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The Story of My Rape: 23-Years Later

Posted by Sandra On August - 25 - 2012

I told no one. For so many reasons, I told no one.

I knew him. Hell, I’d had a crush on him for years. Co-captain of the football team. Swoon-worthy. The talk of mid-night sleepovers with the girls. So I told no one.

I’d walked outside with him — into the dark. I was drunk. When he kissed me, I kissed him back. So I told no one.
Because had he not done what he did, I might have. Oh hell, I would have.

Had I had the choice. But he took the choice away.  And I told no one.

Because I thought it was my fault.

Yeah, he pulled the trigger, but I walked outside with him, said the voice.

Into the dark.

When he kissed me, I kissed him back.

I handed him the gun, the voice told me. It must have been my fault.   READ MORE HERE

By the time you finish reading this, 15 children will have been abused; In the next five minutes, 30 more; Within the next hour, 360 more; And by tonight, close to 8,000+ children will have suffered from abuse, 5 of which will die. Child abuse has increased 134% since 1980 and is now considered a worldwide epidemic. The high jump in child abuse deaths and the shocking increase in statistics highlights the frightening lack of public knowledge.
Educate Yourself--Learn the Facts--It may Just Save a Child's Life!!

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