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Nelson Mandela’s Granddaughter Reveals She Was Sexually Abused As Child

Posted by Sandra On November - 11 - 2013 Comments Off

‘I was sexually abused by the people who were supposed to look after me’

article-2501191-195A5AD600000578-712_306x423A frank memoir by the granddaughter of Nelson Mandela has revealed she was sexually abused as a child. Zoleka Mandela, 33, also writes about the grief she suffered after losing two children, as well as her battle with breast cancer. Her 13-year-old daughter Zenani was killed in a car crash in June 2010.  Two days after celebrating her 13th birthday, the great granddaughter of the former South African president died on her way home from the FIFA World Cup Kick Off Concert in Soweto. Zoleka, who was 10 years old when Nelson Mandela walked free from prison, released her new book of memoirs, When Hope Whispers, today. READ MORE HERE

Father: “The Brutal Dad I’m Terrified Of Turning Into”

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As a boy, Paul Connolly was mocked, bullied and beaten up by his father. Now he has twins of his own…

article-0-194A2DBE00000578-821_634x647My father is not a good man. He is not kind or gentle. He is not wise or funny. He is not cultured, sensitive, accepting or loving. He is not brave or adventurous, inspiring or supportive. Rather, he hates laughter and revels in the misfortunes of others – even those suffered by his own children. He is not burdened with even one quality that might have proved handy in fatherhood. My father, unfortunately, is a bad dad. READ MORE HERE

Michelle Knight Interview: ‘I was tied up like a fish’

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Michelle-Knight-2676359(CNN) – Six months after she was freed from the “house of horrors”where Ariel Castro held her captive for 11 years, Cleveland kidnapping victim Michelle Knight is speaking out. In an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil McGraw scheduled to air Tuesday and Wednesday, Knight describes a moment when Castro trapped her in a room and tied her up with an orange extension cord. ”I was tied up like a fish,” she said, “an ornament on the wall.” An excerpt released by the “Dr. Phil” syndicated talk show Monday shows Knight sitting cross-legged on a couch and drawing a U-shape in the air with one finger as she describes how Castro hung her by her feet, neck and arms. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO HERE

True Story: “The night I got into the wrong car and thought I was going to die”

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56-7484-close-up-2-1381772412There was something wrong with his smell. I knew it as soon as I got in the car. We were in front of the Rainbow Bar & Grill on the Sunset Strip. It was 2 a.m. and the place just let out. Guys were circling in cars looking for a party, selling drugs, harassing the groupies, trying to catch a glimpse of someone famous. They were nobodies, but nobodies were usually good for a ride. I was 15 and lived around Hollywood with other groupies, guys who took us in, or crashed with the occasional rock star in town. If I really had nowhere to go, I’d return to my mother’s house, but she lived with my stepfather who was my childhood rapist, so almost anywhere was better than there. READ MORE HERE

Rescued ‘Girl In The Closet’ Who Was Raped, Tortured Speaks Out

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She has revealed how she has endured years of painful memories and problems at school but now just hopes for a ‘normal life’

article-2480156-19154ED800000578-374_306x423Twelve years after Lauren Kavanaugh was found emaciated and imprisoned in a tiny urine-soaked closet, she has revealed her extraordinary strength. Speaking to the Dallas Morning News in a series of powerful interviews, the now-20-year-old shared how she has struggled to gain control of her life after suffering six years of sexual, emotional and physical abuse at the hands of her mother and stepfather, Barbara and Kenneth Atkinson. ’I'm hoping one day I’ll be able to have a normal life,’ Lauren, who now lives in Canton, Texas with her adoptive mother, told writer Scott Farwell. ‘Of course, my life hasn’t ever been normal.’ READ MORE HERE

Bullied Girl Who Committed Suicide Left Heart-Wrenching Poem

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Mother reveals 14-year-old’s heartbreaking poem she wrote about bullying shortly before being found dead at home

article-2474809-187D92C800000578-347_306x423The words are harrowing and haunting. For the mother of the tormented teenager who wrote them, they must have been unbearable to read. The poem printed here was written by 14-year-old Izzy Dix, who killed herself in September after suffering months of cruel taunts from fellow school pupils and internet trolls. Yesterday her grieving mother Gabbi released the work to the public in the hope that her daughter’s words might make other potential bullies think twice about their behaviour and perhaps prevent further tragedy. READ MORE HERE



The Truth About Child Sex Abuse: Survivor Speaks Out

Posted by Sandra On October - 24 - 2013 Comments Off

tumblr_inline_ms5t1eEXe71qz4rgp“I am a 19 year old girl and I am a victim of child sex abuse and child pornography.” So begins the powerful “Statement by Amy,” read in a packed court of law in front of the child’s uncle, a man she was trying to prevent being released from prison. “I am still discovering all the ways that the abuse and exploitation I suffer has hurt me, has set my life on the wrong course, and destroyed the normal childhood, teenage years, and early adulthood that everyone deserves.” One of the rare victims of child pornography to publicly speak out against her abuser, “Amy”—as she asked to be called to protect her privacy—was a victim depicted in a collection of sexual abuse images and videos shot by her uncle. READ MORE HERE

Actor, Corey Feldman, Discusses Horrific Child Sex Abuse He Endured

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article-2468881-18DD867F00000578-538_634x838One of the most famous child actors from the 1980s has opened up about sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of older men in Hollywood and how his friendship with Michael Jackson was the healthiest relationship he had. In a new book, Coreyography, Corey Feldman, from hit movies ‘Stand By Me,’ ‘The Lost Boys,’ ‘Gremlins’ and ‘The Goonies,’ recalls his often twisted friendship with fellow child star Corey Haim and how the pair were told by trusted adults that it was normal for older men and young boys to have sexual relations in the industry. Feldman explains his family life wasn’t happy: his former Playboy model mother dyed his hair blonde at age four and tortured him about his weight, force-feeding him diet pills. Meanwhile, his father only seemed to care about him when they were getting high together, he writes. READ MORE HERE

Orphan Pleads to be Adopted

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Orphan goes to church and asks someone, anyone to adopt him

1016_NCLO_Orphan1_t607ST. PETERSBURG — As soon as they pulled into the church lot, Davion changed his mind. ”Miss! Hey, Miss!” he called to his caseworker, who was driving. “I don’t want to do this anymore.” In the back seat, he hugged the Bible someone had given him at the foster home. “You’re going to be great,” Connie Going said. Outside St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church, she straightened his tie. Like his too-big black suit, the white tie had been donated. It zipped up around the neck, which helped. No one had ever taught Davion, 15, how to tie one. READ MORE HERE

Shocking Elizabeth Smart Memoir Released

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Elizabeth Smart reveals her full horror of being her captor’s sex toy and slave in bombshell memoir

USA - Crime - Elizabeth SmartElizabeth Smart’s nine month kidnap ordeal ended not with gunfire and drama but with just three words: ‘I am Elizabeth.’ With this, she reclaimed her life after an abduction that horrified the nation in a harrowing tale told for the first time in her memoir published today. Now, in her book, ‘My Story,’ Elizabeth reveals the life of abject horror into which she was plunged on the night of 5 June 2002 when she was snatched from her bed by Brian David Mitchell. And she has shared previously unseen pictures of her life as she rebuilt it. READ MORE HERE

Woman: “I was Sold by Mum and Dad to Make Images of Child Abuse”

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Aged four, Raven Kaliana’s parents took her to a film studio where she was sexually abused in front of cameras. For most of her childhood they regularly trafficked her to the sex industry. Now she campaigns against child abuse

Raven KalianaOne of Raven Kaliana‘s earliest memories is being taken to a familyportrait studio by her parents, at around the age of four. The studio was in the basement of a department store in a town 50 miles from their home. Once they had arrived, they waited for another couple to arrive with their own child. ”Would you like to have your picture taken with this cute little boy?” her mother asked, before the parents left the kids with the photographer and retired to the cafe upstairs. But while they sat eating ice cream, the images being made in the studio down below were far from happy family portraits. Raven and her companion had just been sold into the child abuse industry. READ MORE HERE

The Pedophile Hunters

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Extraordinary women who work in specialist police unit which tracks down internet predators

article-0-1BDB2609000005DC-621_308x425Rosie Atwal’s desk contains a half-drunk cup of tea, an as-yet (because it is only 10am) unopened packet of biscuits and a Crayola-etched picture with the words ‘I love you Auntie Rosie’ pinned behind her in-tray. It sits among a bank of six in an ordinary open-plan office, but the conversations Rosie conducts here and the material she views on her computer screen are more alarming and distressing than any you are likely to hear or see elsewhere in Britain. Take, for example, the information she found herself digesting within five minutes of arriving for work this morning. READ MORE HERE

11-YO Child Molestation Survivor Speaks Out

Posted by Sandra On September - 25 - 2013 Comments Off

girlBreann Hill and her parents are the epitome of courage, transparency and hope.  There are so many families that won’t even address suspected molestation in their families. Who could blame them?  It’s a torturous reality for most who’d rather live in denial. But a year-and-a-half ago, then 10-year old Breann was brave enough to go to her mother and tell her what happened while her grandfather, the man who molested her, sat in the very same room. “Mom, someone touched me inappropriately last night,” she said. Her grandfather immediately walked out of the room. Breann’s mom Cyndi sat stunned, trying to catch her breath and process what her eldest daughter was revealing.  READ MORE HERE

Pedophile Priest Says Church Protected Him From Child Abuse Allegations

Posted by Sandra On September - 9 - 2013 Comments Off

priest abuse cropAfter then-Rev. Carlos Rodriguez confessed to molesting a minor to church officials in Los Angeles, they worked to shield him, frustrating police efforts to investigate the incident after the family of the victim reported it. Rodriguez continued to work in parishes, eventually being accused again of molesting other minors. His account of how the church handled the abuse allegations against him are part of a 330-page confidential personnel file on the priest that was released Monday along with files for five other priests who were also accused of molesting children while working for their Roman Catholic religious orders — the Vincentians, the Norbertines and the Augustinians — while assigned to parishes in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. READ MORE HERE

The Melissa McGuinn Mystery

Posted by Sandra On August - 18 - 2013 Comments Off

3Becky and Robert McGuinn kindly took in a special needs woman, to help teach her how to take care of her young son. March 7, 1988 Wanda Reed vanished out the back door with the McGuinn’s 7 month old daughter Melissa. 8 minutes later Wanda returned alone. Melissa was never seen again. READ MORE HERE


Incest Victim Reveals Her Father Impregnated Her Five Times

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article-2390449-1B439C16000005DC-655_634x418Aziza Kibibi was only eight-years-old when her father started raping her. By 10, Aswad Ayinde’s lessons teaching his daughter ‘how to be a woman’ turned violent and his regular raping produced five children out of incest. Those days are now long behind Kibibi, who saw her abusive father sentenced to 50 years in prison on July 26.  Now 35, married and running a promising baking business, Kibibi recently reflected on her ‘nightmare’ childhood on NJ.com.  READ MORE HERE

“My Father Molested Me and My Mother Took HIS Side”

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Serial pedophile Anthony Rowley is now back in the arms of his wife Julie, and she has brazenly defended him

Emma-Rowley-2121163Emma ­Rowley thought she had suffered the ultimate ­betrayal when as an innocent 10-year-old she was sexually abused by her dad. The man she should have been able to trust with her life stole her ­childhood in the vilest and most terrifying way. Eventually he was locked up in a rehabilitation centre for sexual offenders for his crimes. Yet, shockingly, 15 years later Emma ­suffered an even greater treachery… when she found out that serial paedophile Anthony Rowley, 48, was back in the arms of her ­mother, Julie Cockersole. READ MORE HERE

Child Abuse Survivor Turn Beauty Queen

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130725122939_sharAKRON — Sharnae Lathan’s story is one of hope and resilience. At 31 years old, the Akron mother has been through more in her life than most people can imagine.  Lathan was sexually abused for years by someone close to her.  While it’s taken Lathan nearly her entire life to cope with the abuse she suffered as a child, she’s turning that pain into helping others. As Ohio’s representative in the Triumph Over Tragedy: Ms. USA pageant, she has the chance to share her story on a national stage. READ MORE HERE

Child Abuse Survivor Book: “Reflections of Mamie”

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51cotjVEOmL._SY300_Reflections of Mamie-A Story of Survival is a sad and joyous personal account of growing up under the worst kind of adversity. It is a story of survival during times of extreme suffering and deprivation that will leave you feeling Mamie’s anguish. A must read for anyone with a difficult childhood or anyone wanting to understand the cycles of abuse!
S. Allan Kane, MD The story begins in the early 1950′s suburbs of Houston, Texas. Mamie is a young child of four who was unwanted, afraid, abused and with nowhere to turn, learned that she had to stand alone. Her only friends were her older brother, an abused child himself, and her nanny, who begged their mother to stop beating them. The father, though he loved his children, remained passive to the end. A victim himself, the only protection he offered was a warning to stay out of their mother’s reach.
 This story shares Mamie’s heroic battle to keep her dreams alive and hold on to her spirit. How she finds her way out of fifty-four years of abuse is yours to discover in her fascinating memoirs. READ MORE & PURCHASE BOOK HERE

Governor Nikki Haley Talks About Her Abusive Childhood

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nikki-haley-665x385Nikki Haley opened up about her own personal experience with child abuse today as she stressed the importance of the Silent Tears study. Haley told reporters at a press conference today that she was physically abused by a day care provider when she was a child. The South Carolina Governor said that her family didn’t know how to deal with the issue when they found out that she was being abused. READ MORE HERE

Victim of Oxford Sex Gang Talks of Her 3-Year Nightmare

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article-2349784-19C68214000005DC-994_634x412During her primary school years, Katie was considered academically gifted and dreamed of becoming a forensic scientist. At home, her loving parents read her bedtime stories and would at times remind her to feed her giant African land snail. But when she turned 12 her life changed forever. Sitting on some steps with a friend in Oxford, Katie was approached by two Pakistani brothers who befriended her with alcohol and cigarettes. She was flattered by the attention they paid her, completely unaware she was being groomed for sexual exploitation until it was too late. For almost three years she was violently and sexually abused by a gang and then sold for sex on hundreds of different occasions to a network of child abusers across Britain. READ MORE HERE

Mother Says Prison Is Best Place For Her Child Abusing Son

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12945775-largeGRAND RAPIDS, MI – The often-heard outburst of a defendant’s mother screaming “Judge, don’t take my son away” was turned on its head in a Kent County courtroom Monday when a judge threw the book – and then some — at a child abuser based partially on his mom’s plea to separate her son from society. Nathaniel Sweet will spend the next 24 to 50 years in prison after he was convicted of delivering a blow to the head of 8-month-old Ayla Marie Shuart that had the same force as being dropped out of a four-story window, according to a doctor who testified in the trial in May. READ MORE HERE

Mother Asks for Public’s Help In Protecting Her Sexually Abused Child

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482592_10201081778109244_1131369423_n 485505_10201189692407034_2032683750_nPetitioning The Governor of IL 

Justice for Alexander!

We are asking people to please sign our petition and ask the judge NOT to place an innocent child back with a father who has sexually abused him. The Cook County State’s Attorney in Chicago says that the child’s testimony is not sufficient to prosecute. They say the abuser has constitutional rights. Alexander told his court appointed Public Guardian that his daddy David placed balls in his poo poo and that it hurt him. The public guardian now says that the abrasions on his rectum could have been caused by the child and now is working with father to take Alexander away from his mother, his mother who is protecting him. We ask you to please sign this petition to help save Alexander! READ ALEXANDER’S STORY & SIGN THE PETITION HERE!


The Faces Of Online Sexual Predators

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Mongolian Internet Cafes Popular With Younger GenerationTexas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s Cyber Crimes Unit officers observed National Child Abuse Prevention Month in April following a successful year that landed 36 suspected online sex predators and child pornographers in jail. The Cyber Crimes Unit’s arrest total included 15 individuals who were charged with online solicitation of a minor for placing or responding to online advertisements seeking sexual encounters with children. READ MORE HERE



FBI Registry


Family watchdog

www.missingkids.com–Sex Offender Resources


12-YO Girl Describes Her Horrific Life As a Sex Slave

Posted by Sandra On May - 15 - 2013 Comments Off

article-2325215-19CC5034000005DC-42_634x650FROM BRIGHT, HAPPY CHILD, TO LOST SOUL

A classroom swot, Girl A was  a ‘bright and happy child’ from a  loving home. Then, aged 12, she turned into a ‘lost soul’. Within a few short months, she was playing truant, self-harming and going missing for days on end. Her bewildered parents begged her to tell them what was wrong, and why she had cigarette burns on her arms and blood stains on her underwear. Their once-diligent daughter  simply shrugged off their questions. Whenever she failed to come home, her father wandered the streets of Oxford bearing her photo as he searched in vain in pubs, nightclubs and cinemas. Her mother said she felt a failure, and recalled: ‘There was no emotion left in her whatsoever. She didn’t laugh. She didn’t cry.’ READ MORE HERE

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