Ohio and attended Columbus Torah Academy. READ MORE HERE


6-YO Boy Found Chained to Bed

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downloadA 6-year-old Utah boy found chained to a bed while his father was at work probably was shackled like that each of the past 10 days since the school year ended, authorities said Wednesday. Logan City Police Chief Gary Jensen said investigators believe the boy’s father chained him to the bed post every day when he left for work, unchaining him when he got home. READ MORE HERE

Oregon H.S. School Shooting

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Oregon school shooting leaves student and gunman dead

140610133744-01-portland-school-shooting-restricted-horizontal-gallery(CNN) – When the shooting started at her high school near Portland, Oregon, early Tuesday, student Jaimie Infante didn’t recognize the sound of a gunshot. She thought maybe somebody had dropped a book. In reality, a lone gunman had opened fire at the school, killing one student and forcing others to flee. An assistant principal told students to go into lock-down mode. ”At the end he said: ‘This is not a drill,’” Infante told CNN. READ MORE HERE

‘This is so scary’: Tweets from inside school shooting

Student, Suspect Dead In Oregon High School Shooting

Teen Gunman in School Shooting Likely Killed Himself

3-YO Abused Toddler Dies

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emma-2WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita police are investigating the abuse of 3-year-old Emma Krueger. Krueger died Wednesday night at Wesley. Police were called to Wesley Hospital Monday after she was brought in with breathing and head trauma. They determined the injuries occurred at the Falcon Pointe Apartments in the 4300 block of South Hydraulic. Police arrested the 24-year-old Monica Krueger and her 23-year-old boyfriend, Evan Schuessler, for child abuse and endangerment. READ MORE HERE


FACEBOOK PAGE:  Prayers For Emma

Prayer vigil held for 3-year-old Wichita girl in abuse case

Charges Against Mother And Boyfriend Amended To 1st Degree …

Two Kids Stabbed In Elevator

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Relatives Speak Out As Police Search For Suspect Who Stabbed 2 Kids, 1 Fatally, In Brooklyn


downloadNEW YORK – A massive manhunt is underway for a man who police said stabbed two children, one fatally, at an apartment building in Brooklyn. Six-year-old Prince Joshua “P.J.” Avitto and 7-year-old Mikayla Capers were found viciously stabbed inside an elevator at the Boulevard Houses on Schenck Avenue in East New York. READ MORE HERE

Mom Shot Her 11-YO Son

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StoryLAS VEGAS — A dramatic development in the shooting of an eleven year old boy who was shot in the head. The boy remains in critical condition at University Medical Center. Police arrested that boy’s mother on charges of attempted murder and child abuse. It’s been more than day now and the boy’s condition at UMC has not improved. Neighbors were surprised about the shooting, but floored about the mother facing charges. READ MORE HERE

100 Busted in Sex Sting

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Nearly 100 people including a former COP and girl, 15, arrested in sex-slave sting 

article-0-1E45CF3500000578-631_634x422A four-day prostitution sting in Florida has led to the arrests of nearly 100 people, among them a former Orlando police officer. The 98 arrests on charges ranging from offering to commit lewd acts to aiding and abetting prostitution, child abuse and drug possession, took place over the Memorial Day weekend in Polk County.  According to investigators, former Orlando police officer Michael Johnson, 44, was netted in the sting. READ MORE HERE

California Mass Shooting

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New details emerge about California mass killer and victims

0At the I.V. Deli Mart in southern California, purple flowers now fill a bullet hole in the front of the store. It’s just one of at least 10 crime scenes left behind by a young man bent on wreaking havoc because of his perceived slights and his difficulties with women. In the three days since the stabbing and shooting spree that left six people and the assailant dead, a slew of new information has emerged about the victims, the suspect and what led up to the tragedy. Here’s what we know: READ MORE HERE

Three Kids Killed by Mother

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California mother facing murder charges after daughters ranging in age from 2 months to 3 years old are found dead

images (2)A 30-year-old Southern California mother is facing murder charges after her three young daughters were found dead in their Torrance home, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said. Sheriff’s Deputies from Carson Station responded to the home after receiving a rescue call just after 5:00 p.m. Tuesday. “When they arrived, they were met by family members who told the deputies that a mother had killed her children,” a sheriff’s statement said. READ MORE HERE



Carol Coronado Pics,Kills her 3 children

MI Woman Suffocated Newborn

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Police: Infant asphyxiated in attempt to conceal birth

1400631183000-1400627217000-Melissa-Mitin-052014OKEMOS, MI— A Michigan woman intentionally suffocated her newborn daughter in an attempt to conceal her pregnancy, a police detective testified earlier this month. Melissa Mitin did not know about her pregnancy when she delivered the baby at an Okemos, Mich., home in late December, Meridian Township police Detective Brett Reed testified during a hearing that led to charges being filed. READ MORE HERE

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