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DC Announces New Executive Vice-President

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11016544_10153138892674855_1832325757_nDreamcatchers for Abused Children is proud to announce Leigh Ann Erdman as their new Executive Vice-President. Leigh Ann accepted this position effective today, February 28th. Leigh Ann has very impressive credentials and we are very honored that she has accepted this position. She will be a huge asset to our Board of Directors.

Leigh Ann’s credentials are quite extensive. She is a graduate of Chapman University Master with a degree in Healthcare Admin; graduate of Troy State University with a Bachelor of Science Resource Management; Board Certified in Emergency Management; Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (2005-2006); Victim’s Advocate (2012- present); and 30-years in the USAF (1984 – present).

Leigh Ann has also spent a great majority of her spare time as a Small and Large Animal Rescue Transporter (1999 – present). She is an active child and animal abuse advocate and has a dream to start a therapeutic equine riding ranch for abused children in the near future.

Welcome Leigh Ann!

14-YO Teen Girl Arrested for CSC With Toddler

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The Orangeburg County Sheriff was alerted to a video shared on Facebook depicting a toddler performing a sexual act on an Orangeburg teenage girl. The report from Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell says that a number of area law enforcement agencies received calls regarding the video. Orangeburg Deputies followed up on a tip from one concerned citizen that provided the identity of the teen and location of the incident, and did place the 14-year-old girl under arrest for criminal sexual conduct with a minor. Sheriff Deputies say the video was recorded by the girl, and then sent to a male friend. READ MORE HERE

Mother Drowned Daughter Who She Suspected Was Being Molested

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635590201940831495-mom-drowns-daughterST. PAUL, Minnesota — A woman is charged with murder after police say she held her young daughter under water in a bathtub and drowned her two days before Christmas. Officers were dispatched to an apartment complex shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday on reports of a 6-year-old who had drowned in a bathtub. When squads arrived they found a female later identified as the child’s mother standing by a fire truck. When they approached her the woman, 25-year-old Kayla Marie Jones, threw her hands up in the air as if she was surrendering. As an officer arrested Jones and put her in the back of a squad car, she noticed the suspect’s clothes were soaking wet. READ MORE HERE

Missing Baby’s Body Found

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635604707996040324-baby-justice-backThe body of an infant was found in Yolo County Wednesday morning by investigators searching for a missing 20-day-old boy. The body was found at about 9:50 a.m. in a thicket on the south bank of Ridge Cut Slough west of Knights Landing by deputies with the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office marine patrol search and rescue unit. Investigators have not identified the body as that of Justice Rees, who had been reported missing Monday along with his mother, 23-year-old Samantha Green. READ MORE HERE

Student With Asperger’s Hospitalized After Brutal School Assault

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images (1)LIBERTY, Missouri – A little boy says he was beat up so badly at school that police had to be called. His mom says she’s now scared for both her kids and the response from viewers has been incredible. The Kitchen family sends two boys to school at Liberty Middle School. There are anti-bullying signs everywhere, they said, but that wasn’t enough to stop what happened to their youngest son. Blake Kitchen, 12, has been through a lot this week. He won’t be in school for a while after an assault last Thursday landed him in the hospital for five days. READ MORE HERE


Mother Accused of Stabbing, Sexually Mutilating Her 4-YO Son

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WANTED for Child Murder

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Man wanted for death of child

juan-danielsjpg-0380411b24002f65Montgomery, Alabama – A man who served prison time for setting his dog on fire is now accused of killing a child. Montgomery police say Juan Daniels drove his SUV through an apartment at the Plaza at Centennial Hill on Feb. 12 following a dispute with another man. In the process, Daniels hit 6-year-old Aiden Howard who was visiting the apartment with his mother. Aiden suffered severe injuries and died at an unspecified local hospital 10 days later, according to police. READ MORE HERE

DOC responds to Juan Daniels’ past as massive search continues

Man Gets 12-Years for Child Rape

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Paul Byrd must register as a sex offender every 90 days for life

Paul-Byrd-mugFRANKLIN, Ohio —A Franklin man has been sentenced for sexual battery. Paul Byrd, 64, pleaded guilty to sexual battery and gross sexual imposition involving a child under 13. According to officials, Byrd had sexual contact with the victim December of 2013. READ MORE HERE

Two Indicted for Abuse Resulting In Death of 15-MO Toddler

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stanfieldGEORGETOWN, Colorado — An Idaho Springs woman and her boyfriend have been charged with child abuse resulting in death. In May, Haley Stanfield is alleged to have shook her 15-month-old baby and neither she nor her boyfriend Joshua Olsen pursued medical care for the little boy for three days despite witnessing signs of medical problems, according to the Clear Creek District Attorney’s Office. The boy, Logan Borchik, later died. READ MORE HERE


Child’s Death Shuts Down Daycare

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KENTWOOD, Michigan— Police are investigating the death of a 3-month-old baby who may have died at a Kentwood home child care center.

An undated courtesy photo of Cooper Fales.

(An undated courtesy photo of Cooper Fales.)

Cooper Fales died Thursday evening. Kentwood police say the cause of his death has not been determined. Grand Rapids police were called to Cooper’s home at around 6 p.m. on Feb. 19. Investigators say Cooper’s father picked him up at Bridges Day Care, LLC on Pinetree Ave. SE in Kentwood. The infant had already been placed in his carrier with a cover over the top to keep him warm.

Father Charged With Breaking 7-MO Son’s Arm

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jeff-baileyLANCASTER, Pennsylvania –  A 22 year old Lancaster City father is charged with Child Abuse after allegedly breaking his 7 month old child’s arm. City police and EMS responded at about 1:23 pm Wednesday to 102 Locust Street, Apartment 3 for a report of an injured child. They found the infant suffering from an apparent arm injury.  The child was transported to Lancaster General Hospital, where it was discovered that the child’s arm was fractured. READ MORE HERE

How to Spot A Sex Offender

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How to Spot A Sex-Offender 101

Little Girl and Scary Shadow on WhiteThe information that I want to share was gathered in a five-year “field study” in which I lived with, worked with, socialized and shared daily therapy with hundred of sex-offenders. This information is not born of debate or ivory tower theories, but from experience, including my own journey, which I published in book form, with the blessings of those men who shared. The basis of this disorder is trauma; the nature of it is insidious, widespread, dangerous and often subtle. A combination of behaviors in certain settings, in context, can provide a signal, a warning – a discordant note – possibly saving the innocence of a child without destroying all innocent bystanders. These are the common themes, and certainly not all offenders fit them. Offenders often appear normal and blend into mainstream society. My intent is to shine a light on these individuals while at the same time not casting dispersion on innocent people.   This is a start in prevention. READ MORE HERE

Father Allegedly Beat Crying Baby to Death

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Steven C. Dykes is suspected of murdering his 3-month-old daughter

10828774_01_00_51_19_63333Florida authorities are continuing to investigate the death of a 3-month-old girl who was allegedly held by her feet and beaten by her father. According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, the infant’s father, 44-year-old Steven Dykes, was caring for the child while her mother was away for a job interview on February 18. When the mother returned home that evening, the infant was already asleep, according to police. The parents went to bed at 7 p.m. and were awakened by the crying infant around midnight, authorities said in a news release. READ MORE HERE

Officer Killed Self, 2 Daughters

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m-s2HARRISON, N.Y. – A retired officer’s suicide note indicates that the killing of his teenage daughters in their beds was a premeditated act, a suburban New York police chief said Monday. Former White Plains Officer Glen Hochman had no known health or psychiatric problems and there were no indications of alcohol or drug use. Interviews with people who knew him, including former police colleagues, found no one had an inkling that “Mr. Hoffman would have committed this heinous crime,” said Harrison police Chief Anthony Marraccini. READ MORE HERE

Glen Hochman slayings: Suicide note said girls ‘taken away’

Ex-White Plains cop shot daughters while they slept

Ex-cop killings: Couple discussed separation

Glen Hochman, retired officer, apparently killed 2 daughters

Mom Arrested After Abused Child Wears “Shame” Shirt to School

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Joyce+AlexanderA Florida woman is accused of beating her daughter, then sending her to middle school wearing a T-shirt that said, in handwritten text, that she had gotten a “good woopin” for getting bad grades. Melany Joyce Alexander, 31, is facing child abuse charges after authorities say she beat her daughter with a belt and then publicly shamed her, according to the Hernando County sheriff’s office. She was arrested Friday. READ MORE HERE

How Child Molesters Groom Kids

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Grooming: How Child Molesters Create Willing Victims 

child traffickingThere’s an old urban legend that if you put a frog in a pot of boiling water, he’ll naturally hop out; however, if you place a frog in a pot of cool water and gradually increase the heat, you’ll end up with a cooked frog. I can’t say whether this is true for frogs, but it certainly is true for many children who are sexually molested. The gradual cooking process is known as “grooming,” and the increased heat is the evaporation of physical and emotional boundaries. The Webster’s Dictionary definition of “grooming” includes “training for a particular purpose.” For child molesters, that purpose is a sexual relationship.


The Real Danger

Most people still want to believe that child molesters are deviant strangers who abduct children or entice them with candy and puppies. We teach our children to be wary of strangers, to shout “NO!” or run away and tell a trusted adult if anyone should ever approach them in such a manner. We teach them about “good touches” and “bad touches” and believe they will tell us immediately if they receive a “bad touch.” Our intentions are good, but we’re preparing them for the exception, not the reality in sexual abuse.

In reality, the molester is more likely to be the trusted adult and the touch is more likely to feel good. There are family members, friends and neighbors, even teachers, coaches and clergy who treat children better than most adults, listen to what they are really saying and strive to meet their emotional, physical and spiritual needs as a means of fulfilling their own sexual needs and desires. The “nicer” the molester appears and the more “troubled” the child appears, the more difficult it is to detect and believe the sexual abuse. READ MORE HERE

Disturbed Pedophile Sentenced to 50-Years In Prison

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Joel Dale Hilton’s public defender said her client’s “greatest mistake was believing he could be normal.” Hilton, a 42-year-old Muncie man, was sentenced Friday to 50 years in prison — at his request — for six convictions stemming from his sexual abuse of three local girls, all under the ages of 9. Hilton was arrested last July after authorities determined he had posted images of those sex crimes on a website. READ MORE HERE

Man Who Video Recorded Infant’s Rape Gets 3 LIFE Sentences

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-df59d047ce8c1a84GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN – A Comstock Park couple’s rape of a 1-year-old girl while they video recorded the act has resulted in a possible life sentence for the woman and three consecutive life sentences for the male. Kent County Circuit Court Judge Dennis Leiber said the acts perpetrated by Michael Justin Emory, 26, and Stevie Marie Foehl, 28, were so heinous that he did not describe them in open court on Thursday, Feb. 19. “I don’t know how to quantify the horror visited upon this child,” Leiber said. READ MORE HERE

Man Charged With Child Rape

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william-chris-nelms-ffb9a1deb67abfb7 (1)William Chris Nelms, 40, is charged with rape, sodomy and the sexual abuse of a child under the age of 12, according to Morgan County jail records. He is being held in the jail in lieu of more than $116,000 bond. Further information on the case against Nelms was not immediately available. Court records show that he has an extensive criminal history, including a 1995 conviction for child abuse. READ MORE HERE

Missing 6-YO Girl Found Dead

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 Man Charged with Murder of 6-YO Girl

StoryMISSOURI – Police in Branson are investigating what they are calling a suspicious death after a missing six-year-old little girl was found dead in a motel room. The Taney County Coroner is also investigating at the Windsor Inn on 76 Country Boulevard. Police began searching after reports that the girl was missing. Shortly after arriving at the Inn they found Jasmine Miller unresponsive. READ MORE HERE

(Reuters) – The strangled body of a 6-year-old girl was found at a Missouri hotel on Saturday evening shortly after she was reported missing and a man was charged on Sunday with her murder, police said. Jasmine Miller was found dead in a room at the Windsor Inn near the city of Branson, a tourist destination in the Ozark Mountains known for its numerous entertainment theaters, many of which feature country music stars. READ MORE HERE

Man charged with murder after girl’s body found in Missouri hotel

Amber Alert Issued For 6-year-old Girl Missing From Corpus Christi


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