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Young Girl Beat Infant Boy

Posted by Sandra On December - 6 - 2013

Little Chinese Girl Throws Baby Boy Off Building

chinese-baby-boy-beaten-falls-from-building-yuan-yuan-01-600x450Surveillance Video: Little Girl Throws Down and Beats Infant Boy, Suspected of Throwing Him Down 25 Floors — A few days ago, Ms. Wu in Chongqing took her 1.5-year-old grandson downstairs downstairs to play. As Ms. Wu was moving the child’s stroller out of the elevator, the elevator door happened to close with the infant boy inside. 5 minutes later, to everyone’s surprise, they saw the infant boy covered with blood at the bottom of the residential building. Surveillance footage showed that a small girl threw down and beat the infant boy and ultimately threw him out of the elevator. SEE VIDEO HERE (Warning: Graphic Content)


From NetEase:

Girl Throws Down and Beats Infant Boy in Elevator, Suspected of Throwing Him Down 25 Floors

A 1.5-year-old baby boy was accidentally left in an elevator by his Grandma Wu and picked up by a little girl in the elevator. After the elevator door closed, the little girl instead threw the baby boy on the ground, fiercely kicking it. The baby boy’s grandmother chased the elevator down to the 25th floor but could not find her grandson. The little girl even patted the elderly woman saying “Auntie, don’t worry!” Afterward, the child was found, covered in blood lying at the bottom of the residential community, close to death.

Yesterday late at night, a Chongqing television channel news video showed: On November 25th, Ms. Wu of Chongqing city Changshou district took her 1.5-year-old grandson Yuan Yuan downstairs from their 7th floor home to play. However, when they reached the first floor and as Ms. Wu was moving the stroller out of the elevator, the elevator doors closed with Yuan Yuan inside. Just a short 5 minutes later, everyone unexpectedly saw Yuan Yuan covered in blood lying at the bottom of the residential building. From when the incident happened that afternoon up until the television channel reported the news, Yuan Yuan has remained in a coma, his life in danger.

The security camera in the residential neighborhood’s elevator shows that an eleven- or twelve-year-old girl threw Yuan Yuan onto the floor and hit him, ultimately throwing him out of the elevator.

Elevator closes with baby boy inside

According to Ms. Wu, the incident happened after 4pm on November 25th, when she took her grandson downstairs on the elevator. When the elevator reached the first floor, she lead the way first pulling her grandson’s toy stroller out the elevator.

Just as Ms. Wu exited the elevator, an eleven- or twelve-year-old little girl entered the elevator, and then picked up the child. As Ms. Wu pushed the toy stroller out and turned around to pick up the child, the elevator doors closed. Ms. Wu rushed to press the elevator button but was too late.

With her grandson closed in the elevator with the ten-something-year-old little girl, Ms. Wu was extremely worried. Seeing the elevator stop on the 25th floor, she immediately rushed up there.

Girl says child was carried off by someone

Arriving on the 25th floor, Ms. Wu happened to see that little girl come out of apartment #6.

Ms. Wu: “I said, ‘Little girl, where is the child? Hurry and tell me, I’ll go find him,’ and she even patted me, saying, ‘Auntie, don’t worry.’ She said the child was carried away by a boy and then said a girl carried him away. I asked, ‘So was it a boy or a girl who carried him away’, and she said she didn’t see clearly.”

Security guard finds child downstairs on the ground

After the little girl took Ms. Wu downstairs in the elevator, the two of them split up to search. 5 minutes later, the residential community security guard discovered Ms. Wu’s grandson. Yuan Yuan lay on the brick ground downstairs, covered in blood.

Ms. Wu: “His eyes were bulging, head swollen all over, already unconscious, blood all over his face.”

Ms. Wu rushed to take Yuan Yuan to the nearby Changshou District People’s Hospital and because of multiple fractures in Yuan Yuan’s head and chest with serious blood loss, Yuan Yuan remains unconscious to this day.

Surveillance video of the inside of the elevator where the little girl repeatedly threw the infant boy on the ground, hit, and kicked him.Surveillance video of the inside of the elevator where the little girl repeatedly threw the infant boy on the ground, hit, and kicked him.

Footage of the elevator’s surveillance video shows that the boy was beaten by a girl in the elevator.

Security camera restores the terrible scene inside the elevator

Because Yuan Yuan’s injuries are very severe, at present he has already been transferred to the Chongqing Children’s Hospital for treatment. After the incident, there remained questions in the hearts of Yuan Yuan’s family: just what happened in the short 5 minutes after the elevator closed with the child in it? What’s the relationship between the little girl who had been in the elevator with Yuan Yuan and what happened? To untie the knot of suspicions in their hearts, Yuan Yuan’s family checked the residential community’s surveillance footage of the inside of the elevator, and the truth of the matter shocked everyone.

The surveillance footage of the elevator’s interior showed that Ms. Wu took the elevator downstairs at 4:12pm. Just as Ms. Wu described, as she walked out of the elevator, a little girl with a schoolbag walked into the elevator and picked up her grandson. Then the elevator doors closed.

The scene that followed was hard to imagine. The little girl who picked up Yuan Yuan unexpectedly began cruelly beating Yuan Yuan. Yuan Yuan’s family member said: “(The girl) threw Yuan Yuan on the floor, kicked the child, then picked him back up to throw him back down, kicking his head. When the elevator door opened, she simply threw the child out of it, and then a hand can be seen in the video carrying the child away.

5 minutes later, everyone discovered a blood-covered Yuan Yuan downstairs. There was a large gap in the underbrush about seven or eight meters away from where the child was found, and the tree branches above were also snapped.

The residential building Yuan Yuan fell from.A crowd of residents around where Yuan Yuan's bloody body was found after he fell from his residential building.

Photos are screenshots form the video. The boy is suspected to have been thrown down from the 25th floor.

Just how did the boy fall down the building

From the situation on the scene and Yuan Yuan’s injuries, everyone conjectured that the child had fallen down into the underbrush from high up in the residential building and subsequently moved to the side.


By the time you finish reading this, 15 children will have been abused; In the next five minutes, 30 more; Within the next hour, 360 more; And by tonight, close to 8,000+ children will have suffered from abuse, 5 of which will die. Child abuse has increased 134% since 1980 and is now considered a worldwide epidemic. The high jump in child abuse deaths and the shocking increase in statistics highlights the frightening lack of public knowledge.
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  1. RBleymaier Says:

    I’m not excusing what she did, but she is also a child. People are calling for her to be beaten, tortured, and killed for this- and that is wrong. She clearly has mental health issues and that is not her fault. It is sad for the little boy and for her.
    She needs help and her parents need to be investigated. As for the people calling her horrible names and saying to kill her… you don’t know her situation… you may be saying that about an abused child… and two wrongs don’t make a right!!!
    Punishing someone for being mentally ill is like punishing someone for having cancer. She’s a victim here as much as the boy is. With the right interventions and treatment, she could possibly have a bright life ahead of her, without violence in it… she is only ten, after all!
    We should be focusing on healing and teaching people and rehabilitating them so that they won’t have destructive and dangerous behaviors and can even become productive members of society. Yes, they need watching and caution, but yes, they can and should be allowed a chance, also, to lead full lives after something like this. Both these children need compassion.
    They are both victims of the violence and mistreatment by adults, one directly, and one indirectly through another child…

    Posted on December 7th, 2013 at 12:00 pm

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