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Child Rape Victim: ‘He was my best friend by day and my abuser at night’

Posted by Sandra On January - 17 - 2017 ADD COMMENTS

A woman has revealed how she was abused as a child by the man she thought was her father – only to find out that he wasn’t her biological dad when she finally told her mother and the police about the attacks at the age of 22. Natasha Fennemore, now 24, from Bury, was abused by stepdad Steven Green between the ages of seven and 18. Green, now 46, of Derby, assaulted Fennemore in the bedroom of the family home, while her mum Tracey Green, 48, slept nearby, unaware of what was happening to her daughter. READ MORE HERE


Mother Sentenced to 43-Years for Killing Daughter

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ILLINOIS – An outraged Illinois judge on Tuesday sentenced a 34-year-old woman he dubbed a ‘monster mom’ to 43 years in prison for murdering her 11-year-old daughter with a single punch to the stomach after prolonged abuse. Nicholette Lawrence, of Waukegan, was arrested on September 5, 2014, after her daughter, Raashanai Coley, was found unresponsive at the family’s home on Gillette Avenue and later died. When she was questioned by police, Lawrence admitted that she had punched Raashanai in the stomach two days prior. READ MORE HERE


Neglected Infant Found Living in Feces

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MORGAN COUNTY, ALABAMA – Court documents reveal new details about a Morgan County child abuse investigation and the living conditions at the home. 28-year-old Arik Nathaniel Young and 25-year-old Chelsea Renea Stainforth are the parents of the alleged victim, a 6-month old child. Both are charged with willful abuse of a child. In the affidavit asking a judge to allow the search warrant, a Morgan County Sheriff’s Office investigators wrote there were feces where the child and sibling would play. The investigator also alleges the baby suffered two broken leg bones for at least two days before receiving medical care. READ MORE HERE

Police Search for Child Rapist

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Twice-convicted sex offender, Bruce Feathers, wanted by Denver Police

DENVER, Colorado — Authorities are asking for the public’s help to find a wanted sex offender. Bruce Earl Feathers, 39, has been convicted of sexual assault charges involving a child twice. He was convicted of sex assault on a child in 1996 and aggravated sex assault on a child in 2002. READ MORE HERE

18 Victims Suing Gymnastics Doctor

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DETROIT — A Michigan doctor accused of sexually abusing gymnasts was sued Tuesday by 18 women and girls, the latest legal action over alleged assaults, mostly at his clinic at Michigan State University. The lawsuit against Dr. Larry Nassar, Michigan State, USA Gymnastics and a Lansing-area gymnastics club was filed in federal court in western Michigan. It makes claims of civil rights violations, discrimination and negligence. The Associated Press usually doesn’t name people who allege sexual abuse, but one of the plaintiffs, Rachael Denhollander, 32, of Louisville, Kentucky, talked publicly about the lawsuit. She said she was assaulted by Nassar while seeing him for wrist and back injuries at age 15 in 2000. READ MORE HERE


Boy Found Locked In Bathroom; Had Been There for 1-Year

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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — A Utah mother has been charged with child abuse by authorities who say she locked her 12-year-old son in a filthy bathroom without lights for at least one year, leaving him dangerously malnourished. The boy’s father found him in the mother’s house Friday night in the small southeastern Utah city of Toquerville near the state line with Arizona, Washington County Sheriff’s Office Lt. David Crouse said on Tuesday. Authorities found feces throughout the bathroom, one blanket, a few empty cans of beans and a camera that may have been used to capture what was going on in there, Crouse said. The boy was likely kept in the dark, he said. Investigators found 3 square feet of duct tape mounted on the light switch so it could not be turned on. The door had locks on the outside. READ MORE HERE


UPDATE: 4:47 p.m.  – Authorities say two siblings of a 12-year-old boy found dangerously malnourished and locked in a filthy bathroom say their brother had been there for at least one year. Washington County Sheriff’s Office Lt. David Crouse said Tuesday the children said they hadn’t even spoken to their brother through the door in six months. He declined to give their ages, but said one was old enough to understand things. The boy was found Sunday at his home in the small southeastern Utah city of Toquerville near the state line with Arizona. READ MORE HERE

The Best Mentors a Child Can Have

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Why Business Owners Are the Best Mentors a Child Can Have

Growing up, children are exposed to many different types of professionals via career fairs, special guests who visit their schools, and even their own parents. Sometimes children are brought directly into fold, with field trips to colleges, such as the University of Maryland and the Franklin Institute. Many of these professionals can have a marked impact on a child’s life, inspiring them to grow up and become highly regarded movers and shakers in the business world. While one-time visits can be extremely influential on a child’s life, mentorship programs have much more staying power. From there, internships and apprenticeships can be established, enabling each adult involved to benefit, just as much as the children they are guiding and leading. For business owners interested in giving back to the community, becoming a mentor is a valuable experience.

Why Mentorship?

Children already have a ton of things to worry about, such as extracurricular activities and school dances, so they may be a little skeptical when they are first told about mentorship opportunities. If they are younger, they won’t yet know that an MBA is a great investment, nor will they have any idea of what they want to do after high school. This is one of the primary reasons that involving business owners in mentorship programs is essential. Many people end up going into the first careers that seem viable because they weren’t prepared enough to make sound choices. By working closely with children at a younger age, they have the chance to learn what they enjoy doing versus what they might want to do as a secondary option.

Ways to Get Involved

You can reach out to local schools to find out how they match students with mentors. Alternatively, you can find non-profits and begin volunteering your time at programs where students come to meet after school. Programs such as the Boys and Girls Club are always on the lookout for professional mentors who aren’t afraid to dedicate both time and resources to the betterment of the youth. You will find that it is easy to form a bond with younger students as you get to know them and see an ambitious glimmer of hope in their eyes. Talk to them about MBA career opportunities versus what they’ll need to do to run their own companies, and be sure to answer all of their questions as thoroughly as you can.

Starting Your Own Mentorship Program

Another option is to get involved with the younger generation on your own. If you have a business that would be conducive to hosting a mentorship program, invite parents to bring their children in and learn about the business industry from an early age. You might want to hold a seminar that teaches children the very basics about becoming business owners, or run a summer camp that allows kids to get hands on training.

Think back to when you were a kid who was eager to grow up and start working. You likely dreamed about becoming your own boss, but you probably had no idea of what being a business owner actually entailed. Being a mentor is a way to give kids a realistic glimpse into business ownership without overwhelming them or stifling their dreams.



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Job Titles for People Who Want to Prevent Abuse

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Despite efforts by law enforcement, medical professionals, teachers, families and others to prevent abuse, abuse still exists today and affects the lives of millions of people in the U.S. and worldwide. Abuse comes in all different forms; whether it is physical, sexual, psychological, or even financial, and can happen to anybody, from middle-aged men to elderly women and small children. The more people that we have fighting abuse and raising awareness, letting victims know that it’s okay to speak up and offering them safety, the better we can improve the situation regarding abuse in all forms around the world. We’ve listed some of the best career choices for anybody who’s passionate about standing up to abuse.


Every day, nurses work with victims of all different forms of abuse. Nurses could work with assault victims in the ER, whilst mental health nurses play a vital part in caring for victims who have been strongly emotionally affected by the trauma that they have experienced. Nurses can often play a vital role in spotting the signs of abuse in patients who may be too frightened or unable to speak up. A rewarding career, nursing is also filled with many opportunities, for example studying on an RN to MSN program after graduating. Click the link for masters in nursing program details or contact your preferred university for a RN to MSN program guide.


Counselors and therapists play a huge part in the recovery process of those who have suffered abuse at the hands of others, and likewise, can often help abusers to change their behaviors and stop hurting people. However, working as a counsellor is no easy task, and you will need to be thick-skinned, mindful, and able to detach yourself from situations and the stories that you will be hearing day-to-day in your job.

Social Worker

Social workers work with a wide range of different people in order to safeguard, protect, and help them to achieve their best. Social workers are most often known for working with vulnerable children, who may be at a higher level of risk when it comes to mistreatment, abuse and neglect. As a social worker, it will be your job to assess situations and step in if you believe that things have or could be taken too far. Social workers have a stressful job with high levels of responsibility. However, the fact that you have the ability to prevent abuse and mistreatment makes it a hugely rewarding profession.


As a teacher, you will be working with children every day and you’ll often be their first port of call when it comes to many of their issues. As a teacher, your job gives you the responsibility of safeguarding and looking after the children that you teach, which means looking out for any signs that they are being mistreated, such as sudden changes in behavior or suspicious marks or bruises.

Sadly, abuse still goes on a lot more often than many realize, even in an age where there’s more awareness than ever before. If you’re determined to spend your career fighting and preventing abuse, these career paths could be perfect for you.

Child Rapist Sentenced to 15-Years

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capture-20170105-174857CANTON A 46-year-old city man was recently convicted of rape and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. A Stark County jury found Jack P. Shreve guilty of single counts of rape and gross sexual imposition. He was acquitted of a second rape count. Shreve sexually abused the young girl earlier this year, said Daniel Petricini, assistant Stark County prosecutor. DNA evidence and the girl’s testimony led to the conviction, he said. Testifying was difficult and traumatic for the victim, Petricini said. A therapist, police and child sex abuse investigators were also witnesses, he said. The defendant did not testify. READ MORE HERE

Couple Who Raped 3 Children Sentenced

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7d6cbb41-1afe-476f-aeb1-b69bf62f2a48-large16x9_24remymugsA Clark County woman, who, along with her husband were found guilty of multiple charges, including sexual abuse against children, was sentenced Thursday morning. Tamara Remy was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole to be served consecutively for the multiple charges. Last month a Clark County jury found Remy and her husband Christopher Remy guilty on multiple charges including child rape, child endangering, gross sexual imposition, intimidation of a victim or witness and complicity to rape. Below is a breakdown of the sentences Tamara Remy received for each charges:

  • Rape charge and complicity to rape: two mandatory life sentences without parole
  • Three counts of gross sexual imposition: forty-eight  months for each
  • Three counts intimidation: thirty months for each count
  • Three domestic violence: One hundred eighty days each count
  • Three counts of endangering children: thirty-six months for each count

Christopher Remy was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences without parole. Below is a breakdown of his charges and the sentence he received for each:

  • Rape charges: three consecutive life sentences without parole
  • Gross sexual imposition: 48 months for each count
  • Three county of intimidation: 30 months for each count
  • Three counts of domestic violence: 180 days for each count
  • Endangering children: 36 months for each count

These counts will be served concurrently along with the life sentences.


Child Rape Videos Found at Ex-USA Gymnastic Doc’s Home

Posted by Sandra On January - 1 - 2017 ADD COMMENTS

larrynassarMICHIGAN – Former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University doctor Larry Nassar was too late trying to discard the thousands of incriminating images and videos that mark him as the “worst” kind of danger to society, according to a magistrate judge overseeing his hearings Wednesday. Nassar, 53, will remain jailed on child pornography charges after an FBI agent said at least 37,000 images and videos were discovered in a garbage can outside his home during a search of his property in Holt, Michigan. READ MORE HERE

Former Youth Soccer Coach Charged with Child Sex Abuse

Posted by Sandra On December - 30 - 2016 ADD COMMENTS

ph-ac-cn-child-abuse-hanover-1229-20161228-001A former Maryland City youth league soccer coach has been charged with sexually abusing a player on two occasions 4-8 years ago. Eris Murray, from Hanover, has been charged with two counts of second-degree sexual offense, two counts of a third-degree sexual offense, two-counts of a fourth degree sexual-offense, sexual abuse of a minor, second-degree child abuse, two counts of second-degree assault and two counts of sodomy. READ MORE HERE

Police Officer Charged with 1st Degree CSC

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Jesus Gonzalez, 42, charged with 1st-degree continuous sexual abuse of a child

3bb4c54600000578-0-image-a-69_1483046372282TEXAS – A veteran police officer has been arrested for molesting his girlfriend’s 13-year-old daughter and asking the child for racy photos of herself. Jesus Gonzalez, 42, a reserve officer with the Elmendorf Police Department, was taken into custody while dressed in full uniform and armed; he was charged with first-degree continuous sexual abuse of a child. According to an arrest warrant, Gonzalez, who has been working in law enforcement for various local agencies for 18 years, began abusing the girl from September until the week before Christmas. READ MORE HERE



Man Stabbed His 5-YO Stepdaughter to Death, Set Body On Fire

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capture-20161230-100051MICHIGAN – A 25-year old Michigan man sat on his 5-year-old stepdaughter’s chest and stabbed her to death before setting her on fire because she wanted him to get her something to eat, a court heard Thursday. Thomas McClellan, 25, of Holt, ‘snapped’ on Novemeber 1 when Luna Michelle Younger refused to leave his room until he gave her food, Detective Chuck Buckland said in a preliminary hearing in the 55th District Court in Mason. McClellan is then alleged to have covered her body with bed sheets, poured vodka on it, and set it ablaze in the bedroom. READ MORE HERE


Baby Starved to Death After Parents Fatal Overdose

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PENNSYLVANIA – An infant died of starvation days after her parents died from apparent heroin overdoses. Jason Chambers, 27, his girlfriend Chelsea Cardaro, 19, and their five-month-old baby Summer were all found dead in their Kernville, Pennsylvania home on Thursday. Coroner Jeffrey Lees said the parents died about a week before their bodies were found Thursday. He said autopsies Friday confirmed that the infant died several days later from dehycapture-20161226-215901dration and starvation. READ MORE HERE


Mother Stabbed Self, Infant

Posted by Sandra On December - 19 - 2016 ADD COMMENTS

636173148910504695-stabbing-mom-download-1481723299093-7339537-ver1-0MANISTEE, Michigan — A 42-year-old woman is in jail on several charges ranging from illegal entry to assault with the intent to commit murder. Angela Marie Montney was arrested on Tuesday, 10 days after police were called to her apartment on the report of a woman covered in blood outside of 188 Lincoln Street in Manistee. Once on scene, police found Montney with multiple self-inflicted injuries from a sharp object and her 8-month-old daughter who was covered in blood. She had also sustained injuries from a sharp object. READ MORE HERE

FBI Entraps Pedophile Via the Dark Web

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3b849a0a00000578-0-alex_glover_25_-a-107_1482161603884A sneaky pedophile who posed as a 15-year-old girl to have cyber sex with children was caught after the FBI took control of his favorite abuse website on the dark web, a court heard. Recluse Alex Glover, 25, posed as ‘Jess‘ to access an international online chat-room used by youngsters where he engaged in explicit sexual chats at least ten times. He also downloaded sickening images and videos of children as young as two being abused, the Old Bailey heard. Glover’s interest in innocent children was exposed when the FBI took control of the hidden website, which was used to distribute child pornography around the world. READ MORE HERE


Admitted Child Rapist’s Case Goes To Missouri Supreme Court

Posted by Sandra On December - 12 - 2016 ADD COMMENTS

583f352044ee6-imageKANSAS CITY, Missouri — The Missouri Supreme Court will decide on whether the case against Aaron Fisher, who admitted to raping his infant daughter in Miller County, was rightfully dismissed. Cole County Circuit Judge Patricia Joyce ruled in late-2015 that Fisher’s constitutional right to a speedy trial had been violated, following approximately six years of legal wrangling. Joyce dismissed the rape charges against Fisher, whose daughter was only 6-months old when he confessed to raping and assaulting her. READ MORE HERE


OK Nurses: “Worst Case of Child Abuse We’ve Ever Seen”

Posted by Sandra On December - 11 - 2016 ADD COMMENTS
Warning: The story below contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

kevin-fowler-and-aislyn-millerOWASSO, Oklahoma – Two adults have been arrested in what nurses described as “the worst case of child abuse they have ever seen.” On Saturday, the parents, 25-year-old Kevin Fowler and 24-year-old Aislyn Miller, were arrested on child abuse charges. Police in Owasso, Oklahoma were called to a local urgent care Friday evening to investigate reports of child abuse. When authorities arrived, nurses were working on two victims, who were described as twin infants. READ MORE HERE

Mother Slashed Her Newborn’s Throat

Posted by Sandra On December - 9 - 2016 ADD COMMENTS

Mother was convinced her the infant was a devil

3aca5f3d00000578-3975070-image-a-4_1480219804357A mother murdered her 6-week-old infant because she thought it was a ‘devil’, a court has been told. The 26-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, moved from Senegal, Africa to Wallsend, Newcastle last year with her elder daughter to reunite with her husband. The mother suffered from a rare mental illness known as Capgras delusion, which caused her to slit her child’s throat last July. READ MORE HERE






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