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School Principal Arrested for Child Sexual Abuse

Posted by Sandra On October - 31 - 2012 Comments Off on School Principal Arrested for Child Sexual Abuse

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA — A high school principal in San Bernardino County has been arrested on suspicion of having a sexual relationship with a former student. Brian Garrett Joseph, 38, the principal of Etiwanda High School, was arrested Tuesday at his home on suspicion of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. Investigators say Joseph is involved in a relationship with the victim, who is now 18 years old, but they say the sexual relationship began when the girl was still a minor and student at the school. READ MORE HERE

12-YO Boy Shot, Killed His Neo-Nazi Father

Posted by Sandra On October - 31 - 2012 Comments Off on 12-YO Boy Shot, Killed His Neo-Nazi Father

Some people would give this kid a medal, but Prosecutors couldn’t deny that it was a cold-blooded, calculated murder. 12-year-old Joseph Hall of Riverside County, CA, returned to court recently to be tried for the murder of his 32-year-old father, Jeff Hall; a notorious neo-Nazi regional leader. According to IB Times, Hall’s public defender claimed that the boy suffered from psychological and physical abuse at the hands of his father, and further stated that the boy should not be imprisoned because he believed his actions to be morally sound. READ MORE HERE

Halloween Attracts Sex Offenders

Posted by Sandra On October - 31 - 2012 Comments Off on Halloween Attracts Sex Offenders

Halloween Safety

Can a convicted sex offender participate in Halloween/Trick-or-Treat activities? If the convicted sex offender is on supervision – which means restrictions have been placed on them as they relate to probation/parole and not state law – then they may not be participate in trick-or-treat activities (i.e. porch lights must be turned off; not permitted to open the door to trick-or-treaters, etc.). This restriction only applies if that offender’s conditions of probation/parole prohibit contact with children. Questions regarding an individual’s probation/parole status and any restrictions placed on them as a result of that status should be directed to your local Probation and Parole office or the Department of Corrections.

What can I do to protect my children? Parents and guardians are encouraged to visit the The National Sex Offender Registry or FAMILY WATCHDOG (you can search by an address or a name) to identify the relevant addresses of convicted sex offenders. This enables adults and guardians to make informed decisions on what residences/businesses to approach for trick-or-treating.

MICHIGAN–There are more than 40,000 people listed on Michigan’s registry of sex offenders. A tool from the state allows you to search for registered sex offenders in your neighborhood and see them on a map. According to the state, registered sex offenders are required to update their address in the the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry within three days of moving to a new home. READ MORE HERE

Search Michigan’s Sex Offender Registry & View Map:

Halloween Sex Offender Laws

Sex offenders spend Halloween at IMPD

Police make Halloween sex offender plans

Registered sex offenders being watched on Halloween



Child Rapist Gets 25-35

Posted by Sandra On October - 28 - 2012 Comments Off on Child Rapist Gets 25-35

A Westport man convicted of raping a girl over a period of five years has been sentenced to spend the next 25 to 35 years at the state prison at Cedar Junction in Walpole. Edward Pacheco Jr., 42, of 70 Forge Road, had been found guilty by a jury after a four-day trial in September on two counts of statutory rape, one count of child rape by force, one count of rape of a person age 16 or over, and counts of intimidating a witness and violating a restraining order.  READ MORE HERE

Sex Offenders Target Charities, Children’s Orgs to Seek Vulnerable Victims

Posted by Sandra On October - 28 - 2012 Comments Off on Sex Offenders Target Charities, Children’s Orgs to Seek Vulnerable Victims

What motivates a sex offender to do charity work is an important question; various agencies involved will be reeling from the continuing spate of allegations regarding Jimmy Savile. It is well known that sex offenders often target deserving causes, in order to get close to a pool of vulnerable victims. Such predators appear outwardly altruistic, in order to gain access. But in the case of recent allegations over Jimmy Savile, who it is suggested may have raised around £40 million for charity over a lifetime of apparently ‘good works’, and who seemed to labor for so many different causes, over decades, this doesn’t seem an adequate explanation. It could be charity work acts as a smoke screen which fulfils many other warped objectives as well.  READ MORE HERE

Rapper Angel Haze Releases Song About Being Sexually Abused As A Child

Posted by Sandra On October - 28 - 2012 Comments Off on Rapper Angel Haze Releases Song About Being Sexually Abused As A Child

Up and coming rapper, Angel Haze, released a song titled Cleaning out My Closet which has left critics in shock at the brutal honesty that pervades through the track, chronicling Haze’s experience as a sexually abused child. The song is a personalized rendition of Eminem’s 2002 hit song, “Cleanin’ Out My Closet,” where the rapper goes into graphic detail of his troubled childhood and resentful feud with his mother.

Haze’s version lays out a harrowing narrative about being repeatedly raped and sexually abused from the age of seven by a much older man. According to her account, the pattern of abuse lasted well over a decade and spiraled the now 21-year old into an emotional whirlwind of depression, anorexia, and suicidal attempts. The song is gut-wrenching and cuts through the façade of mainstream rap revealing an intense and personal story that much of the rap audience can relate to. The song is part of a six-track mixtape titled, Classick released this past Thursday. READ MORE HERE


The Real Impact of Neglect

Posted by Sandra On October - 28 - 2012 Comments Off on The Real Impact of Neglect

Horrifying scans: Brain of neglected child is much smaller than that of a normal 3-year-old

You comfort them over a skinned knee in the playground, and coax them to sleep with a soothing lullaby. But being a nurturing mother is not just about emotional care – it pays dividends by determining the size of your child’s brain, scientists say. Both of these images are brain scans of a two three-year-old children, but the brain on the left is considerably larger, has fewer spots and less dark areas, compared to the one on the right.  According to neurologists this sizable difference has one primary cause – the way each child was treated by their mothers. READ MORE HERE

Breaking: Gary Glitter Arrested In Connection With SAVILE Sex Case

Posted by Sandra On October - 28 - 2012 Comments Off on Breaking: Gary Glitter Arrested In Connection With SAVILE Sex Case

Gary Glitter is first high-profile celebrity to be arrested in Savile sex abuse probe

This was the dramatic moment today when Gary Glitter was taken from his home after being arrested for questioning in connection with the Jimmy Savile scandal following allegations of sexual offenses. Wearing a bobble hat, thick grey coat, grey trousers, black gloves and sunglasses, the 68-year-old disgraced pop star, whose real name is Paul Gadd, left his central London house at around 7:15am. Glitter, originally from Banbury, Oxfordshire, was arrested by the Metropolitan Police on suspicion of sexual offences in connection with Operation Yewtree – the Savile probe – and taken into custody. He was released from a police station in the late afternoon following questioning. Glitter was later seen returning home where he was met by a large number of photographers. READ MORE HERE

Kidnapped Boy Reunited With Mom 5-Years Later

Posted by Sandra On October - 28 - 2012 Comments Off on Kidnapped Boy Reunited With Mom 5-Years Later

SAN DIEGO – An autistic boy, who was 2-years-old when his father allegedly abducted him to Mexico, has been reunited with his mother in San Diego, ending a 5-year search, authorities said Thursday. Julio Rocha, 37, allegedly abducted his son in 2007 after the boy’s mother requested full custody. An arrest warrant has been issued for Julio Rocha, charging him with felony child abduction.  READ MORE HERE

Girl Commented On Her Killer’s Facebook Photo 4-Days Before Her Murder

Posted by Sandra On October - 28 - 2012 Comments Off on Girl Commented On Her Killer’s Facebook Photo 4-Days Before Her Murder

The low-slung, angular BMX motocross bike was on display in a photo posted online. “Is that ur bike?” Autumn Pasquale asked in an apparent Facebook exchange with one of her alleged killers.


“Thts sexy!” she said.

“lol thxx,” he replied. “… yes. cme 2 my house.”

Four days later, 12-year-old Autumn, riding her own white motocross bike, disappeared. Her body was discovered Monday night, stuffed in a recycling container next door to the home of the teenager who was trading Facebook messages with her. The Gloucester County prosecutor has said Autumn was lured to the home of her killers — two brothers who intended to steal her beloved BMX bicycle for parts.  READ MORE HERE

Author Asks, “Can Everyone Please Calm Down About Child Abuse? “

Posted by Sandra On October - 27 - 2012 Comments Off on Author Asks, “Can Everyone Please Calm Down About Child Abuse? “

My Opinion: Either this lady is extremely ignorant, or she needs to visit my site and educate herself on child abuse statistics before stating such ridiculous claims. Child abuse has been declared a worldwide EPIDEMIC. I encourage Ms. Fox to visit our website! Maybe we should all contact her and invite her!?

Claire Fox states”Yes, Savile’s crimes were horrible. But let’s not spread fear by imagining child abuse to be widespread.”

Jimmy Savile was a repulsive individual who indulged in vile, degraded, abusive acts. On that we can all agree. But what is less a matter of consensus is how we should respond to the scandal. When I argued on Newsnight this week that we need some calm reflection and that the whole of society should not be reorganized around child protection, it started a minor Twitchunt, and I have been accused of everything from being a BBC stooge to a callous apologist for pedophilia. READ MORE HERE


If You Were Abused By Jimmy Savile, Maybe You Should Keep It to Yourself

Admitted Boy Scouts Pedophile Worked At Child DayCare Center

Posted by Sandra On October - 27 - 2012 Comments Off on Admitted Boy Scouts Pedophile Worked At Child DayCare Center

MONROE – A former Fayetteville scoutmaster who was not reported to police after molesting as many as 10 boys in the early 1970s went on to work for years at a church-run day care center in Charlotte. The Rev. Rush Otey confirmed Friday that Thomas Menghi Jr. worked as the office manager at Selwyn Presbyterian Child Development Center from 2002 to 2011 and was routinely alone with young children. Parents at the day care center were shocked to learn of Menghi’s past after reading an Associated Press story in which Menghi admitted he abused scouts when he led Troop 786 in Fayetteville. Otey said there were no such complaints at the day care. READ MORE HERE

Mother, BF Charged In 5-YO’s Death

Posted by Sandra On October - 27 - 2012 Comments Off on Mother, BF Charged In 5-YO’s Death

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police say there are two people in custody and now criminally charged with the alleged child abuse homicide of five-year-old Jayden Banda. The accused are Alyssa Banda and Marcos Colin, Jayden’s mother and her boyfriend. Alyssa Banda and Marcos Colin each face one count of child neglect resulting in death. Colin also faces charges of physical abuse of a child and bail jumping. READ MORE HERE

Warning Signs of Child Sexual Abuse

Posted by Sandra On October - 27 - 2012 Comments Off on Warning Signs of Child Sexual Abuse

To protect children from sexual abuse, parents should keep some specific things in mind about how adults interact with their children, particularly in youth-service organizations largely staffed by volunteers, experts say. Parents should be “attuned enough” to notice if “the kid who was happy and engaged until last month … starts breaking things, crying, being moody” — and should try to find out why, said Dr. Jonathan  Slavin, a clinical instructor in psychology at Harvard Medical School who works with adult survivors of trauma and sexual abuse. READ MORE HERE


Child Sexual Abuse: Intervention and Treatment Issues

Child sexual abuse: What parents should know

PTO President Charged With Molesting 14-YO Student

Posted by Sandra On October - 27 - 2012 Comments Off on PTO President Charged With Molesting 14-YO Student

Williamston, S.C.  – Jayme Sanders, a 33-year-old Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) president, has been jailed after she allegedly had sex repeatedly with a 14-year-old student. According to Williamston Police, an investigation began last month when the boy’s mother reported the alleged relationship. Investigators say Sanders met the boy when he became friends with her Sanders’ teenage daughter.  READ MORE HERE

Family Brutally Murdered

Posted by Sandra On October - 27 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Deputies probe ‘very violent’ scene in Rancho Cordova where Mom, and 2 kids, were brutally murdered

So disturbing was the scene on De Soto Way on Tuesday afternoon that chaplains were called in to counsel the deputies who first arrived. On the quiet Rancho Cordova street, a young mother and two of her children, ages 3 & 4, had been found brutally slain, their bodies discovered, authorities say, when the children’s father arrived home at the family’s duplex. Still alive and apparently unharmed was the couple’s youngest child, a 6-month-old baby boy, found in a back room after deputies followed sounds of his cries. READ MORE HERE

Update: Names of 3 victims slain in Rancho Cordova released

UPDATE: Arrest Made In Killings

Alina Bukhantsov’s brother-in-law, 19-year-old Grigoriy Bukhantsov, is accused in the crime. He was arrested early this morning on suspicion of three counts of murder, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. All three of the victims had injuries “consistent with sharp force trauma,” said sheriff’s Sgt. Jason Ramos. They were found dead in their De Soto Way duplex about 3:30 p.m. by the husband of the woman, who is also the father of the children. It is his brother who is the suspect in the brutal killings.

Denis and Alina Bukhantsov, below photo, take a ride in a buggy in West Sacramento during their wedding on April 26, 2008 (Photo by Sacramento wedding photographer Sergey Bidun).

Dealing With Teen Bullying

Posted by Sandra On October - 27 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Bullying Is a Big Problem

Every day thousands of teens wake up afraid to go to school. Bullying is a problem that affects millions of students, and it has everyone worried, not just the kids on its receiving end. Yet because parents, teachers, and other adults don’t always see it, they may not understand how extreme bullying can get. Bullying is when a person is picked on over and over again by an individual or group with more power, either in terms of physical strength or social standing.  READ MORE HERE




Bullying Prevention
and Intervention

Police Seek Shooter in Michigan

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Michigan I-96 Shooting Spree: 24 Linked Incidents Along Interstate, Police Say

FOWLERVILLE, Mich. — A motorist driving along Interstate 96 was shot and wounded Saturday in the latest in a string of shootings in southeastern Michigan, authorities said. Livingston County Sheriff Bob Bezotte said in a news release that the man was taken to the hospital Saturday afternoon after being shot in the left hip by a bullet that came through the driver’s-side door. He was listed in stable condition.  READ MORE HERE

Boy Scout Perversion Files Map

Posted by Sandra On October - 27 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Map reveals horrifying scope of Boy Scout ‘perversion files’ as 5,000 sexual abuse allegations are charted across the nation



14,500 pages detail horrific stories of abuse of children – some of which resulted in no prosecutions

When the Boy Scouts of American were forced to release their ‘perversion files,’ 5,000 incidents of suspected sexual abuse became public. But the horrifying scope of the issue was not fully revealed until the Los Angeles Times plotted all of the reports, going back 60 years, on a map.The orange dots spread across the nation and showed that no state was spared.  From Laramie, Wyoming, to Butler, Kentucky. Towns and cities across the nation had reports of possible abuse among Scout leaders. READ MORE HERE

Middle America: No state was spared the Boy Scout ‘perversion files.’ Reports came in from thousands of cities all over the country

Nanny Stabbed, Killed 2 Kids

Posted by Sandra On October - 26 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

NYC parents shaken after nanny accused of slashing 2 kids to death in well-to-do neighborhood

New York (CNN) — The New York nanny suspected in the killings of two children in her care began knifing herself when their mother entered the bathroom and saw the bodies in the bathtub, police said Friday. “We believe now that the nanny began to stab herself as the woman entered the room,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters in a revised account of Thursday’s events. “We initially thought that had already been done but now information is coming out that she did it as the mother entered the bathroom.”  READ MORE HERE

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