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Newborn Baby Left On Side of Road

Posted by Sandra On September - 30 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

A 19 year old mother faces jail after leaving her baby daughter on the side of the road and claiming she had been stolen. Kendra Meaker originally told police she had gone into a post office for a few minutes, leaving the baby and her 11 month old in the car unattended. READ MORE HERE

Boys Created ‘KKK’ – Kill Katie Klub – That Bullied Girl Out Of School

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16-year-old Katie Uffens turned to home-schooling after a cruel bullying crusade by some of her fellow students at Westview High School, San Diego who set up a “Kill Katie Klub” but despite her departure from school, the cheerleader continues to face the abuse through social networking and phone calls. READ MORE HERE

Woman Convicted of Killing Newborn

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Woman Convicted of Suffocating Newborn, Dumping Body in Trash

SANTA ANA, CA — A 21-year old woman was convicted Friday of murdering her infant baby minutes after giving birth and discarding the baby?s corpse in a dumpster. Juana Perez Valencia, of Anaheim, was found guilty by a jury today of one felony count of second degree murder and one felony count of assault on a child with force likely to produce great bodily injury resulting in death. She faces a maximum sentence of 25 years to life in state prison.  READ MORE HERE

14-YO Boy Killed by Police May Have Committed “Suicide by Cop”

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SANTA ANA, CA — A 14-year old boy armed with a shotgun was shot and killed by officers in what authorities now believe may have been a case of ‘suicide by cop.’ The incident began at 10:40 p.m. Thursday when the teenager called 911 several times to report a man with a gun. Officers responded at the location at East Wisteria Place, just east of Maple Street. READ MORE HERE

Teen Hazing Victim Speaks Out About Soccer Team Sex Attack

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LA PUENTE, CA — A freshman soccer player is speaking out about alleged hazing at La Puente High School. In an interview with KTLA, the teenager explained what happened. “This boy jumped out, told the coach he needed me, the coach winked at him and then they just beat me,” the teenager said. “They tried to shove a stick up my butt, but I just held tight, and they just kept beating and beating on me.”  READ MORE HERE

Mother Killed Her Five Newborns

Posted by Sandra On September - 29 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

A 28-year-old German woman killed five of her newborn children because she feared her husband would leave her if they had more children. According to BBC Newsalready having two children, ages 8 and 10, with the woman, the husband knew nothing of the five other pregnancies. The first of the five newborn babies was found in a paper-recycling plant in 2006. The second was found in a car park in 2007.  READ MORE HERE

Boy Commits Suicide At School

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Boy Dressed as Batman Villain Kills Himself in School Hallway

STILLWATER, Okla — A 13-year-old student dressed as the Batman villain Two-Face shot himself to death in a crowded school hallway on Wednesday.Fellow students at Stillwater Junior High School heard a gunshot just before 8 a.m. and found eighth grader Cade Poulos lying in a hallway, according to KOCO. Several students told KOCO that Cade had gone to school dressed as the fictional character Two-Face, also known as Harvey Dent, for the school’s Super Heroes Day.  READ MORE HERE

Man Sentenced to 57-Years for Raping Toddler

Posted by Sandra On September - 27 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

AUBURN | Slumped down in his chair with his shoulders hunched, Robert Knapp spent most of his sentencing appearance Tuesday morning in Cayuga County Court staring blankly ahead. Knapp’s facial expression remained stoic as District Attorney Jon Budelmann discussed why the 37-year-old Locke man should spend a great portion of the rest of his life in prison for raping a 3-year-old girl. But when given his opportunity to speak, Knapp unexpectedly exploded.  READ MORE HERE

Volunteer Football Coach Faces Child Rape Charges

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A volunteer for the Mount Markham varsity football team faces a felony rape charge, according to the Oneida County Child Advocacy Center. Fritz M. Barrett, 24, was charged with felony second-degree rape and misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a child by state police Investigator Todd Grant , officials said. Barrett was arraigned in the Town of Bridgewater Court and sent to Oneida County jail.  READ MORE HERE

Police Search for Child Rapist

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The Halifax County Sheriff’s Office is looking Robert Earl Smith, 43, of Weldon, for two counts of first degree rape and one count of indecent liberties with a child. Det. Sgt. R.L.Rooks, of the sheriff’s office, said in a release, Smith was last seen in Weldon Aug. 17 driving a dark color Ford Fusion with a registration plate number BCP-1164.  READ MORE HERE

Couple Raped Baby, Young Girl

Posted by Sandra On September - 27 - 2012 1 COMMENT

A Deltona man already charged in the sexual abuse of a 4-year-old girl is now also charged in the abuse of a baby. More child rape charges were filed Tuesday against Thomas Fleming, 22, and his ex-girlfriend also was arrested. Sheriff’s investigators charged the ex-girlfriend, Autumn Ash, after learning that she and Fleming abused the baby, said sheriff’s spokesman Gary Davidson. Like Fleming, Ash, 20, is also facing five counts of sexual battery, Davidson said. READ MORE HERE

Woman Raped Teen Boy; Gave Birth To His Child

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A DeKalb County woman who has been repeatedly arrested for loitering for sex is now accused of raping a 15-year-old boy and giving birth to his child. Ms. Janelle Denise Goforth, 33, was indicted Tuesday on two counts of statutory rape for allegedly having sex with the teen on April 25 and April 27, 2011, according to the district attorney’s office. READ MORE HERE

OUTRAGE: 14-YO Girl’s Rapist Wants Visitation Rights to Their Child

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A Massachusetts man who pleaded guilty to raping a 14-year-old in 2009 is now seeking visitation rights for the child he fathered — a sensitive case that could force the victim to maintain contact with her rapist. That possibility has left the teen mother in an emotional tailspin, according to Fox 25 Boston, and she doesn’t want to interact with the man — a then-20-year-old she had met through the same church. “She got raped at 14,” the victim’s mother told Fox 25. “She decided to keep her baby. And now she has to hand her baby over for a visit with her rapist?” READ MORE HERE

Child Abuse, Assault, Torture Charges Dropped

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JACKSON, MI – Charges have been dismissed against a 19-year-old woman accused of abusing and torturing her daughter when the girl was 2 years old. The prosecutor’s office dropped charges against Chantel Arce in the “interest of justice,” according to a court document signed Tuesday. Prosecutors could not prove Arce responsible, her lawyer, Jerry Engle said. READ MORE HERE

Police Search for Child Rapist

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Most Wanted: Man charged with child rape remains on run

U.S. marshals are looking for a 28-year-old man accused of raping a young girl, and they are asking the public for information that could lead to an arrest. Erick Romero-Gomez disappeared in 2009 after he failed to appear in D.C. Superior Court to answer a charge of first-degree child sex assault. Romero, who is also known as Gambito and Gomez-Romero, is also wanted in Prince George’s County for failing to appear in court to answer prostitution and theft charges in 2008.  READ MORE HERE

Man Burned His Son Alive

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He Didn’t Want To Pay Child Support

Thomas Olivias, 29, was arrested for allegedly stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death and then burning their one-year-old son alive in the apartment, because he did not want to pay child support. On the March 20, 2011, the bodies of 26-year-old Mechelle Gandy and her 1-year-old son Asher Olivas were recovered from the smoking remains of their apartment, and authorities have been carefully building a  case ever since.  READ MORE HERE

Bullied Teen Receives Nationwide Support

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16-year-old Whitney Kropp found out on September 13 that her nomination onto Omegaw Heights High School’s homecoming court was a prank, and subsequently suffered heightened bullying on Facebook. NBC News reports that her mother admitted Whitney had been bullied before at school, but not to such an extent. Students laughed at her in the hallways, and the boy who was nominated with her dropped out of the race.  READ MORE HERE

Married Teacher Who Ran Away With 15-YO Cannot Be Arrested

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French police are not actively looking for a British teacher who fled across the English Channel with a 15-year-old schoolgirl and will make no attempt to arrest him, it emerged today. The news came along with revelations that it would effectively be illegal for French police to arrest Jeremy Forrest, 30, who fled Eastbourne with Megan Stammers, because he isn’t a criminal suspect. There are growing concerns that French authorities are not doing enough to find the two from Bishop Bell Church of England School, despite photos of Megan being made public across France. READ MORE HERE

Shocking Footage: Man Leading 2 Children -One With A Teddybear- Into Hotel for Sex

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This is the shocking moment a man was caught on CCTV leading two young girls into a hotel for sex. The appalling video was shown during the trial of eight men who were yesterday jailed in Derby for a total of 42 years for preying on girls aged 13 to 15, picked up from care homes and the streets. The vile men, aged between 35 and 60, slept with the girls in exchange for as little as £5, cigarettes, drugs, mobile phones and treats – including a child’s toy and rides on a farmer’s tractor. READ MORE HERE

Teen Arrested for Child Porn for Posting Video on Facebook

Posted by Sandra On September - 24 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

WINDSOR, Conn. — A video that a young man from Windsor put on Facebook has landed him in jail, facing felony charges. Sixteen-year-old Malik McKnight went before a judge in Enfield Superior Court to face a list of child porn charges. He’s accused of videotaping a 14-year-old girl having sex with a friend and then posting it to Facebook. The charges range from employing a minor in an obscene performance, possession of child pornography, and risk of injury to a minor. You think there would be shock and awe among Windsor parents and students, but one student said, “I’m not really surprised.” READ MORE HERE

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