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Shaken Baby Syndrome

Posted by Sandra On April - 22 - 2010
sbs.jpg Shaken Baby Syndrome image by childcrazymum

While most parents don’t believe they could ever harm their child, each year, more than 900,000 cases of suspected child abuse are investigated nationally.

Even more alarming, the number of children in the United States who die from neglect or abuse each year in most states ranges from two to three per 100,000, according to estimates from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service -Administration for Children and Families. This equates to 50 child deaths in Missouri, based on 2007 numbers.



By the time you finish reading this, 15 children will have been abused; In the next five minutes, 30 more; Within the next hour, 360 more; And by tonight, close to 8,000+ children will have suffered from abuse, 5 of which will die. Child abuse has increased 134% since 1980 and is now considered a worldwide epidemic. The high jump in child abuse deaths and the shocking increase in statistics highlights the frightening lack of public knowledge.
Educate Yourself--Learn the Facts--It may Just Save a Child's Life!!

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  1. DEE KLYMMAN Says:

    Good morning, my name is Dee Klymman and I live in Reno, Nv. I have an adoptd son who is a victim and survivor of SBS. Michael was 5 1/2 months old when the abuse happened. He s now 22 years old. I have put together a 1 hr. presentation on SBS and go out into the community to help educated our community. I have done a school. permedic students, foster parents, social workers, baby expo, rotary club. Michael has been in the newspaper 3 times in the last 4 months and on channel 4 news.
    My question is how can I get to more people? We are averaging at least 1 per month in our local hospital. I have a great passion about this but need more advice on community awarness, education and fund raising. I am connected with our local foster parent association which is a non-profit organization but they have no funds for t me to work with so most of what I hve done so far has come out of my pocket.

    This is something I want to do and I take Michael with me when ever possible. I would appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you for all you do to help our children. Dee Klymman

    Posted on June 29th, 2010 at 1:25 pm

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