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A Board of Directors of a nonprofit organization is its legal, governing body. In contrast, an Advisory Board does not have any formal legal responsibilities. Rather, an Advisory Board is convened by the organization to merely give advice and support and consists of volunteer mentors. A true Advisory Board is exactly that: advisory. It is distinct from the actual governing board of directors, and has no authority other than what is granted to it by the governing board. Its sole purpose is to provide critical feedback of our nonprofits activities and offer guidance for the future of Dreamcatchers for Abused Children.


Incest survivor, child sexual abuse survivor
Published author, writer and columnist
Child abuse advocate and activist, public speaker
Founder of “Erin’s Law”

Since 2004 Erin has been traveling to various places across America sharing her triumph over a childhood of sexual abuse. A voice once too ashamed to tell anyone what happened behind closed doors has now opened that door to the world to expose a silent epidemic in an unstoppable crusade to put a face and voice on sexual abuse. She has spoken at high schools, colleges, numerous national conferences, events for Children’s Advocacy Centers, rape crisis centers, Take Back the Night events, and community events. Erin has appeared on numerous national and local television and radio broadcasts including Oprah, Good Morning America, and Montel Williams.

Erin’s Published Books:
“Stolen Innocence”
“Living For Today”





Mike Pistorino
Survivor, Public Speaker, Activist against Child Sexual Abuse

Mike Pistorino is a thriving survivor of childhood sexual abuse who is using his voice to empower survivors everywhere and stop sexual violence.  Growing up in the Bronx, Mike was neglected by family as a young boy and taken in by a neighbor, who raped him repeatedly for years.  Trapped by the abuse and the rage it created within him, Mike turned to drugs, which led him to homelessness, crime, jail, and eventually federal prison.  As an adult, he successfully completed rehab and was finally able to get help for the sexual abuse he had suffered as a child.

Today, Mike is the vice president of a multi-million dollar distribution business in Cleveland, Ohio, a marathoner, and married father of three.  He is an outspoken champion for survivors, an unapologetic activist for the prevention of child sexual abuse, and a prolific public speaker. Mike is a member of the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network Speaker’s Bureau, and the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center’s Speaker’s Bureau.  Mike’s story has been featured as part of the Bristlecone Project through 1in6.org.  Mike serves on the board of directors of Reinventing the Cycle, a nonprofit organization in Cleveland dedicated to empowering children to recognize and stop sexual abuse.

With powerful, unparalleled honesty and enthusiasm, Mike shares his story with audiences nationally and internationally, inspiring all who hear him to be champions for change in their own lives and communities. Mike’s unforgettable message has helped organizations raise thousands of dollars, has inspired new policies regarding sexual abuse prevention, and has motivated countless survivors to seek help.

A powerful model of strength, courage, and resilience, Mike is dedicated to speaking out and sharing his story so that no other child suffers like he did.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mikepistorinocom-702651453146520/?ref=hl
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MikePistorino
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pistorinomike/



Child Abuse Expert
Author & Speaker
Former Crime Analyst
Founder of The Children’s Wall of Tears
Founder & President of the Nat’l Assoc Against Child Cruelty

The Children’s Wall of Tears ™ was founded by Jane LeMond-Alvarez, child abuse expert and former crime analyst from the Oxnard Police Department. Not only is she the founder of the National Association Against Child Cruelty, she is a published author of the true stories: BLINDERS and WHERE’S MARIO?, a public speaker, as well as a wife, mother and grandmother. Jane has dedicated her life to raising the awareness of child cruelty/abuse and stopping child abuse. Jane and her husband, Leo, are part of an on-going national campaign to construct the mobile Children’s Wall of Tears ™ to raise the awareness of child cruety in order to let people know what’s really happening to our abused children behind the closed doors.

Leo Alvarez, is the co-founder of the National Association Against Child Cruelty and retired from the Oxnard Police Department after 33 years of service. He is a former Coroner’s Investigator, Crime Scene Investigator, Fingerprint Examiner, co-editor of BLINDERS and WHERE’S MARIO?, author of numerous published articles, Law Enforcement Telecommunications Trainer, public speaker and is on the Board of Directors of the Ventura County Crime Stoppers.

EMAIL: janealvarez@cs.com
WEBSITE: http://www.thechildrenswalloftears.org
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Childrens-Wall-of-Tears/214303905253244?sk=wall








Seasoned President/CEO — Managed businesses as small as $10MM and large as $5 billion.
President: Fort James Corporation – Tissue, Dixie
CEO/President: American Crystal Sugar
President: William Underwood Company – Pet Incorporated
Marketing Director: Del Monte Foods
College Marketing Professor: St. Clair County Community College
Founder: The Marketing Man — Author of Marketing Man books, Guest Speaker

Specialties: Marketing emphasis, but experienced in operations, finance, HR and M&A.
Education:  MBA, Business, Marketing at University of California, Berkeley

Dan McCarty  was a mild-manner college student, getting his MBA in Marketing from the Haas School of Business at the University of California-Berkeley.  He went on to work his way up from entry level marketing grunt to President/CEO of multi-billion dollar brands.  He protected and managed well known national brands such as:  Del Monte, Brawny, Crystal Sugar, Quilted Northern, Pet, Underwood and Dixie.  He has super-managed brands from start-up to $6 billion in revenues…in all, eleven brands across four major companies. He is also the founder of “The Marketing Man, LLC” and now teaches marketing at his hometown community college.


EMAIL:     danm99@comcast.net








Children’s Rights Advocate
Sexual Abuse Attorney in the U.S.

Since 1980 Paul Mones has focused his legal practice and expert consulting on criminal and civil matters related to children’s rights including child sexual abuse, patricide and matricide, general teenage homicide, the mental health treatment of children and adolescents and domestic violence.

The primary focus of his civil work has been on litigation against institutions in which children are sexually abused. These efforts included law suits against the Boy Scouts of America, the Catholic Church and other youth-serving organizations throughout the United States. In 2007, in a Long Island, New York case, he was part of a trial team that won one of the largest individual jury verdicts-11.4 million dollars-against the Catholic Church on behalf of victims of sexual abuse. The primary focus of his criminal work is on patricide (the killing of a father) and matricide (the killing of a mother) cases. He is credited with pioneering the battered child syndrome as it concerns teenagers that kill their abusive parents. His book, When A Child Kills: Abused Children Who Kill Their Parents (1991) is considered a landmark book in the field. Paul Mones began his child advocacy career in West Virginia in 1980 where he was the executive director of Juvenile Advocates Inc. During his years in West Virginia, Mr. Mones vigorously litigated against institutions which mistreated children and teenagers and in the process, he gave a voice to a population which had been largely neglected by the justice system. During three short years, he successfully argued seven cases before the West Virginia Supreme Court which resulted in decisions that fundamentally altered the way teenagers were treated by the legal system in the state.

Paul also lectures nationally on youth  issues to numerous professional organizations such as the American Bar Association, American Psychiatric Association, and American Psychological Association, National Association of Juvenile and Family Court Judges and the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program. He has also done professional training for numerous state child abuse groups, law enforcement organizations and the United States Army.

Paul is also a prolific author. In addition to When a Child Kills, and numerous articles for newspapers and professional journals, he is the author of Stalking Justice, a true crime book which chronicled the first U.S. serial murder-rape case solved by DNA fingerprinting. In 2002 he contributed a chapter entitled Talking to Your Children About Terrorism in the landmark book, Fearless by Gavin de Becker.

Paul is a graduate of the University of North Carolina Law School and is a member of the bar in California and Oregon. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

EMAIL: paulmoneslaw@gmail.com
WEBSITE: http://www.paulmones.com/
BLOG:  http://www.paulmones.com/blog/
PHONE:  (503) 225-1054










Police Captain: 2nd in Command @ Police Department
20-years Law Enforcement Experience
Criminal Justice College Instructor

Prior to becoming a college instructor, Jim Jones spent over twenty-eight years as a law enforcement officer with the Port Huron Police Department. He worked as a patrol officer, undercover narcotics investigator, detective, patrol sergeant, traffic and administrative services sergeant, detective lieutenant and finally finished his career as Police Captain. He earned his Masters Degree in Criminal Justice at Wayne State University, along with a Bachelor’s Degree from Ferris State University and an Associates Degree from St. Clair County Community College.

Email: jajspazz@yahoo.com
St. Clair County Community College: BIO Page


Instructor of Criminal Justice
•St. Clair County Community College, associate degree in criminal justice
•Ferris State University, bachelor’s degree in criminal justice
•Central Michigan University, master’s degree in public administration-leadership
•Eastern Michigan University, computer forensics

Steve started out his educational pursuit in 1987 with originally wanting to become a German teacher. He soon found a niche in a introductory criminal justice course and followed the courses to pursue a job in law enforcement. After graduating from St. Clair County Community College he continued to Ferris State University in their law enforcement criminal justice specialist track. Steve worked for six years as a Loss Prevention Agent for Sears in private security and asset protection while attending both SC4 and Ferris State University.

Teaching and Law Enforcement soon became intertwined and he returned as a criminal justice instructor to teach for St. Clair County Community College while also employed at St. Clair County Sheriff Department. He was instrumental in starting and developing the county’s first computer forensic lab and also teaching many of the new Deputy’s extra skills to be better effective in the field. Some of the positions he obtained were road patrol, undercover narcotics officer for nearly 8 years and Detective. His additional trainings and certifications exceed over 80 certificates and has been qualified as an expert in narcotics investigations, search warrant preparation, arson investigation, child abuse cases, interview and interrogation, accident investigations, computer forensics and several other areas.

The education pursuit continued in attending Central Michigan University and graduating with a Master’s degree in Public Administration/Leadership. Soon after he pursued to instruct in the criminal justice program for Ferris State University in an off campus setting. The path was continuing in the law enforcement world and also the teaching world and a concern developed for the well being of citizens and especially children. The circle was nearing completion after applying and being accepted as a full time Professor at Ferris State University. He is currently working towards his PhD in Instructional Technology.

Sandra Potter who was instrumental in the development of “Dreamcatchers” was a student in a class taught by Steve and invited him to join the fight after assisting her in several investigations.

Email: samey@sc4.edu

Ferris State University: BIO Page










Investigator: State of Delaware
Baltimore Police Dept:  (retired; 50+commendations; 23-yrs exp)
Homicide Unit / Detective Sergeant
Chief of Police:  Port Deposit, Maryland

Member of:
Maryland Chiefs of Police Assn.
International Association of Chiefs of Police
ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security )
Baltimore Retired Police Benevolent Association
Baltimore Police Emerald Society

Email: mark.tomlin@yahoo.com










Web Development
Web Marketing
Business Administration

Matt graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a B.A.in Business Administration.  His background is originally in sales, however during his academic career he developed a passion for web marketing and development.  He currently works as a Web Based Marketing Specialist for Edwards Brothers Malloy based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  He also performs contract SEO, web development and other web marketing work for individuals and small businesses.

Email:    mlaurin.laurin@gmail.com
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/102604659818719516158/posts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mlaurin
Blog: www.thewebmarketingexperience.com



20-yr Child Abuse Advocate

Patches Kids, Inc. (Founder · Oct 2006 to present)

A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children name and appropriately express there emotions. I created and manufactured Patches the Bear and his eight,…”expressive” emotion helpers to help a child start learning about feelings even when they may not know the words initially to express themself.Patches has found a home with Philadelphia’s Children’s Hospital, Childhelp,the soldiers children, children with Autism, and many other organizations who work with children. He has also become the new baby gift!




Music Songwriter- Lyricist- Child Abuse Advocate

Jim Richardson is a staff song writer with Hamptons Entertainment Inc.



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