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9 Dead In Murder-Suicide

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12-30-mapEDMONTON, CANADA — Police have identified one of the women killed in the largest mass murder in Edmonton’s history as 37-year-old Cyndi Duong. The incident left nine people dead, including Duong, two young children, and the man believed to be responsible. A sombre Police Chief Rod Knecht calls the deaths tragic incidents of domestic violence. “This series of events were not random acts, but rather appear to be planned, deliberate and targeted,” he said in an update Tuesday night, adding that there was no risk to the general public. READ MORE HERE

Edmonton mass murder – a timeline of events

Baby Beaten and Strangled

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2-month-old baby beaten and strangled on Christmas Day dies

2451143700000578-2890121-image-m-2_1419866959582A two-month-old baby boy died in hospital two days after allegedly being beaten and strangled by his parents at their Montana home on Christmas Day. The unnamed infant was reportedly assaulted by his mother, Kayla Edwards, 23, and 29-year-old father, Brandon Edwards, at their house in Billings on Thursday evening. He was rushed to St Vincent Healthcare with a critical brain injury, before being transferred to Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora. But despite medics’ best efforts, he died on Saturday. READ MORE HERE


Father Charged With Murder

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Steven Blue, 31, is being held without bond

244B31F000000578-0-image-a-47_1419738743681A father has been charged with murder after the body of his two-year-old son was found dumped in a lake, police have revealed. Steven Blue, 31, is being held without bond following the death of Tristan Blue in Raleigh, North Carolina. Police announced on Thursday that Blue had been arrested following the disappearance of the child a day earlier from their apartment complex. READ MORE HERE


Girl Starved, Beaten, Tortured

Posted by Sandra On December - 26 - 2014 Comments Off

downloadMADISON COUNTY, Kentucky - New details released in a Madison County criminal abuse case are nothing short of disturbing and on Tuesday, the couple accused of committing the crime appeared in court. Julio Valledares and Linda Richmond of Berea are now facing 11 counts of criminal abuse after allegedly physically and mentally torturing a 9-year-old girl for nearly a year. During that time frame, Gary Blevins lived across the street from the family “Nobody knew what was going on. If someone would’ve known what was going on, they would’ve put a stop to it,” Gary Blevins said on Tuesday, just hours after the indictment came down from the grand jury. READ MORE HERE

8 Children Murdered In Australia

Posted by Sandra On December - 19 - 2014 Comments Off

Eight victims aged 18 months – 15 years discovered by adult brother

2be1bb86-9345-4b08-87b0-f0e12402e31a-620x372One of Australia’s worst mass killings, leaving eight children from the same family dead, has left the city of Cairns in shock. The grim discovery of the bodies of children aged 18 months to 15 years was reportedly made by their adult brother at their home in Manoora, in the north Queensland city’s west. The mother of seven of the children, 37, was being treated for stab wounds to the chest and was in a stable condition. Police said early on Saturday (local time) that she had been arrested for murder.  Police were called to the house, which is located around a clutch of low cost, publicly owned housing on Murray Street in Manoora, around 11.20 am on Friday. READ MORE HERE

Australian mother charged with murder in deaths of 8 children

Mersane Warria charged with murder of eight children


Man, Wife, Ex-Wife Arrested For Incest And Bestiality

Posted by Sandra On December - 18 - 2014 Comments Off

las-vegas-sex-ring-665x385The Father Who Made His Kids Have Sex With Him, a Dog A Las Vegas sex ring deemed the “most horrific in memory” has been disbanded and multiple arrests made. A mother of four, her ex-husband, and his new wife all reportedly lived together and allegedly engaged in child molestation, bestiality, and incest. Terrie Sena is a licensed school teacher who works as a substitute in Las Vegas and Clark County public schools. Sena, 43, was arrested last week as a part of the notorious sex ring sting. Her ex-husband, Christopher Sena, 47, and his current wife, Deborah Sena, 50, were all charged with multiple felonies stemming from the child sex ring and bestiality case. READ MORE HERE


Pakistan School Massacre

Posted by Sandra On December - 17 - 2014 Comments Off

School Attack: Taliban terrorists kill 145, mostly children

141216085327-17-peshawar-1216-horizontal-galleryIslamabad, Pakistan — “‘God is great,'” the Taliban militants shouted as they roared through the hallways of a school in Peshawar, Pakistan. Then, 14-year-old student Ahmed Faraz recalled, one of them took a harsher tone. ” ‘A lot of the children are under the benches,’ ” a Pakistani Taliban said, according to Ahmed. ” ‘Kill them.’ ” By the time the hours-long siege at Army Public School and Degree College ended early Tuesday evening, at least 145 people — 132 children, 10 school staff members and three soldiers — were dead, military spokesman Gen. Asim Bajwa said. More than 100 were injured, many with gunshot wounds, according to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province Information Minister Mushtaq Ghani. READ MORE HERE

Pakistan School Attack – NBC News

Pakistan school shooting: Taliban targeted young students in auditorium, female teachers burned alive

Pakistan responds to Peshawar school massacre with strikes on Taliban

What we know about the school shooting in Pakistan – PBS


The smallest coffins are the heaviest. Here’s a hypothetical letter from an 8-year old Pakistan school victim:

Assalam-u-walikum Ammi,
By now you must have heard the
news of me getting killed in the
attack at our school. I know
Ammi, you are crying a lot and so
is Papa. I can see everything from
up here. Please don’t cry. I
cannot see you both cry. It hurts
me. I can see you both wailing
and shaking my body violently
and pleading me to come back.
Ammi, stay strong please. Didn’t I
tell you that I didn’t want to go to
school today?
The function in the auditorium
was going quite good. I was
seated right in the middle from
where I could see the stage
clearly. Everything was calm and
pleasant when suddenly a couple
of Army men entered into the
dimly lit auditorium. I thought
they were here to watch the
show, but they were all armed.
They did not wear masks. Ammi,
they looked very scary! And all of
a sudden one of them shot down
our Chief guest. We all screamed.
And then they started firing on us.
Many of my school-mates were
hurt, some of them died on the
spot. We started running here and
there desperately searching for an
escape. Ammi, I couldn’t find an
escape route, I was so small. My
friends from higher classes
blocked my view. All I could hear
were gunshots that almost made
me deaf. I felt scared. I was
lonely. I needed you Ammi. Where
were you? I wanted to hide in
your arms…
I also cried a lot and I was
frantically shouting out to you
and Papa, but I wasn’t sure if you
were hearing me. Were you
hearing me Ammi Jan? Didn’t
Papa hear too? You used to say
that you were always with me.
Then where were you today? By
then, my school’s auditorium was
in complete chaos. Ammi! There
was blood everywhere. I ran for
the door and tripped over my
English teacher’s body. I saw her,
she was lying down in a pool of
blood. I tried to wake her up too,
Ammi. She did not respond. I
knew something was terribly
wrong. They even burned one of
our teachers in front of us and
forced us too see her die. She was
a very good teacher. Why did they
burn her? Why were these uncles
killing us? I ran out of the
auditorium and towards the
sports field. I knew I could
But as soon as I reached for the
field there was another Army
uncle who was in the field firing
at us. He saw me too. I ran back
inside but it was too late. Ammi,
he fired me straight into my chest,
twice. It started paining Ammi, my
blood started to pour out and I
fell down. The big monstrous man
came over to me, stepped on my
hand and pressed it against the
ground, I managed to let out a
short cry of pain, and then he
shouted at me ‘Say the Kalma!’ He
wasn’t human at all ammi. He
shouted again in his somewhat
Arabic accent. I couldn’t even
manage a word out of my mouth.
Seconds felt like days. The
terrorists were worst than
monsters in human disguise. It
was very painful. I was facing
difficulty in breathing. I did not
want to move because it
increased my pain. My body
started to go numb soon. All I
wanted was your lap to rest my
head on. I thought I was sick, and
you would come over and carry
me with you, give me some syrup
and sing me a lullaby until I
sleep. It was all I needed, one last
time, I could hold you, I could
kiss you on your forehead and
your voice, I wanted to hear it call
my name. Slowly, my vision got
blurred, the pain increased, I tried
to cry out loud, but couldn’t. I
always wanted to be a doctor, if I
had been one, maybe I could have
cured myself, right Ammi? And
then I coughed a mouthful of
blood and that was it. Yes, I was
in my school uniform in the
morning and now I sleep in my
little coffin.
Papa always told me that Dadi
went to Allah Pak and Allah made
her a star. I think he was right. I
am a star high above that world,
it’s so beautiful up here. It’s also
very peaceful here unlike our
country. And I have met many
angels here. They are so
beautiful. And we all kids are
living in a grand palace where we
play all day. We have been told to
wait until the Day of Judgement,
when that uncle who killed me
will be thrown in Hell. And I will
wait for you both, I will hold
yours and Papa’s index fingers
and we will go to Paradise
together, Ammi. Everything is
beautiful here. But I miss you
both. Don’t grieve over my death,
it was Allah’s plan. Keep your
faith in Allah strong. He is indeed
the best Judge. He will make the
wrong-doers pay for their sins. In
the end, dear mother, just convey
my message to the world that we
Muslims are not terrorists, if we
had been terrorists, today I
wouldn’t have died. We want
peace. Our religion wants peace. I
don’t want any more kids of my
age to suffer the same fate as I
did, nor their parents Please tell
the world to achieve peace
‘together’. It’s the only way to
make this world a better place to
live. That’s all. I love you, Ammi.
I know it’s very hard but please
be Patient.
Yours Lovingly,
Bilal Khan



Wendy Holland Found Guilty

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Holland found guilty of child sex abuse, sodomy, sexual torture

g0T6R0DBAY MINETTE, Alabama — Wendy Holland, the 35-year-old woman accused of multiple sex crimes involving a child, has been convicted of guilty of sex abuse of a child, sodomy, endangering welfare of a child and sexual torture. The Baldwin County District Attorney’s Office presented its case on Tuesday, which was highlighted with testimony from the child victim. The emotional statements were backed with similar testimony from participants in the family sex ring. Authorities have arrested 11 people total, eight of whom are related. READ MORE HERE

Prosecutors react to the conviction of Wendy Holland

Wendy Holland is first member of Alabama incest ring found guilty

Father Charged With Murder

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Detectives aren’t releasing many details, but they believe the family’s front-loader washing machine played a part in a little boy’s death, saying his injuries appears to be consistent with having been inside the appliance. “From what we know about the washing machine … that door has to be shut, and then someone has to push a button on the outside to get that started,” said police spokesman Officer Joe Harn. “It does not start by automatically shutting that door.” The washing machine has been seized as evidence. Blocker’s friends are asking people not to be too quick to judge. READ MORE HERE

Texas boy found dead in washing machine; dad charged

Texas father arrested after son’s apparent washing machine death

Father, 28, is charged with capital murder

Toddler Dead; Others Malnourished

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27387491_BG2GWINNETT COUNTY, Georgia – Two people have been arrested after 15-month-old girl died and several others were found to be malnourished in a Gwinnett County motel room. On Tuesday, Gwinnett County police officers were dispatched to Northside Hospital in Sandy Springs at the request of Sandy Springs Police Department regarding the suspicious death of  Alcenti Mcintosh. Alcenti was brought to the hospital by her father, Calvin Mcintosh, 44, and was determined to be dead on arrival. Due to Alcenti’s physical appearance, it was quickly determined by medical personnel that this was most likely a case of neglect and abuse, according to police. READ MORE HERE

Manhunt for Teen’s Killer

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635537104908360263-Jessica-ChambersMISSISSIPPI – Authorities are examining security footage taken from a gas station near where a 19-year-old Mississippi woman was found burning alive, as they hunt for the killer or killers who set the teenager and her car aflame Saturday in a gruesome murder. No suspects or motive have been identified in the killing of Jessica Chambers, Panola County District Attorney John Champion told FoxNews.com Wednesday.  Chambers, of Panola County, was found badly burned on a road near her burning car Saturday night in what authorities have labeled a homicide. READ MORE HERE

Officials Probe Mystery of Teen Burned, Left to Die

Jessica Chambers: 19-year-old woman ‘doused with lighter fluid and burned alive’

Authorities turn to phone for evidence in Jessica Chambers

Burned Miss. teen tells cops name of killer before dying

The Grisly Details of the Way Jessica Chambers Was Murdered

Gas station surveillance video captures Jessica Chambers

 Teen burned alive whispered final words to first responders that could lead police to her killer

MI Mother Charged For Killing Son, Granddaughter

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Woman charged in murder of son and his baby girl 

6161168_GOXFORD TWP, Michigan – A woman has now been charged with murder three weeks after her son and his baby girl were found dead in a northern Oakland County home. Sylvia Majewska was arraigned in her hospital bed. According to authorities, she also tried to take her own life by slashing her wrist. The Oakland County Sheriff says the evidence includes computer and hand-written messages from the woman, that indicate that she wanted her son, granddaughter, and maybe herself, all dead. READ MORE HERE

(Photo courtesy of MyFoxDetroit)

Newborn Baby Buried Alive

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orange_tedA mentally ill woman who lived rough in a London graveyard has admitted burying her newborn baby alive. The crime was discovered when the baby’s body parts, which had been dug up and carried by a fox, were found by a worker in a tractor yard in south-west London. Latvian Elita Amantova, 39, told the Old Bailey she was living off berries and bread left out for birds before she gave birth to the child in 2012. She had been diagnosed with a schizophrenia-like mental condition in Latvia in her thirties that had been made worse by childbirth. READ MORE HERE

Man Raped Girl, Slashed Her Throat, Killed Her Brother

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article-2861529-23C73D9B00000578-730_964x401A New Jersey man who fatally slashed a 6-year-old boy’s throat while raping and knifing the child’s 12-year-old sister on her birthday will spend the rest of his life behind bars. Amber Andujar, now 14 years old, bravely spoke before a Camden court Thursday, bearing thick scar marks stretched across her neck that will forever remind her of that horrific day two years ago. READ MORE HERE

Mother Kills Self, Newborn

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Officers found the body of the 30-year-old in Avon Gorge, Bristol, last night and later a baby they believe to be her daughter

Charlotte-Bevan-mainTributes have been paid to a mum and her newborn baby daughter who were found dead after going missing from a maternity hospital. Charlotte Bevan, 30, was seen on CCTV walking out of Bristol Maternity Hospital with four-day-old Zaani Tiana Bevan Malbrouck at around 9pm on Tuesday. Charlotte, who suffered from mental health issues, was wearing hospital slippers while her daughter was wrapped in just a blanket when they left in cold weather. Officers discovered Ms Bevan’s body on a cliff face  at Avon Gorgein Bristol last night, and found the body of her daughter nearby this afternoon. READ MORE HERE

Child’s blanket leads police to the bodies of newborn baby and her mother

School Shooting Thwarted After Student Spotted Gun

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23AC3DE100000578-0-Evacuation_Officers_swept_Fremont_for_around_four_hours_evacuati-6_1417544738797OHIO – A 16-year-old junior at an Ohio High School was arrested Monday for carrying a loaded weapon that he told police he was planning to use to ‘open fire’ on students, officials said. Police said that a classmate at Fremont High first noticed the handgun and contacted authorities, who placed the school on lockdown after confirming the student had a weapon. ‘After interviewing the subject, he admitted to detectives that he brought the gun to school with the intent to shoot a particular student and then open fire on the rest of the school, READ MORE HERE


Child Sex Abuse Ring Busted

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_79162179_hotelThirteen men have been convicted of a string of child sex abuse crimes following the discovery of two child sex rings in Bristol. The revelations have shocked the local community. But how did police uncover the crimes? And how do these damaging relationships begin? The concrete monolith of Bristol’s Premier Inn hotel, at the foot of the M32 motorway, towers above the city center. Inside the imposing structure, in December 2012, a 13-year-old girl was raped by three men. READ MORE HERE

Toddler Crushed to Death

Posted by Sandra On November - 28 - 2014 Comments Off

Father, Cornelio Rodriguez-Gonzalez, 23, charged with one count of murder

237EE59000000578-2849032-Cornelio_Rodriguez_Gonzalez_told_police_he_knelt_on_his_seven_mo-10_1416934910076A 23-year-old Las Vegas father told police he knelt on his seven-month-old son’s chest before the boy died last week because he was angry the baby was being ‘fussy’ even after being fed. Cornelio Rodriguez-Gonzalez was being held Monday at the Clark County jail pending a court appearance on a murder by child abuse charge in the death of his son, Raymond. The 255-pound Rodriguez-Gonzalez was arrested November 18 after initially telling the boy’s mother, Amy Elliott, that the child had fallen while she was at work. READ MORE HERE


Horrifying Video of Nanny Abuse On Facebook Results In Arrest

Posted by Sandra On November - 26 - 2014 Comments Off

video-facebookThe nanny in Uganda we told you about on Saturday is being charged with attempted murder after she was caught on videotape abusing a two-year little girl. The Ugandan court made the decision after seeing the videotape. According to the Daily Monitor, the nanny was ordered held in custody until at least the next court hearing on December 8th. In the video, which went viral on Facebook, Jolly Tumuhirwe, a 22-year-old housemaid in Naalya in Kiwatule suburb, appears to be battering the baby with a hard object on the face. When the child starts vomiting, the video shows the maid throwing her heartlessly on the floor of the living room. She then beats her with a hard object before standing on the baby’s back several times and the toddler groaned in pain on the floor. READ MORE HERE

#BBCtrending: Video of nanny abusing toddler shocks Uganda

Toddlers Killed by Their Mother

Posted by Sandra On November - 21 - 2014 Comments Off

234CBD2400000578-2841256-Daphne_McDaniels_24_was_arrested_for_the_murders_of_her_two_daug-40_1416418764298A mother has been charged with the murder of her two young daughters after the little girls were beaten to death at a home in Quitman, Texas. Daphne McDaniels, 24, was arrested for the murders of one-year-old Natalye Price and Gabriella Guerrero, three, nearly four months after the sisters’ bodies were discovered. At the time, her boyfriend Thomas Liles, 19, was arrested for tampering with evidence. READ MORE HERE


2-YO Shaken Into Coma By Stepfather Taken Off Life Support

Posted by Sandra On November - 19 - 2014 Comments Off

Thaiya Spruill-Smith, 2, died on Friday after ‘being violently shaken by father on Wednesday’

1416161772007_wps_7_Brooklyn_girl_2_expected_A brain-dead two-year-old Brooklyn girl’s organs will not be donated after a family dispute kept her on life support. A New York Organ Donor Network spokeswoman tells The New York Times that organ and tissue donation ‘can only occur when there is agreement amongst family members’. The parents of Thaiya Spruill-Smith were in disagreement over whether to donate her organs after the toddler was declared brain dead on Friday. Police say her stepfather violently shook her, resulting in injuries that proved fatal. READ MORE HERE


3-Month Old Infant Murdered

Posted by Sandra On November - 18 - 2014 Comments Off

Father, 21, arrested on charges of murdering his 3-month-old son

2345CDBD00000578-2839447-John_Thomas_Cormier_Jr_pictured_was_arrested_Monday_on_charges_h-27_1416325792931A young 21-year-old father was indicted Monday on charges he murdered his 3-month-old son. John Thomas Cormier Jr’s  arrest comes exactly three months after his infant son was found unresponsive at the Lebanon, Tennessee home he shared with the boy’s mother.  An investigation was launched after the incident, and the case was recently brought in front of a grand jury, which decided to indict Cormier on charges of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse. READ MORE HERE


Death Penalty Sought In Murder

Posted by Sandra On November - 12 - 2014 Comments Off

Baby_EdwardsDEKALB COUNTY, Georgia — A DeKalb man will now face the death penalty for the murder of 9-month-old Ken Darious Edwards Jr. The DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office filed a notice of intent to seek the death penalty on November 12, against Devin Thomas. “Because of the egregious nature of this senseless crime, my office had no choice but to seek the death penalty regarding the death of an innocent baby,” said District Attorney Robert James. Two members of the Bloods street gang were recently indicted on eight felony counts after being charged with Edwards’ death. READ MORE HERE

Prosecutors seek death penalty in baby’s murder

Scott McMillan’s Final Moments

Posted by Sandra On November - 9 - 2014 Comments Off

Third person arrested in toddler’s killing as ‘house of horror’ photos reveal horrifying abuse

1415311100218_wps_32_891672_431066606979343_15A third person has been arrested and charged in connection to the beating death and alleged torture of a 3-year-old boy in Pennsylvania. Jillian Tait, 31, and Gary Lee Fellenbaum, 23, were charged Thursday with murdering Tait’s son, Scott McMillan in what Chester County District Attorney Thomas Hogan has referred to as ‘an American horror story’. The couple allegedly hung little Scott by his legs, tortured him for weeks and smashed his head into the wall before beating him to death. Police arrested Fellenbaum’s wife, 21-year-old Amber Fellenbaum, who allegedly witnessed the beatings but did nothing to stop the violence. READ MORE HERE

3-Year-Old Scott McMillan Beaten to Death for Not Eating

Clothing, toy drive held for Scotty McMillan’s surviving brother


Arrest In 2010 Family Murder

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Arrest Made In 2010 McStay Family Murder Case

downloadSAN BERNARDINO, California — A business associate was arrested in the murders of a family of four, including two young boys, whose disappearance from their San Diego County home in 2010 was a mystery until their remains were discovered in graves in the California desert last year, officials said Friday. San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon identified the suspect as Charles Merritt, who was due in court later in the day to face four counts of murder. READ MORE HERE

Business Associate Arrested In McStay Family Murders

Business partner killed Joseph McStay, wife and family

Inside the Gruesome McStay Family Murder

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