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September , 2016

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Debra Luptak, Courtesy of Adrienne Papp

The Horror of the Debra Luptak Case

We’ve all heard fantasy stories, or true events that are either too good to be true, rags to riches tales, or so full of suffering and unspeakable human misery that we have a hard time comprehending its reality. No wonder that some of the biggest blockbusters made in Hollywood come out of true stories of ordinary people doing the impossible, exemplifying the good in us and not the all-too-common tragically wasted potential and literal loss of life when it comes to horrific circumstances like those of Debra Luptak’s.

The unbelievable true story of Debra, which is becoming the talk of the town as Hollywood producers compete for her story, incorporates not only the impossible, but also the exceptional and unprecedented. It’s a story that begins in the deepest hell and most barbarian of conditions ever seen by the mortal eye, and yet transitions into a tale of triumph over impossible odds, redemption and a shared hope for the human existence.



By the time you finish reading this, 15 children will have been abused; In the next five minutes, 30 more; Within the next hour, 360 more; And by tonight, close to 8,000+ children will have suffered from abuse, 5 of which will die. Child abuse has increased 134% since 1980 and is now considered a worldwide epidemic. The high jump in child abuse deaths and the shocking increase in statistics highlights the frightening lack of public knowledge.
Educate Yourself--Learn the Facts--It may Just Save a Child's Life!!

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  4. Desiree La Pinta Says:

    This appears to be a helpful site with a good goal. However Child abuse I feel can not be prevented. Even as more knowledge is spread and awareness grows, these cases are still climbing through the roof. I know how this sounds. However i learned this the hard way. My daughter was (and possibly still) being abused by her biological father. She had bruises on her arm as if someone grabbed her. All the appropiate people were called. Cps believed he did indeed cause the bruises. Yet at the end before going before the judge the assisting attorney dismissed the case because no one saw him cause the bruises and he was going to fight. That is what I was told directly. In the end, Friend of the court held me in contempt for denying his visitation dispite being instructed by CPS. He has regular visitation. So in the end, no one can protect my daughter nor prevent the danger she is being risked when I have to let her go to his home. I believe i am not the only parent in this sitution. Until Child abuse is taken seriously by the courts, Friend of the Court, Attorneys’, prosecuting attorneys and many others, this will continue. But please do not give up.

    Posted on October 14th, 2010 at 8:07 pm

  5. Dreamcatchersforabusedchildren Says:


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    Posted on October 24th, 2010 at 11:12 pm

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