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Boy Scouts of America Face Biggest Lawsuit Ever

Posted by Sandra On November - 17 - 2015 ADD COMMENTS
19 people claim abuse by the same scoutmaster ‘who went from tent to tent molesting boys’

2E8AE18100000578-0-image-a-1_1447794940711A Connecticut scoutmaster abused 19 children in the 1960s and 1970s, attacking one child more than 1,000 times, a lawsuit claims. Donald Dennis allegedly went ‘from tent to tent molesting boys’ as young as 11 during camping trips – some of them hundreds of times – and assaulted youngsters at a church where they had meetings. Seventeen men and two women have come forward to sue The Boy Scouts of America, making it the biggest legal case against the organisation in its history. Their lawyer said: ‘I have a client who was molested over 1,000 times. There was never any supervision on the camping trips. They just left this guy alone with all of these kids and he would go from tent to tent molesting boys.’ READ MORE HERE

Woman Convicted of Murdering Infant In Microwave

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2E74764E00000578-3317907-image-a-34_1447553133418A California woman has been found guilty of murdering her two-month-old daughter, who was killed after she was placed in a microwave for as long as five minutes. Ka Yang, 34, has been convicted of first-degree murder and assault on a child in the death of her daughter Mirabelle Thao-Lo in their Sacramento home on March 17, 2011. Jurors rejected Yang’s argument that she had been in the middle of an epileptic seizure when she placed her daughter in the microwave. But prosecutors argued that Yang had lied to investigators about Mirabelle’s death before they discovered a pacifier inside the microwave. READ MORE HERE

Man Sentenced to Prison for Kidnapping, Child Abuse

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9238577_GNEVADA – The Washoe County District Attorney, Chris Hicks, announced the sentencing of a Reno man to 13 years to life in prison for the kidnapping and repeated abuse of a 7 year old boy. Robert William Downs was sentenced to a term of 8 to 20 years each on three counts of Child Abuse and a term of 5 years to Life for one count of First Degree Kidnapping by District Court Judge Elliott Sattler.  Downs was previously found guilty on June 5, 2015.  Based on the sentence received today, Downs will not be eligible for parole until he has served a minimum of 13 years in prison. READ MORE HERE

Child Trafficker Sentenced to 23-Years In Prison

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capture-20151115-212032VANCOUVER — A British Columbia man convicted of trafficking underage girls for sex has been handed a 23-year prison sentence in a case described by a judge as violent, extremely disturbing and “bordering on psychopathic.” Reza Moazami‘s sentence, delivered by B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce on Tuesday, is nearly three years longer than the prison time sought by the Crown. READ MORE HERE

Pastor’s Pregnant Wife Shot, Killed In Her Home

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Mother Jailed For Failing to Protect Daughter from Repeated Rape

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imagesA Queensland mother didn’t seek help for her three-year-old daughter despite knowing she suffered horrific injuries from being repeatedly sexually abused by the woman’s ex-partner. The 28-year-old woman, who can’t be named, was sentenced to four years’ jail in the Brisbane District Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to one charge of cruelty to a child under 16. However, the mother’s sentence was suspended as she has spent 522 days in custody, but she must remain on good behavior for the rest of the sentencing period. READ MORE HERE


Pregnant Woman Beaten to Death by Ex-Fiance

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capture-20151110-210055A pregnant woman who was beaten to death by her former fiancé was graded as a ‘medium risk’ domestic violence victim by police just months before she died, an inquest has heard. Eystna Blunnie, 20, was killed by Tony McLernon,24, in the middle of a road in Harlow, Essex. The pair’s unborn daughter, who was to be named Rose, was due to be born within days and did not survive the attack. READ MORE HERE


Michigan: Family Hires PI To Prove Young Man’s Innocence

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INJUSTICE! Kenneth Carl Grondin III (Lapeer, MI) was wrongfully convicted of a crime he couldn’t have committed. The Judge knows it. The Prosecuting Attorney knows it. Everyone in the courtroom knows it.

LAPEER COUNTY, MI – A private investigator is helping a local family in their attempt to prove a wrongful murder conviction. Kenneth Grondin was convicted of killing his girlfriend and will spend the rest of his life in prison, but his family says he’s innocent. “I will go to my grave proving this. I don’t care how much it costs,” said Carl Grondin, Kenneth Grondin’s grandfather. They’ve enlisted the help of private investigator Al Norris and his team of seasoned detectives. They started searching the Lapeer State Game Area on Tuesday, where Andrea Eilber’s car was found abandoned four years ago. Eilber was shot to death while house sitting for her aunt in Lapeer County’s Mayfield Township in 2011. While they’re searching, Kenneth is in the first weeks of a mandatory sentence. READ MORE HERE


JUSTICE FOR KC – Official Website for KC

Read Official Court Transcripts –  Straight from the courtroom and unmodified. You decide!

Sign the Petition! – Our goal is 5,000 signatures. Please sign & share.

Write a Letter – Let’s flood some mailboxes with letters that demand justice for KC.

KC Blog – Updates on the case and news pertaining to the case.

Support KC – Donate Now – Help support the #Justice4KC Defense Fund.

Tipline & Reward – If you have any info that can help find the real criminal, please let us know!


October 28 at 10:05am · Lapeer, MI  ·

 So, the brutal murder of a beautiful young girl has been avenged, the murderer in jail, justice is served. Hallelujah, amen…

Not so fast. Not. So. Fast…

The County Press 10-28-2015 edition finally brings up some of the questions that almost everyone on the defendant’s side were asking, and so do two letters to the editor. And I’ve got a few questions myself for the state, the judge, the prosecutor, and the jury:

And the major, number 1 question: Where is the evidence? I’ve been around the edges of this whole mess for 4 years, heard all the theories, all the rumors, all the charges, all the lies, and screw ups by the police – and yet, in 4 years I had not heard ONE piece of evidence against the defendant, not one thing that said “Yes, by God, he did it”. All I’ve heard is that there was a statement that the cops coerced out of the kid, a statement the judge originally threw out, a statement that the appeals process (the state) in its infinite wisdom reversed and said no, the state can do what it wants, a statement he wrote while being harassed, screamed at, and deprived of his attorney for hours, a statement that after he signed he told the cops “this is bullshit and not true”, a statement where he says he didn’t kill her.

Ok, so they start the trial, and the thought goes through my head that maybe there is something that will come out then? Something that nobody had heard yet? A bombshell?

Nope. Even after the trial there still isn’t anything pointing to the defendant as guilty. People coming out of the trial at the end of each day are saying stuff like “clearly he is innocent” and “its going so good its scary, too good”. The defense doesn’t even call any witnesses because it is absolutely clear to everyone in there that he didn’t do it. So WTF?

So lets ask a few things: who’s DNA is under the poor girl’s fingernails? Not the defendant’s. There was the defendant’s DNA on the passenger side of the car (they were dating after all and she drove) but why isn’t there any DNA of the defendant on the driver’s side of the car? Or the back of her chair, where there is someone’s DNA. Not the defendant’s. On the other chair? Not the defendant’s. ANYWHERE? Not the defendant’s. THERE IS NO DNA pointing to the defendant, yet there is OTHER DNA ALL OVER THE PLACE. Whose? And fingerprints. Not the defendant’s. And why didn’t these facts alone get the case thrown out of court?

The cops stepped in the blood and in general made a mess of the crime scene but where’s the blood on the defendant? The defendant should have had blood on him if he’s at the crime scene. There wasn’t any. The cops messed up the chain of evidence and the one hair they found, according to their own witness so we’re told, could not have come as a result of the defendant being at the scene when she was killed. WTF?

Where was the gunpowder residue? In fact, WHERE’S THE DAMN GUN? Where is the stolen merchandise? Where is the stolen ATM card? Who actually used the stolen ATM card? Who is the guy in the ATM video using the card? Where is the black jeep or SUV seen in the ATM cameras and whose is it? Not the defendant’s. The prosecution had no answers to any of this, just conjecture and theories, no proof. Conjecture and theories get you convicted these days?

If he in fact DID do the crime, there STILL ISN’T ANY EVIDENCE. WHAT? We are supposed to believe that the kid is a master criminal and got rid of all the evidence, all the blood, all the DNA, wiped down the car, got rid of the gun, got rid of all the stolen merchandise, and did it all so perfectly he didn’t leave a trace? Really?

Jurors: apparently you’re ok with the cops getting a statement out of someone the way you saw them do it in the video? BTW, why is there no sound on the video for the last 10 minutes, when the defendant told the cops the statement they had just wrung out of him is bullshit?

Or was it something else? Please don’t tell me this is just you folks can’t stand a defense attorney who is very good at his job, maybe even “slick”? Please tell me this isn’t jealousy or “putting it to the rich kid” bullshit. Please tell me you didn’t take the prosecution’s narrative and deem it to be evidence. Please tell me that they didn’t get the most ignorant or biased of the jury pool to sit on this case.

Rumor is now getting out that 11 of the jurors were ready to convict 5 minutes into deliberations and other interesting tidbits of what happened in that jury room, and now afterwards other news as well. And they convicted him BASED ON WHAT? The evidence that ISN’T THERE? So just what the hell did you convict this kid on? What the hell could you possibly have heard or seen that hundreds of people in and out of the court room didn’t? You believed everything the cops said, even after it was proven that they intimidated and used controversial tactics short of beating a statement out of the kid – which most of the statement was not even consistent with the actual crime scene – screwed up the evidence bags and in general were incompetent and screwed up in their investigation?

Anyone got the answers?

The murder of this young girl was a tragedy beyond comprehension. It has stunned two families, countless friends, and an entire community, even county. However, locking up the wrong guy for her murder is even worse and only compounds the tragedy. This verdict is wrong and needs to be put right – now!














WMU-Cooley Innocence Project – Thomas M. Cooley Law


Man Who Raped His 5-Month Old Daughter Released, Charges Dropped

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2E3882CB00000578-0-image-a-14_1446949589501The parents of an adopted girl who was allegedly sodomized by her biological father in 2009 when she was five months old are speaking out after a Missouri judge set him free because of a Sixth Amendment argument.  Aaron Michael Fisher, 27, was arrested and charged with sodomy after signs of sexual abuse were found when his infant daughter spent more than a week at University Hospital in Columbia in 2009. After multiple delays in the case, a public defender filed a motion stating Fisher’s constitutional right to a timely trial had been violated and Cole County Judge Patricia Joyce granted his release last month. The adoptive parents of the six-year-old girl, who adopted her brother as well, began seeking an order of protection against Fisher after hearing about his release but have had difficulty getting one without disclosing the names of their children. READ MORE HERE


Aryan Nation Leader Sentenced to 50-Years for Child Rape

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kreisAugust Byron Kreis III, a one-time pre-eminent racist leader with ties to the Ku Klux Klan, Posse Comitatus and the Aryan Nations, will spend the rest of his life in prison for child molestation. The 61-year-old Kreis — who lost both legs to diabetes and is now wheel-chair bound — was sentenced Thursday to 50 years in prison after being found guilty by a jury in Lexington, S.C., of one count of criminal sexual conduct involving a child and two counts of committing lewd acts on a child. READ MORE HERE

August Kreis III – Wikipedia

August Kreis, Racist ‘Jerry Springer’ Guest, Charged

White Supremacist, Sexually Assaulted Girl, 12-yrs Old


Brothers Charged With 19 Felonies of Repeated Rape, Sodomy

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capture-20151108-204454Two Birmingham brothers, ages 53 and 60, are being held on a combined 19 felony charges after authorities say they repeatedly sexually assaulted a young girl. One of the brothers – 53-year-old Steven Lewis Cotton – was released from prison last year after serving nearly 20 years in prison for a different rape conviction of a 12-year-old girl. Larry Cotton, 60, also had a previous arrest on a first-degree sex abuse charge but pleaded that case down to a misdemeanor with no jail time. READ MORE HERE

Woman Kills 5-YO Son, Self In Hospital Room

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ohoenix-hospital-deathsPHOENIX, Arizona — A mother killed her 5-year-old son before shooting herself to death early on Saturday in an apparent murder-suicide inside the child’s hospital room in suburban Phoenix, police said. The bodies of the mother and son were found by hospital staff during a routine check at about 2 a.m.(GMT) at Cardon Children’s Medical Center, said Detective Steve Berry, a spokesman for the Mesa Police Department. He declined to disclose how the child had died. READ MORE HERE

Who Is A Child Predator: Beyond the “Creepy” Stereotypes

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ECONOvanNot everyone is a predator—but anyone can be a predator. It’s a tough reality to accept, but as a parent you must accept it in order to keep your child safe.

This article is not about panic-mongering, however. It’s not about teaching you to look at every person with suspicion. So stop watching the news. Stop cruising the Internet. Get off the Megan’s Law websites and sex offender registries. Take a deep breath. The fact that you are reading this book puts you in the top percentage of empowered and educated parents. Your child is already safer.

Chances are that your child will not be sexually abused by an adult in a position of power. But chances are that your child knows someone who already has been abused. And chances are that the person came from the most unlikely of places. That’s the key takeaway for this chapter: Most predators come from the places we least expect.

Predators Rely on Stereotypes: Predators want you to believe that it’s only the dirty old man in the trench coat who molests children. They don’t want you to realize that predators can be handsome and successful. They don’t want you to know that predators can be men or women. They want to keep you in the dark about the fact that teens—and even younger children—can abuse, and that successful predators have hidden behind their roles as loving parents, engaged community leaders, winning coaches, and inspirational holy leaders.

Uncovering abuse and the predators who commit abuse means breaking down assumptions and removing stereotypes. Keeping your child safe means understanding that abusers can take any shape or form—even that of a beloved friend, neighbor, or family member. In fact, even if you or someone you love is not a victim of abuse, you may face another heartbreaking problem: what to do when someone you know, love, or respect is accused of abuse.

The Opposite of Creepy: I have already told you who the predator most likely isn’t: the creepy guy in the trench coat. In fact, most often, we aren’t talking about anyone creepy at all. Children don’t like creepy people and will not spend time with them. We are talking about someone who attractschildren and who knows exactly what they want and need to feel special. Predators want their victims to love them, and for that to happen, they must be lovable. Even if the predator isn’t the warm, fuzzy type, he or she needs to have ways to relate to kids. Because if a predator cannot attract and relate to children, a predator can’t find victims.

Think about the last time you heard about someone being accused of abuse, whether it was a celebrity, a sports figure, a community member, or a teacher. If the story was covered in the media, what was the most common quote you heard? Probably something like, Oh, Mr. So-and-so wouldnever hurt a child. He is a wonderful man and very well-respected. Everyone loves him, and the children admire him. I would trust my children with him anytime. Anyone accusing him of abuse just wants attention and money.

It’s a familiar refrain that many victims hear when they come forward and report abuse. Charming and well-respected community members, celebrities, and sports heroes are exactly the kinds of people who can entice and groom children. And of course, when anticipating the kinds of reactions like the one I just outlined, these children are unlikely to come forward unless another victim leads the way.

Nobody wanted to believe that the beloved, iconic Cosby could commit such widespread abuse. But that is the case all too often— the predator turns out to be the “cool teacher,” the “awesome youth director,” the “engaging minister,” or the “best troop leader our boys have ever had.” That’s why it is so important not to allow yourself to be groomed into ignoring your gut. And that’s why you should never dismiss your child’s instincts, even when someone you really like makes your child feel odd or strange, or does things that your child does not like. If it took adult women decades to talk publicly about what happened to them by Cosby, think about how a child must feel when in the same position.

Women Who Abuse Children:   Women are stereotypical caregivers and nurturers. They love and raise children, protect them from harm, and soothe them when they are sick or in pain. The idea of women hurting children is hard for many people to stomach. We want to believe that sexual abuse goes against a woman’s DNA.But we need to face it: Women can also abuse.

Stereotypes of the loving mother have allowed women predators to thrive—and even be celebrated—in popular culture. Unfortunately, their victims still suffer. Look at movies like Porky’s and songs like Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher,” which celebrate the young boy who is “broken in” by the hot, oversexed adult woman. What they don’t explore, however, is how damaging this abuse is to the male victims, who are isolated from their peers, thrust into adulthood, manipulated, groomed, and then left with nowhere to turn for help.

Abuse by women is hardly new, but only in recent years have reports been on the rise. This is probably due to a number of factors, including public outrage at the crimes of thirty-five-year-old wife and mother of four Mary Kay Letourneau. Her victim was not a thirty-year-old actor playing a seventeen-year-old boy looking to break into manhood, as in a movie like Porky’s. He was a sixth-grader who was repeatedly molested by his teacher. She was jailed twice for molesting the boy. Although the couple is now married with children, one can hardly view their relationship as healthy.

Letourneau is a shining example of a predator masquerading as a trustworthy adult. Not only was she a teacher, but she was married with children who were close in age to the boy she was sexually molesting. We can only assume that she knew what she was doing was wrong, though she justified her actions—as all predators do—by calling it “love” or “fate.” In a 2011 interview with ABC’s Barbara Walters, Letourneau said she would not approve of her twelve-year-old daughters dating their teachers.

When you look at arrest statistics, the vast majority of predators are still men. But women are being arrested and punished at much higher rates as time passes. This is good news. Remember, women have been abusing all along—they didn’t just suddenly get the notion that abuse would be a good idea. But now that the police are taking victims seriously and victims feel empowered to come forward, these women are being punished at much higher rates.

Family Members Who Abuse Children: A family is supposed to provide a safe haven for its members, but sometimes home is the last place a child feels secure about turning to. It’s sad but true that a great amount of sexual abuse happens in the family. In some instances, a custody battle leads to parents throwing around abuse accusations for the sake of revenge. Nevertheless, incest is a real threat and a real crisis for many children. Don’t dismiss your child’s concerns when he or she says that your favorite uncle in the whole world makes your child sit on his lap far too long. Even if it’s not abuse, you need to give your child permission to set his or her own body boundaries. And if it is abuse, you’re better off facing the double tragedy of incest sooner rather than later.

Abuse in Your Community: Child sex abuse affects communities. Every predator comes from someone’s community. In fact, predators often play an important role in the community—beloved, respected, and trusted, perhaps for many years. So not only is the victim destroyed, but the community that loved and supported the abuser is betrayed and devastated. Friends may have been sworn to secrecy about the abuse. Others may have known about it, but perhaps they didn’t know how to report or even if reporting was safe. In other cases, adults and child peers may have seen the victim with the perpetrator and failed to recognize the danger; they may have even condoned what they thought was a positive relationship.

The community often experiences both confusion and betrayal. A child who is carefully groomed—especially a teen—will support and defend an abuser, even while knowing that something terrible has been happening. For some victims, the abuse is tantamount to love, and to betray the abuser would be to betray the only person left in the victim’s life. But peers don’t understand this concept. As result, they too are left hurt, victimized by a predatory adult who may not have abused them, but who hoodwinked and exploited them to sexually molest other children.

Child sexual abuse acts like a nuclear bomb in a community: While not everyone is immediately injured, the effects and pain for everyone involved can last for decades. No one teaches people how to react when someone they know is accused of abuse. The result? People react emotionally. Many times they side with the predator. Sometimes they even attack the victim. Either way, community reaction is seldom helpful.

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) addresses this issue head-on through an excellent handout that can help some communities. Although titled “What to Do When Your Priest Is Accused of Abuse,”6 it can apply to abuse in any situation. Here are some of the relevant points, adapted for this discussion:

  • Be Open-Minded: It’s human nature to recoil in horror when hearing about abuse. It’s even natural to assume (and hope) that the allegations are false. Since child sex abuse is grossly underreported, however, it’s more than likely that the allegations are true, even if they can’t lead to an arrest due to the statute of limitations. Don’t jump to conclusions or be quick to judge. Wait until you have all the information.
  • Allow Yourself to Feel Emotional: If someone you respect, admire, or love is accused of abuse, it’s okay to feel hurt, angry, or betrayed. It’s also healthy to allow those emotions to surface, so don’t stuff them away. Just don’t get carried away by emotions or do something drastic in the heat of the moment. In fact, if you think it will be helpful, go and talk to a professional who can help you try to sort through your feelings and respond in a healthy way.
  • Don’t Try to Guess Who the Accuser Is: Crime victims are allowed to remain anonymous in the justice system. This is especially true for victims of sex abuse, who feel ashamed and isolated. Don’t go on a witch hunt.
  • Understand That Abuse Victims Have Troubled Backgrounds: We know that predators target vulnerable and troubled children. As child sex abuse victims grow into adults, many suffer from addiction and anger issues. Criminal histories, depression, drug addiction, and mental illness are not uncommon. Don’t judge a victim because they were horribly damaged by the abuse.
  • Don’t Discredit a Victim Who Comes Forward Years Later: The survivors I have worked with seldom, if ever, came forward at the time of the abuse. Studies by the US Department of Justice and my own experience show that it takes many sex abuse victims decades to come forward, if they come forward at all. That should not excuse a predator, who has more than likely spent the intervening years abusing other children.
  • Don’t Allow Friends or Family to Make Disparaging Remarks about the Victim: Critical comments further victimize the abused and only discourage other victims from reaching out for help. Show compassion, and ask others in the community not to make hurtful comments. A six-year old incest victim who is told that she’s the “bad cousin” will only learn to be ashamed of her abuse. She will also (wrongly) blame herself for hurting the family by reporting a molesting grandfather.
  • If You Support the Accused, Do So Privately: If people in the community—other abused children, in particular— see that adults they love and respect are publicly supporting accused perpetrators, they will be less likely to report their own victimization. So if you really must stand behind the accused, do so privately.
  • Talk to Your Friends and Family about Abuse: Be frank. Encourage victims to come forward and get help—no matter who the abuser is.
  • Don’t Be Blinded by Anger: Accusations of abuse lead to anger in the community, whether toward the perpetrator or the victim. Don’t allow your anger to take over. Instead, channel your emotions into action or talk to a therapist. The rage you feel is valid, but acting on it is not.

I hope you are never in this situation, with a predator who tears your community apart by committing child sex abuse. But if you are affected by child sexual abuse, or if you know someone who is, therapists and support groups are available to help you through the crisis without causing additional pain to yourself, the victims, or the community.

As a society, we have come to accept that church and community leaders are capable of committing terrible abuse. It is perhaps even more difficult to acknowledge that women and even our own family members can be predators. But there’s no need to be paranoid. Just look out for the warning signs and follow your gut. Of all the people you know, 99.9 percent are not predators. The key is learning to protect yourself, your child, your family, and your community from the one tenth of one percent who are.


SOURCE: Joelle Casteix 

A former journalist, educator, and public relations professional, Joelle Casteix has taken her own experience as a victim of child sex crimes and devoted her career to exposing abuse, advocating on behalf of survivors, and spreading abuse prevention strategies for parents and communities. She has presented to hundreds of audiences all over the world, including on the TEDx stage, on subjects such as abuse prevention, victim outreach, victims’ rights in the civil justice system, and parenting safer children. She is a regular speaker for the National Center for Victims of Crime, the Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma and The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

Casteix’s blog, The Worthy Adversary, is one of the leading sources for information and commentary on child sexual abuse prevention and exposure. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and completed graduate work in education at the University of Colorado, Denver. A wanna-be ski bum, she lives in southern California with her husband and young son.

Her new book The Well-Armored Child: A Parents Guile to Preventing Sexual Abuse will be available on Amazon.com on September 15, 2015 as well as at other fine booksellers.  To learn more visit: www.WellArmoredChild.com, or visit her on Facebook.


Joelle Casteix, LA-based author of the new book, The Well-Armored Child: A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Sexual Abuse (September 2015), has offered the following comments about the new Mark Ruffalo film, SPOTLIGHT, below.  She has seen the film and can discuss this film as well as the Vatican’s efforts to end and punish sexual abuse.  Further, she offers tips on spotting a predator below.

In short, Casteix will tell you that, “The film SPOTLIGHT can’t come at a better time for victims of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Because of the “Francis Effect”—that is, Pope Francis’ overwhelming popularity and spirit of hopefulness—people have become complacent when it comes to demanding accountability the cover-up of sex crimes against children. While the public’s view on the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church has become more supportive of victims, the Vatican’s handling of these cases has not changed.”  She continued, “A smile and an encouraging word from Pope Francis do not help victims heal or keep children safer. Only complete transparency will work. That means that diocese worldwide must stop long, unnecessary legal fights against victims, all documents outlining abuse must be turned over to law enforcement, and the Vatican must open the doors to its file cabinet and make public any and all documents that outline the sexual abuse of minors or the cover-ups of those crimes.”

A survivor of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, Joelle has spent the past 14 years as a leading expert and go-to media source for information on the Catholic Clergy Sex Abuse Crisis in the United States and abroad. As an advocate and the Western Regional Director of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, Joelle has appeared in more than 500 print, TV, internet and radio interviews. She is a sought-after spokesperson due to her unrivaled, in-depth knowledge of the crisis and the Vatican’s role in the cover-up of sexual abuse. .

Tips on how to identify a predator are below.  Please let me know if you’d like to speak with Joelle or if you’d like a copy of her new book.

Here are a few past clips where Joelle discusses the Vatican’s efforts to end sexual abuse by priests and a segment this week on San Diego Living:

San Diego Living (Nov 2): http://www.sandiego6.com/san-diego-living/family/Protecting-Your-Child-From-Sexual-Abuse-339566082.html

NBC News: http://www.nbcnews.com/video/craig-melvin/54111935#54111935

CNN: http://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2014/02/06/intv-casteix-un-report-priest-sex-abuse.cnn

Town Supports Pedophile, Shuns Victim

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Pedophile jailed for 50-years after admitting to abusing girl over 300 times

2E1F3ACF00000578-3304723-image-m-26_1446699768244MISSOURI – Town chiefs from a small Missouri suburb have rallied to support a pedophile father-of-seven despite him confessing to abusing a young girl 300 times. Darren Paden, 52, from Dearborn, was jailed for 50 years on Friday after he admitted a string of sex attacks on the girl, starting when she was just five years old. But residents in Dearborn, which has a population of 500, have refused to accept his appalling crime despite his confession, pleading with the judge to be lenient and shunning his victim in the street. Paden, a former volunteer firefighting chief and member of the Air National Guard, was first accused of the crimes after his victim went to police three years ago. Now 18, the girl told officers that Paden abused her over the course of a decade, watching pornographic films with her, and forcing them to perform sex acts on one another. According to prosecutors, Paden told his victim that the abuse was ‘our little secret’. READ MORE HERE


Pastor Sentenced for Drugging, Raping Blindfolded Teen Girl

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2E2792E400000578-3304895-image-a-2_1446771235785A court has heard horrific details of how a ‘deviant’ Christian pastor and father-of-two drugged and rubbed his genitals on a teenage girl as she laid naked, blindfolded and in tears on a bed – as her father is alleged to have watched on. David Volmer, 41, from Perth’s northern suburbs, was sentenced to 10-and-a-half years prison on Thursday after pleading guilty to 12 offences against a minor including sexual penetration of a child, and stupefying with intent to commit an indictable offence. In a statement of facts read by the prosecution and not disputed by Volmer, the West Australian District Court heard the pastor’s crimes against the girl – who was aged 12 and 13 at the time – occurred after the victim’s father replied to an advertisement Volmer put on Craiglist promoting his ‘sexual massage services’. READ MORE HERE


Mother Accused Of Poisoning Her Son Faces Attempted Capital Murder Charge

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paw-ehDALLAS — A Northeast Dallas community is trying to understand the unthinkable – a mother accused of poisoning her young son. Paw Eh, 31, faces an attempted capital murder charge. On Saturday, police got a 911 call to the Newport Landing apartments from a relative of Eh. First responders rushed a 4-year-old boy to the hospital in critical condition. Dallas police say Eh forced her son to ingest poison. Police also say she tried, unsuccessfully, to force her 7-year-old and 12-year-old to do the same. READ MORE HERE

Pakistan Seeks Death Penalty for All Child Sex Abusers

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360_texas_death_0507Pakistan has taken a step towards punishing the sexual abuse of girls with life imprisonment or even death after an influential parliamentary committee voted to amend current laws. The National Assembly’s standing committee approved the proposal by lawmaker Shaista Perveiz Malik on Tuesday, according to a statement on parliament’s website. “After detailed discussions, the committee unanimously passed the bill,” it said. The amendment only appears to address the sexual abuse of girls aged under 14, not boys. Under the existing penal code, the punishment for rape ranges from a minimum of ten years’ incarceration to the death penalty, but it does not specify the victim’s age or gender. READ MORE HERE

Death Penalty Proposed for Repeat Sex Offenders

Child sexual abuse laws in the United States

Sex Offender Laws, Second Edition: Failed Policies


GPS Monitors Are Not Working for Sex Offenders

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Sex offenders bolting despite high-tech GPS bracelets

gps-tracking-device-ankleNew data show that up to 18 arrest warrants are issued across the Bay State every day after court-ordered GPS monitors are cut off, smashed or somehow trigger an alarm — a disturbing trend that has one sheriff questioning the use of the bracelets. “The GPS only tells you where they’re not — not where they are. If they cut the bracelet off, they’re likely off into the sunset doing who knows what,” said Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson. “I’m concerned about the risks … and all the ways people can get these off.” READ MORE HERE

GPS – Sex Offender Information

High court orders review of sex offender GPS monitoring

GPS monitoring of sex offenders for life? Supreme Court

Child Rapist Sentenced to Life

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56300810ae775.imageHELENA – A 56-year-old man was given four life sentences in prison for raping a young girl. Dewayne Louis Lamb was sentenced Thursday by District Judge Jeffrey Sherlock. Charging documents state Lamb began touching the victim when she was 12. Prosecutors said that over time the sexual contact progressed until he raped the girl. The victim told investigators that she had intercourse with Lamb multiple times in many states and in many counties in Montana. READ MORE HERE

Catholic Society Admits Vatican Investigating Child Abuse Claims Against Founder

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A secretive Roman Catholic society with chapters across South America and in the U.S. has revealed under pressure that a Vatican investigator is looking into allegations that its founder sexually molested young recruits. The scandal at the Peru-based Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, or Sodalitium for Human Life, has close parallels to other recent cases of charismatic Catholic leaders in Latin America being accused of sex abuse — as well as the church dragging its feet on investigating claims and trying to keep scandals quiet. READ MORE HERE




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