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Screaming STOP THE ABUSE Found on the netSandra On March - 27 - 2010

The CEO/Founder of Dreamcatchers for Abused Children, Sandra Potter, co-authored and published all of the child abuse books below to help fulfill the organization’s mission to educating the public on the epidemic of child abuse.


51iVv9Vg04L._SX318_BO1,204,203,200_A Story of Survival  (Paperback)

A Story of Survival is based on the fictional character, Steven Moyer. Steven had a typical teenager’s life until an untimely car accident claimed the lives of both his parents. When his immediate family refused to take him into their homes and care for him, a young and naive Steven was forced into the vile foster care system. Now in his teens, he is abruptly placed with Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Although he is immediately made to feel welcome; once the case worker leaves, the Joneses reveal their true colors. Now with no other choice, Steven is forced to make the hardest decision of his life; escape or continue to experience the daily abuse that could one day cost him his life. This powerful story takes the reader through the daily drama of a teen’s life through his own personal memoirs. Experience Steven’s pain firsthand as you read through his journal entries during this horrific time in his life. Use the self-help portion of the book to learn more about child abuse, to include signs of abuse.


The Child Abuse Handbook (e-book)

The Dreamcatchers for Abused Children’s Child Abuse Handbook is an educational self-help tutorial with information pertaining to all aspects of child abuse & neglect. It will teach you child abuse signs/symptoms, facts/ statistics, effects, intervention, reporting, prevention, and provide resources to help victims & survivors locate the help they need to obtain a full recovery. This handbook also provides state & local hotline numbers and contact agencies.

The Child Abuse Survivor Project

The Child Abuse Survivor Project (Paperback)

The Child Abuse Survivor Project is intended to help men, women and children who have been affected by child abuse by publishing real stories of real abuse. These emotional stories detail personal acts of extreme mental, emotional, physical and sexual childhood abuse and the overwhelming impact it has on one’s life. The Child Abuse Survivor Project is a community social action project. It recognizes the adversity which those victimized by child abuse have survived and validates their heroic resilience to the abuse they suffered. We want to honor the strength, spirit and courage of abuse survivors by empowering them to speak out against the abuse they have endured at the hands of their abusers. Our goal is to make this project one of healing, validation and inspiration to others. Join the survivors who have found the courage to speak out, along with a voice to end their suffering by sharing their story, all in hopes of helping others affected by abuse.

Unnecessary Roughness: Til death do us part...

Unnecessary Roughness: Til death do us part… (Paperback)

Only two weeks into her marriage Danica began to see her relationship with Tyler in a whole new light. Tyler wasn’t the same man he was before they married. She noticed there was something different about him. He was more controlling, desperate and hid behind a mask of anger and rage. Tyler soon began hitting on Danica which in turn escalated into beatings. Like others before her, she is faced with the fear of embarrassment. The fear of having people know that she, too, is a domestic violence victim would inevitably show her followers that she was weak. Danica’s secret story was finally revealed after a detailed account of her dramatic story of domestic violence was found in a journal in her attic. This powerful story takes our reader through the vicious cycles of abuse, and the brutal reality of the effects domestic violence has and what cost Danica her life.


The Park Bandits (Paperback)

A once forgotten teen documents his unforgettable story, and the horrific neglect he suffered at the hands of his foster mother and father; the two people who should have loved and respected him the most. A boy with no one to turn to, but his new found friends and their dreams of rebuilding a neighborhood park to keep him alive. Through each personal struggle, readers will find themselves feeling his pain, comforting his ongoing loneliness and fighting for his will to succeed and survive.

Extraordinary Confessions of Child Abuse

Extraordinary Confessions of Child Abuse (Paperback)

Dreamcatchers for Abused Children is outraged over the child abuse epidemic plaguing our nation. They teamed up to write a series of educational child abuse & domestic violence books to help educate the public on this increasing problem. They have already co-authored and released four books together to help promote awareness, intervention and prevention. Both authors strongly agree that knowledge and education is the KEY to prevention. Together we can make a difference…

I Was A Teen Abuser: One Boy’s Struggle to Gain Self-Control

I Was A Teen Abuser: One Boy’s Struggle to Gain Self-Control (Paperback)

Seventeen year old high school senior, Jack Roberts had everything going for him. He was popular, an Honor Society inductee, Homecoming King and Captain of the basketball team. Little did he know, the abuse he witnessed as a child, at the hands of his parents, would dramatically affect the relationship with his girlfriend, Nicole, and he, too, would become an abuser of domestic violence. Now, share Jack’s story, in his own words, and follow along as he explains how he broke the cycle of abuse.

Breaking the Silence: One girl's story of surviving teen violence

Breaking the Silence: One Girl’s Story of Surviving Teen Violence  (Paperback)

Seventeen-year-old high school student, Nicole Rogers, had everything going for her, but little did she know in just six short months of meeting the boy of her dreams, she would be a victim of teen dating violence. Nicole hid the violence from her family, but that secret almost cost her, her life. Now, share Nicole’s story in her own words.


Silent Screams (Paperback)

Dreamcatchers announces another published book to their collection titled “Silent Screams.” With Erin’s Law currently in 7 states; Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, Arkansas, and Mississippi, and 14 more states are introducing Erin’s Law 2013-2014, Dreamcatchers for Abused Children has united with Erin Merryn of Erin’s Law to create childhood sexual abuse awareness by creating an educational self-help tutorial handbook.

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OUR MISSION: To educate the public on child abuse signs & symptoms, statistics, intervention, reporting, prevention & assist victims & survivors in locating the proper resources necessary to enable & achieve a full recovery.

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