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X-Factor Judge, Redfood, Opens Up About Childhood Bullying, Abuse

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Redfoo reveals he was victim of bullying as mixed race child and opens up about mother’s abusive ex boyfriend in candid interview

1410093792653_wps_11_Redfoo_interviewed_by_RahRedfoo may have made a name for himself as a wild-haired, leopard-print wearing party rocker. But underneath the brightly colored exterior, the X Factor judge hides a tough past of school-yard bullying and domestic abuse. Opening up about his difficult childhood on a special edition of Sunday Night this week, the former LMFAO singer revealed he was called ‘Oreo’ and ‘zebra’ while being chastised for being of mixed race. READ MORE HERE

Actress and Child Abuse Survivor Jan Broberg Speaks Out

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u3_t_2014-08-12_at_6.28.10_PMAt some point during their childhood, one in three girls and one in seven boys will be sexually abused, and an estimated 85% of those children are abused by people they know. At age 12 and age 14, actress Jan Broberg was kidnapped, repeatedly sexually abused, and raped by a close family friend, and was so brainwashed that she believed that her abuser was her soulmate. Now, a grown-up and well-adjusted Broberg is currently filming a documentary to tell her story, in hopes of educating families about how to protect their children from being preyed upon, especially by those they know.  READ MORE HERE

Man Reveals “My Father Raped Me”

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Robert Montagu was abused by his father, the 10th Earl of Sandwich

article-2732703-20BE684100000578-751_306x520When Robert Montagu, younger brother of the Earl of Sandwich, first decided to publish his memoir, he thought he’d present it as fiction, using a pseudonym, such was the painful nature of the story that was about to unfold. His was a disturbing tale about an innocent seven-year-old boy whose father confused love with lust and abused him on an almost daily basis until he was 11. Yet Robert, son of the 10th Earl of Sandwich, knew all too well this was not fiction. And when A Humour Of Love is published next month, it will be under his own name. READ MORE HERE

The Catholic Priest Who Abused Girls At Confession

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Furious families demand the truth about child sex abuse scandals

article-2721890-2071073F00000578-172_634x645A secret Catholic Church report found an Australian parish priest had been internally investigated and found guilty of child sex abuse, despite no criminal charges ever being laid against him. A report into a confidential investigation into Father Peter Searson of the Doveton parish, south east of Melbourne, in 1997 found he was guilty of the offences, ABC’s Four Corners reports. While Cardinal George Pell rejected a church cover-up of Father Searson’s crimes when he gave evidence at last year’s Victorian inquiry into child sex abuse, he did not make reference to the internal 1997 investigation or the finding that he had sexually abused children in his parish. READ MORE HERE

Prison Letter From A Convicted Child Molester

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download (1)Editor’s Note: This material was sent to us from a prison from a convicted child molester.  As Editor, I have chosen to publish it, without any editing, to offer an opening to others to understand something more about those who sexually abuse children.  Whatever a reader may think of the content of the material, it is an effort by a child molester to produce a primary prevention approach.


Recognizing, Stopping, Surviving
From Victim, To Molester, To survivor


My name is Randall Blake and I am currently committed at the Big Muddy Correctional Center in Ina, Illinois under the Sexually Dangerous Persons Act.  I have no release date as I am here for therapy in the Sex Offender Treatment Program.  I was arrested on the 13th of July, 1995 and have been in this program for over six years.  You may ask why I even bother to do this as I have no release date.  The reason is YOU, each and everyone who is reading this now.

I have made a total of 14 contact victims, both male and female, ranging in ages from 6 to 19 years old.  The number of secondary victims belonging, not only to my victims’ families, but to my own also are uncountable.  What I have done is now almost unbearable to me now that I reflect upon it.

Thankfully, God has given me the courage to set myself out to you and take responsibility for my action.  As embarrassing and humiliating to me as it is, it is nothing in comparison with the harm I have caused to my victims.  I pray that by reading this, it will help you to believe when a child tells you about something like this and you will help him, or her, to get the treatment and justice they need to become survivors in a healthy way.  Let them know you care and that with God all things are possible.


Former Child Bride Tells of Abuse by Father and Husband

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‘My dad murdered my mother – and then sold me to Yemen as a wife when I was 13′

article-2701196-1FDFE56C00000578-680_306x468With her dark hair neatly pinned back, glamorous sense of style and remarkably unlined skin, Gabriella Gillespie, 50, looks every inch the professional mother-of-five. But her immaculate looks conceal a dark secret, for unlike her neighbors in the quiet Bristol suburb that she calls home, Gabriella is a former child bride. Now, more than 20 years after escaping her violent rapist husband, she has written a memoir in the hopes that telling her story will help prevent other girls from going through the same trauma. READ MORE HERE

Short and Brutal Life of the “Invisible Girl”

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Horrific abuse of 8-year-old only uncovered when her own mother bashed her to death with a vacuum cleaner pipe 

article-0-1EFB77AF00000578-914_306x566A Queensland girl, who was bashed to death by her mother, became ‘invisible’ in the system as her one year absence from school went undetected until it was too late, a court heard on Friday. The eight-year-old was found dead at her Cairns home after being repeatedly hit with a vacuum cleaner pipe in November 2011. Her mother, who can’t be named for legal reasons, is serving a seven-year sentence after last year pleading guilty to manslaughter.  The girl’s stepfather was receiving Centrelink payments while the child’s school was told the family had moved overseas. He was sentenced to three years in jail on the same charge for ignoring the abuse. READ MORE HERE

Man Who Saved Abandoned Baby Surprises Her At Graduation 18-Years Later

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25582134_BG1CHARLESTON, IL – A Gibson County man who saved a newborn baby’s life 18 years ago surprised her at her high school graduation. Little Skyler James was saved by current AMR Rep. Charlie Heflin in 1995.  Skyler recently graduated from Charleston High School in Charleston, Illinois. Following the ceremony, little did she know she was in for an emotional reunion. The story begins back in November, 1995 on a very cold morning in Champaign, Illinois. “My birth mother abandoned me,” said Skyler. “I was left in a cemetery. That night, there was a call put out to the dispatchers.” READ MORE HERE

Child Rape Survivor Tells Her Story

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732221877A Donegal woman who was raped and sexually abused from the age of seven until she was sixteen, has broken her silence. Arylene Murphy is telling her story to let others know just how much the Donegal Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre can help. This is the first time that the Ballyshannon woman, who will be 50 next month, has ever spoken publicly about the sexual abuse she endured from the age of seven to the age of sixteen. Not understanding what had happened to her, she, like so many others, turned to drink and drugs in an effort to escape her pain. READ MORE HERE

Woman Claims: “My Mom Cut My Throat Then Prepared to Cook Me”

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Horrific ordeal of woman nearly killed in Biblical sacrifice when she was just two-years old

article-2603990-1D17DA9300000578-726_634x465Susannah Birch remembers the day her mother prepared her for a ritual Old Testament sacrifice, cutting her throat with a kitchen knife and preparing to roast her in the oven of the family home in the small Queensland town of Dalby. It was the Australia weekend in January 1989, when Birch was two years old and the only child of parents John and Linda Andrew who were Seventh Day Adventists. In a seemingly ordinary domestic scene, the family house was undergoing a bathroom renovation, John Andrew had been watching a cricket test on television and had gone to work. READ MORE HERE

Duck Dynasty‘s Lisa Robertson Reveals Childhood Molestation

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In a book by the female Robertsons, the reality show’s stars don’t shy away from serious topics

I Was Raped When I Was A Child

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Personal Stories, Advice, and Support

images (1)NOTE: These stories may contain mature content, as flagged by the community. Please click away if you do not want to see this content, or if you are not of age. 

He Did It . 

I was only 11 when this started happening . I was starting 5th grade. one night while sleeping with my little sister i wake up. i see her awake and i ask her “why are you awake?” she responds bk saying “he was in here.” she was referring to my older brother. i didn’t think much of it until my little sister stopped sharing a room with me. I was sleeping and what i feel was someone on top of me kissing my neck. i wake up and he was on top of me ! i pushed him off he got back up and smacked me . he got back on top of me and held me down . i was screaming help but he covered my mouth. he grabbed my boob and squeezed it hard . i felt the pain and after that he took my pants off and he forced is **** into me . he knew i would scream ! so he covered my face with a pillow . i couldnt breathe all i could o was just kick my legs . he kept forcing it in and out ! after he was done he whispered to me if you tell ill kill you . in the morning i saw blood and *** and tears everywhere ! i couldnt get up . after he left the house for while i ran to my dad crying . he didnt believe me ! he said he would talk to him . he did . the next 2 nights he came with a knife an ripped my shirt open and cut my chest .  READ MORE HERE

Raped by Stepfather At 15, Survivor Speaks Out

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article-2587504-1C692E9B00000578-118_634x982A slim, pretty and vivacious blonde, Cynthia Duckett charmed everyone she met. To her neighbors, she was a doting mother to her daughter Terrie and her younger son Paul.  Along with her partner, Peter Bond-Wonneberger, they seemed to be a wonderfully happy family.  Yet beneath the facade, they were falling apart. Peter was meting out savage beatings to Cynthia’s children, and in his thrall, she turned a blind eye.  READ MORE HERE

College Student: “I Was Kidnapped, Raped On Spring Break”

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College student shares spring break nightmare of kidnapping, rape

24960709_BG1MICHIGAN – A student at Michigan State University, who will remain anonymous, went on a spring break trip like many college kids do.  But she encountered a horrifying experience — one she is now sharing with others to warn about the dangers of thinking you’re invincible. She was with her friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at a club. They decided to go back to the hotel for the night, but she says she couldn’t find her friends so she was going to get a cab by herself. READ MORE HERE

Actor, Mr. T’s, Son Sues Him for Child Abandonment

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‘Illegitimate son’ of Mr. T filed $5.4 million lawsuit  against The A-Team star because he ‘abandoned’ him and caused him to join a gang

article-2578543-1C32CA4100000578-190_306x423A man claiming to be the illegitimate son of Mr. T filed a $5.4 million lawsuit last year claiming that the TV star had abandoned him at a young age causing him to become emotionally unstable and join a gang. In the legal papers,  Alexander Taylor, 25, of San Diego, California, claimed that the actor – real name Laurence Tureaud – walked out of his life because ‘he did not fit into Mr. T’s public image.’ According to the June 2013 lawsuit, Taylor ‘was born May 25, 1988 to Vanessa Taylor (mother) and Mr. T (father)’. READ MORE HERE

Country Singer, Jimmy Wayne, Was An Abandoned Child

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Country singer, Jimmy Wayne, is on mission against child abuse

bildeThe problem of child neglect and abuse is personal for country singer Jimmy Wayne. His mother was in and out of prison, so from age 8, Wayne was in and out of North Carolina’s foster-care system. When he was 13, his mom and her fifth husband abandoned him in a Pensacola, Fla., parking lot. At age 16, he was a homeless high school dropout. An elderly couple took him in — saved him, he says — and he survived. Now he travels the country as an advocate for agencies, programs and policies that help other kids do the same. READ MORE HERE

Actress Charlene Tilton Speaks Out About Being A Foster Care Child

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24835822_BG2Who can forget the golden locks of Lucy Ewing? She was the pretty petite blond on the hit series “Dallas” in the 80′s and 90′s.  The actress who played the teen Ewing, Charlene Tilton, says found inspiration from her time in foster care. Tilton took time to talk about this dark chapter in her life. She shared it with a teen girl currently in foster care at Doris Bergman’s 6th Annual Valentine and Oscar Style Suite and Lounge at Fig and Olive Restaurant in West Hollywood. She gave Harmony a big hug and words of encouragement. She talked about her own journey of going from foster home to foster home. She describes her mother as severely mentally ill. She remembers deciding as a child that she could never depend on anyone. READ MORE HERE

Sisters Speak Out About Stepfather Who Raped Them

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‘We used to cry and scream he was hurting us, but nothing would stop him’

Two women who were sexually abused as children by their stepfather have spoken out in a bid to help other victims after his crimes went unpunished for nearly two decades. Katie Shortman, 24, and Dellisa Shortman, 25, have bravely spoken out after Paul Ward was jailed for four years when he admitted two counts of indecent assault. Ward, 50, of Sale, Greater Manchester, began abusing his two stepdaughters in the early 90s, when they were aged just five and six. READ MORE HERE

Child Abuse: The Story of Billy Travis

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20140222__568426~s300~p1_300Sitting in his wheelchair beside his parents Tuesday night, Billy Travis flails his arm and lets out a small squeak. Mother Kim Travis immediately responds, checking him and making sure his head is positioned OK, saying something like “Oh I know,” with a cheerful tone. The 7-year-old is likely having a seizure — one of five larger ones he has in an hour and a half — and isn’t registering a word of what Kim has said due to a traumatic brain injury suffered nearly three years ago. Kim and her husband Bob know the outlook for Billy is grim and that he will never respond the way their other children do, but they’re still doing everything they can to keep him comfortable. READ MORE HERE

Woody Allen’s Adopted Daughter Alleges Sexual Abuse

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‘I thought this was how fathers doted on their daughters. But what he did to me in the attic felt different’

article-0-1B2370FE00000578-948_306x423Woody Allen’s adopted daughter Dylan Farrow penned an open letter Saturday on a New York Times blog, publicly accusing the controversial filmmaker of sexually assaulting her when she was a young girl. Farrow’s first-person account, which appeared on reporter Nicholas Kritoff’s blog, marks the first time that Miss Farrow, the daughter of actress Mia Farrow, has directly addressed the alleged sex abuse. In gut-wrenching detail, Dylan Farrow wrote in her statement how at age seven, her adoptive father, Allen, allegedly led her by the hand to a dim attic on the second floor of their house. READ MORE HERE

Child Abuse Memoir: ‘The Road Beyond Abuse’

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imagesSunday mornings are filled with praise and worship in church buildings across the South, but when one grandmother began to jingle her keys to leave her home and go to her place of worship there were three little black grandchildren who began to shake with fear and trembling. That’s because Johnnetta McSwain and her sister and male cousin were forced to endure severe child incestand abuse by three older male cousins while their mother’s mother went off to church. And on Jan. 25, in a phone conversation with this past abuse victim, the Atlanta Top News Examiner learned why other children who suffer such abuse ask this question of McSwain when she goes to tell them how she overcame her victimization: How can you believe and talk about God when he allowed this to happen to you and to me? READ MORE  HERE


Rising Above the Scars: Johnnetta McSwain

Ethiopian Child Bride Tells Her Story

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Forced into marriage at 10, pregnant at 13, widowed by 14

article-2543166-1AD97BD300000578-110_306x423Alemtsahye Gebrekidan was 10 when her childhood came to an abrupt end. ‘I was playing outside and my mum called me inside to the house,’ she remembers of the day her world changed forever. ‘She said “you’re going to marry”. I was surprised and I cried but I didn’t say anything to them [her parents].’ Her wedding, to a boy of 16, took place just two months later. Shocking though it might seem, her experience is by no means unique. According to World Health Organisation figures, 14.2 million girls under the age of 15 are forced into marriage each year. READ MORE HERE

Real-Life “Pedophile Hunter” Has Saved Hundreds of Children

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article-2540226-1A62859100000578-307_634x549Picture by harrowing picture, he searches for clues to the vilest crimes

The vital clue is quite innocuous: part of a canoe. But it is enough to secure an arrest, then a conviction – and the safety of two small boys. The canoe features in several photographs, but it is not the focus of the images. On the contrary, it is a seemingly incidental background detail in a series of sickening depictions of child sex abuse. But police child protection expert James Traynor is skilled at spotting the relevance of such clues. READ MORE HERE


Daughter Reveals Horrifying Incest

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‘My father raped me then told me it was better to lose my virginity to him than a random person in a hotel’

article-2537125-1A8C4BDE00000578-115_306x538A young woman who was raped by her father at the age of 12 has shared her story in the hope it will help other victims of sexual abuse. Gemma Schembri, now 21, from Lincolnshire, revealed her father, Mark, had always been controlling but took his abuse further after he split up with her mother.  She said: ‘He started to sexually abuse me when I stayed with him and it went on for over a year. He was very manipulative and controlled my thoughts to make me believe it was normal. ‘The first time he raped me he said afterwards, “Well it was better that it was with me than with some random person in a hotel”.’ Gemma said she didn’t realize what her father was doing was wrong and it took her years to pluck up the courage to reveal she was a victim of abuse.  READ MORE HERE

Boy Had Been Stolen From Mother and Sold To Highest Bidder

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When she fell pregnant as a teenager in Ireland in 1952, Philomena Lee was sent to the convent of Roscrea, Co. Limerick, to be looked after as a ‘fallen woman’ and at the age of three her baby was whisked away and ‘sold’ to America for adoption. Coerced into signing a document promising ‘Never to Seek to Know’ what the Church did with him, she never saw him again. She would spend the next fifty years searching for her son, unaware that he spent his life searching for her.

Philomena’s son, renamed Michael Hess, grew up to be a top lawyer and then a Republican politician in the first Bush administration. But he was also gay and in 1980s Washington being out and proud was not an option. He not only had to conceal not only his sexuality, but, eventually, the fact that he had AIDs. With little time left, he returned to Ireland and the convent in which he was born to plead with the nuns to tell him who his mother was, so that he might see her before he died. They refused.

“The Lost Child of Philomena Lee” is the story of a mother and a son, whose lives were blighted by the forces of hypocrisy on both sides of the Atlantic and of the secrets they were forced to keep. A compelling narrative of human love and loss, Martin Sixsmith’s moving account is both heartbreaking yet ultimately redemptive.




Early in 2004, I was approached by a woman who knew I had been a reporter. She said she had a friend who thought I could help her solve a family mystery. I told her that wasn’t my sort of journalism; but she insisted and I went to the meeting.  The woman’s friend was called Jane, a financial administrator from St Albans. She was in her late 30s and had been through an emotional experience.  Just before Christmas, her mother Philomena, tipsy on festive sherry, had revealed a secret she’d kept for 50 years: she had a son that she had never spoken about to anyone. The reason for the secrecy was that he had been born illegitimate in Ireland at a time when such things were considered shameful and to be hushed up. Jane said her lost brother would be in his early 50s and probably living in the United States. READ MORE HERE

PURCHASE PUBLISHED MEMOIR: The Lost Child Of Philomena Leeby Martin Sixsmith


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