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Man Sentenced to 20-Years for Child Rape

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William_Bardin_t635MOUNTAIN HOME, Arkansas — A Baxter County judge has sentenced a Cotter man to 20 years in prison for sexually assaulting a young girl. The Baxter Bulletin reported that 63-year-old William Bardin was sentenced Thursday. Bardin pleaded guilty in June to repeatedly raping a girl under the age of 14 over several years. READ MORE HERE

Child Rape Fugitive Found, Arrested

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1406555942000-beckMURFREESBORO, TN – A Lebanon man facing more than three dozen sexual offense charges is in custody after four years as a fugitive Friday in Rutherford County, according to an official. Stephen Beck, 43, was charged with three counts of raping a child Sept. 10, 2010 in Rutherford County Circuit Court, according to a media release. Beck was also wanted for nine counts of rape of a child, 16 counts of rape and 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor in neighboring Wilson County. Beck was released on $1 million bond after he was charged, but he failed to return on his next court date, according to the release. READ MORE HERE

House Clears Legislation for the Victims of Child Abuse Act

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_text_imageThe House on Monday cleared legislation to reauthorize the Victims of Child Abuse Act for the president’s signature. Passed by voice vote, the measure, S. 1799, would authorize $15 million annually through fiscal 2018 for child abuse prevention programs, including grants to train attorney prosecuting cases and develop investigations. READ MORE HERE

S. 1799: Victims of Child Abuse Act Reauthorization Act of 2013

Introduced: Dec 11, 2013

Status: Passed Senate on Jun 26, 2014

Prognosis: 74% chance of being enacted

Schedule: The House Majority Leader indicated on Jul 24, 2014 that this bill may be considered in the week ahead.

Shocking Abuse Caught on Children’s Nursery Camera

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VIDEO Parents Horrified As They Watch Teachers Beating Nursery ChildrenHorrified parents allegedly witnessed children as young as five being beaten in an unlicensed Romanian kindergarten after staff forgot to turn off CCTV cameras. Staff at the Little Kingdom nursery, in the Black Sea city of Constanta, used to leave cameras on each morning from 9am until 12noon so parents could watch their children playing and in lessons. The cameras were usually switched off at midday when the children were expected to go to sleep. But police and social workers investigating the incident say a parent who logged on after that time one day at the end of last year noticed the cameras were still running, and was shocked to see children allegedly being shouted at and abused. READ MORE HERE

Man Pleads Guilty to 213 Counts of Child Rape

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1hp4b5.AuSt.42BELLEFONTE — A Pleasant Gap man has agreed to a plea that could mean several decades behind bars for raping two children. Eric Todd Crader, 33, accepted the arrangement with the Centre County District Attorney’s Office on Thursday, pleading guilty to 213 counts of rape of a child. He also entered a guilty plea for a separate marijuana possession charge for drugs found when he was arrested. Crader was charged with a total of 1,278 counts in connection with the case, including an additional 213 counts each of statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child, indecent assault of a child, sexual assault and indecent assault of a person under 13. READ MORE HERE


Damian Sutton’s Killer Sentenced to LIFE In Prison

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download (2)MICHIGAN – A man has been sentenced to life in prison for beating his girlfriend’s two-year-old son to death. Ronald Dimambro Jr., from Washington Township, Michigan, was convicted in June of first-degree murder and first-degree child abuse for breaking Damian Sutton’s skull in August last year. Before the sentencing on Thursday, Damian’s distraught mother, Nicole, called her ex-boyfriend a ‘demon’ and an ‘evil monster’ for how he had treated her son, who died six days after he was beaten. ‘Damian is getting his justice today,’ she said as she held on to her son’s blue blanket, the Detroit Free-Press reported. READ MORE HERE

Father, Stepmother Starve 10-YO Son to Death

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aaron-and-elizabeth-ramseyJohnathan Ramsey, 10, dropped from 90 to 60 pounds before he died trying to survive on a restricted diet of bread and water. The diet was enforced by the boy’s father Aaron Ramsey and stepmother Elizabeth Ramsey, who kept him locked in a bedroom in their Dallas, Texas home. Dallas County District Attorney, Eren Price, said Johnathan’s parents confessed to letting Johnathan starve to death, and his father eventually led police to the boy’s body. READ MORE HERE

Missionary Sexually Abused Orphans in Kenya

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Matthew Durham, 19, allegedly confessed sexual abusing 4 – 10 children, age four to ten years old 

article-2701543-1FE1303E00000578-708_634x381A 19-year-old missionary from Oklahoma sexually abused up to ten African orphans – some as young as four years old – while volunteering at the shelter where they lived in Nairobi, Kenya, according to federal charges filed against him. Matthew Lane Durham was arrested last Thursday at his parents’ home in Edmond, Oklahoma, after he fled Kenya when he was confronted with the sex abuse allegations. The founder of Upendo Children’s Home, Eunice Menja, told the FBI that Durham admitted to assaulting between four and ten children, aged four to ten – including one who is HIV-positive – while volunteering at the orphanage between April and June of this year. He allegedly wrote out a sickening confession for Mrs Menja in which he detailed horrific acts of sexual abuse against both boys and girls. According to court documents, he admitted in the written confession that he raped at least three children and forced others to watch the sex abuse. READ MORE HERE

Father Sentenced to 18-Years for 2-Yo Daughter’s Murder

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Father smirks as he is sentenced to 18 years for fatally beating two-year-old daughter

article-2701902-1FE154C400000578-840_634x447A father has been sentenced to a minimum of 18 years and nine months in prison for beating his two-year-old daughter to death in an attack he had hoped would make her a lesbian. Donovan Lamar Haynes, 23, was sentenced in Flint, Michigan on Monday after pleading no contest to second-degree murder for the 2011 killing of Ti’Airra Woodward. A pre-sentence investigation report claimed Haynes had beat the girl to turn her gay in hope that she would avoid men like him, who had a history of treating women poorly, Mlive reported. Haynes’ attorney Elbert Hatchett called him ‘deranged’ before Genesee Circuit Judge Joseph J. Farah sentenced him to serve a concurrent five-to-15-years in prison for first-degree child abuse. READ MORE HERE

Starved 7-YO Boy Found Weighing Only 25 Pounds

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article-0-1FCDFEA800000578-63_634x349The mother and grandparents of a 7-year-old Pennsylvania boy were arrested last week after an investigation revealed that the mother allegedly had beaten and starved the boy to the point that he only weighed 25 pounds. The investigation was set in motion when Mercer County Youth Services sent caseworkers to the family’s home in Greenville, where they saw that the boy was ‘clearly under weight’ in early June. Caseworkers took the unidentified boy straight to the UPMC Horizon hospital before he was transferred to UPMC Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, where he reportedly has gained 20 pounds since he first arrived on June 6. READ MORE HERE

Teacher Charged With 92 Counts Child Abuse Gets 15-Yr Sentence

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article-2698338-1FCB944800000578-275_634x630A high school teacher who engaged in sexually explicit conversations with male students, including asking them for semen-stained tissues to make art projects, has been sentenced to 15 years jail. Charles Reilly admitted he also instructed the 17 boys, aged 12 to 16, at New Jersey’s Pine Hill Middle School how to masturbate over a five year period.  Authorities said the 45-year-old soccer coach, who’d worked at the school for more than a decade, also had an inappropriate online conversation with an undercover cop who he thought was a young boy. READ MORE HERE

Pediatrician Arrested In Child Porn Sting

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Raza Laskar is accused of sexual activity with a child and possessing indecent images of children

article-0-02C749AB000005DC-461_634x421One of the men arrested in a crackdown on suspected pedophiles is a junior doctor working in pediatrics. Raza Laskar, 31, from Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, is accused of sexual activity with a child and possessing indecent images of children. He faces trial later this year. Chief Superintendent Caroline Ball said: ‘We know this man has worked in hospitals right across Greater Manchester and we understand the public will undoubtedly be concerned upon hearing about the offences with which he has been charged.’ READ MORE HERE


School Pays $50K In Bullying Settlement

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download (1)CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – A local school district is dealing with the issue of bullying, only this time, it’s from coach to player. The family of Spencer Davidson, who graduated from Clear Lake High School this spring, filed a discrimination claim against football coach Fred Wieck. After mediation, the two sides came to a settlement, requiring the school district to pay $50,000 to the Davidson’s. Wieck is also required to write a formal apology letter, and changes will be made to the school’s anti-bullying policy. While district officials can’t comment on a personnel matter, the superintendent says a closer look at their anti-bullying policies is beneficial for everyone. READ MORE HERE

UN Accuses Islam of Executions, Rape, Forced Child Recruitment in Iraq

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AD628443-0EBF-4246-BEB4-AE9E9F9BCB5B_w640_r1_s_cx0_cy7_cw0BAGHDAD — The United Nations accused Islamic State fighters in Iraq of executions, rape and forced recruitment of children during a campaign to seize much of northern Iraq, part of a conflict it said has killed almost 5,600 civilians this year. In a report, the U.N. focused on a range of violations committed against civilians, particularly by the Islamic State, though it also said Iraqi forces and allied fighters had not taken precautions to protect civilians from violence. READ MORE HERE

7-YO Child Runs for Help After Parents Murder-Suicide

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article-2696010-1FB9A1AF00000578-179_634x368A seven-year-old girl ran sobbing for help to a neighbor after her mother’s husband shot the woman and then himself in a murder-suicide at their home, police said today.  The girl, who has two brothers aged one and six, ran to the home of her mother’s friend following the fatal shootings in Houston, Texas.  The shootings took place around 3am on Thursday, according to the Houston Police Department.  READ MORE HERE

Father Beats Man After Walking In On Him Raping His 11-YO Son

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Raymond-Frolander-jpgDAYTONA BEACH, FL — A Daytona Beach father who walked in on a man sexually battering his 11-year-old son Friday said he did what he had a right to do when he beat the suspect unconscious, leaving him in a puddle of blood, according to a 9-1-1 call. “I just walked in on a grown man molesting my son” the upset father told a dispatcher. “And I got him in a bloody puddle for you officer.” The father was acting like a dad, said Daytona Beach police Chief Mike Chitwood. Police responding to the Daytona Beach home at 1:07 a.m. Friday after the father called them found Raymond Frolander, 18, of Holly Hill lying motionless on the living room floor. Frolander had several knots on his face and was bleeding from the mouth, an arrest report states. READ MORE HERE



Researchers Believe Child ‘SexBots’ Could Lower Sex Abuse Statistics

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Claims child sex bots will significantly reduce the number of people overall who abuse children

article-2695010-0EFD451500000578-81_634x420Pedophiles could be given realistic child sexbots as part of their treatment, it has been claimed. Leading robotics experts say the emergence of ‘sexbots’ that resemble children is inevitable. They believe they could form an important part of treatment plans for pedophiles. ‘We’ve had sex toys for as long as mankind, and womankind, have been around,’ said Ron Arkin, Georgia Tech’s Mobile Robot Lab director, speaking on a robot ethics panel at Berkeley. ‘Child-like robots could be used for pedophiles the way methadone is used to treat drug addicts,’ Arkin said, according to Forbes. READ MORE HERE


Bail Denied to Alleged Child Rapist After 5 More Victims Come Forward

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skynews.img.1200.745An alleged child rapist has been denied bail with police expecting to lay more charges after another five potential victims have come forward. Gregory James Druery, 50, offered a $920,000 surety to abide by conditions effectively placing him under house-arrest at a bail application at Liverpool Local Court on Friday. He was denied bail after the court heard that five more potential victims had come forward and that child porn, including footage of some naked victims, had allegedly been found on Druery’s computer. “If he wasn’t arrested there would be more offences,” the prosecution said. “There’s a common thread to his approach to victims.” The telco technician is facing 19 charges, including three counts of sexual intercourse with a child aged between 14 and 16. READ MORE HERE



35 Disney World Employees Arrested Since 2006 for Child Sex Abuse

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disney-worldJust days after getting arrested in a child sex sting, Robert Kingsolver is a long way from his beloved job at Walt Disney World. Inside his rented house in a suburban Orlando neighborhood filled with children, he sits in a folding chair in a nearly empty room, wires dangling in the corner where his computer used to be connected. Now, he can’t be online or near children. “My life is ruined,” he told CNN in an interview at his home. “My family’s life is ruined. My kids’ life is ruined. I’ve devastated my parents because of bad judgment.” Kingsolver, 49, is one of at least 35 Disney employees arrested since 2006 and accused of sex crimes involving children, trying to meet a minor for sex, or for possession of child pornography, according to a six-month CNN investigation that examined police and court records, and interviewed law enforcement officials and some of the men who have been arrested. READ MORE HERE


Couple Charged With Horrific Child Abuse

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914bfef2ee097ee9504621b5b2ea8718Today theindychannel.com reported Indianapolis police department arrested Ja’Lyne Dawson and her boyfriend, Donald Stubbs, in what they call a “horrible case of child abuse.” Dawson and Stubbs, are accused of beating and severely abusing Dawson’s 2 year old son. The toddler suffered a “broken jaw, respiratory failure and a perforated intestine.” READ MORE HERE

Man Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter

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7ecc276be7a8358022cdff4c499e7b45Today USA TODAY reported a man is accused of “hugging his toddler to death.” Robert Kemp was arrested and is being charged with involuntary manslaughter for the death of 14-month-old Jaylen Harris. The charges come more than a year after the toddler died. Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell did not say why more than a year had passed before charges were filed against Kemp. Baby Jaylen “died of asphyxiation.” READ MORE HERE

Mother Of Missing Baby, Gabriel Johnson, Released From Prison

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Elizabeth JohnsonElizabeth Johnson, an Arizona woman convicted in the Christmastime 2009 disappearance of her son, Gabriel Johnson, has been freed from prison. Johnson, who has served roughly 5 years behind bars, was released from Perryville state prison just after midnight Friday, authorities said. She now faces four years’ probation. According to KNXV-TV, Johnson’s attorney said she is looking forward to rejoining society and has plans to help single mothers in need. The attorney did not elaborate on those plans, the news station reported. READ MORE HERE

Mother Charged With ‘Drug Assault’ of Her Newborn

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First woman to be charged under controversial new laws prohibiting women taking drugs during pregnancy

article-0-1F9F6B1F00000578-472_634x444A 26-year-old woman has become the first to be charged under controversial new laws in Tennessee that make it illegal to take drugs while pregnant, after both her and her baby tested positive for methamphetamine. Mallory Loyola was arrested as she was discharged from hospital on Tuesday, having welcomed her daughter last Sunday, later admitting to police she smoked meth just days before giving birth. The new law – introduced in the state earlier this month – states that a woman can be ‘prosecuted for assault for the illegal use of a narcotic drug while pregnant’, according to WATE-TV. Officials are hoping the assault charges – and now Loyola’s arrest – will stop women abusing drugs during their pregnancy, however opposers say it will only cultivate troubled women not seeking proper prenatal care. READ MORE HERE

Signs A Pedophile Is Targeting Your Child

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Pedophiles Groom Both the Child and the Family

downloadUp to 95% of child sexual abusers are male (Bagley, 1995). They can be single, married and have families of their own. Up to 1/3 of reported offences are committed by adolescents (Bagley, 1995). 95% of abusers will be known to the family (Child Protection Council, 1993). They will be a trusted friend and/or family member. It crucial to note, that child sex offenders ‘groom’ both the child and the family. It is also important to note, that the sexual abuse of children has no social boundaries. READ MORE HERE

The Five Stages of Grooming By a Pedophile


Child Missing Since 2006 Reunited With Father

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drees-reunionMcKINNEY, Texas - A McKinney child who went missing in 2006 has been found and returned to his father. In 2006, Dean Drees’ 2-year-old son went missing. After an investigation, police found he had been kidnapped by his mother Padmashini Drees, the non-custodial parent, and taken to India. READ MORE HERE

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